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Plant Families
» Acanthaceae (The Acanthus Family)
» Aceraceae (The Maple Family)
» Acoraceae (The Sweet Flag Family)
» Actinidiaceae (The Actinidia Family)
» Adoxaceae (The Viburnum family)
» Agavaceae (The Century Plant Family)
» Aizoaceae (The Carpet Weed Family)
» Alliaceae (The Onion Family)
» Alstroemeriaceae (The Alstroemeria Family)
» Amaryllidaceae (The Amaryllis Family)
» Anacardiaceae (The Cashew Family)
» Anemiaceae (The flowering fern Family)
» Annonaceae (The Custard Apple Family)
» Apiaceae (The Carrot/Parsley Family)
» Apocynaceae (The Dogbane Family)
» Araceae (The Arum Family)
» Araliaceae (The Aralia Family)
» Araucariaceae (The Araucaria Family)
» Arecaceae (The Palm Family)
» Aristolochiaceae (The Birthwort Family)
» Asclepiadaceae (The Milkweed Family)
» Asparagaceae (The Asparagus Family)
» Asphodelaceae (The Asphodel Family)
» Aspleniaceae (The Spleenwort Family)
» Asteliaceae (The Astelia Family)
» Asteraceae (The Aster Family)
» Balsaminaceae (The Jewelweed Family)
» Begoniaceae (The Begonia Family)
» Berberidaceae (The Barberry Family)
» Betulaceae (The Birch Family)
» Bignoniaceae (The Catalpa Family)
» Blechnaceae (The Deer or Chain Fern Family)
» Boraginaceae (The Borage Family)
» Brassicaceae (The Mustard Family)
» Bromeliaceae (The Pineapple Family)
» Buddleiaceae (The Butterfly Bush Family)
» Buxaceae (The boxwood family)
» Cactaceae (The Cactus Family)
» Calycanthaceae (The Calycanthus Family)
» Campanulaceae (The Bellflower Family)
» Cannabaceae (The Hemp Family)
» Cannaceae (The Canna Family)
» Caprifoliaceae (The Honeysuckle Family)
» Caryophyllaceae (The Pink Family)
» Celastraceae (The Staff Tree Family)
» Cistaceae (The Rockrose Family)
» Clethraceae (The Clethra Family)
» Colchicaceae (The Bellwort Family)
» Commelinaceae (The Spiderwort Family)
» Convallariaceae (The Lily of the Valley Family)
» Cornaceae (The Dogwood Family)
» Crassulaceae (The Crassula Family)
» Cucurbitaceae (The Gourd Family)
» Cunoniaceae (The Wild Alder Family)
» Cupressaceae (The cypress Family)
» Cyperaceae (The Sedge Family)
» Davalliaceae (The Rabbit's Foot Fern Family)
» Dicksoniaceae (The Dicksonia Family)
» Dipsacaceae (The Teasel Family)
» Dryopteridaceae (The Wood Fern Family)
» Ebenaceae (The Ebony Family)
» Elaeagnaceae (The Autumn Olive Family)
» Ericaceae (The Heath Family)
» Euphorbiaceae (The Spurge Family)
» Fabaceae (The Legume Family)
» Fagaceae (The Oak Family)
» Fumariaceae (The Fumitory Family)
» Gentianaceae (The Gentian Family)
» Geraniaceae (The Geranium Family)
» Gesneriaceae (The African Violet Family)
» Glaucidiaceae (The Glaucidium Family)
» Grossulariaceae (The Gooseberry Family)
» Gunneraceae (The Gunnera Family)
» Haemodoraceae (The Bloodwort Family)
» Hamamelidaceae (The Witch Hazel Family)
» Hyacinthaceae (The Hyacinth Family)
» Hydrangaceae (The Hydrangea Family)
» Iridaceae (The Iris Family)
» Lamiaceae (The Mint Family)
» Lardizabalaceae (The Lardizabala Family)
» Lauraceae (The Olive Family)
» Liliaceae (The Lily Family)
» Loganiaceae (The Logania Family)
» Lythraceae
» Magnoliaceae (The Magnolia Family)
» Malvaceae (The Mallow Family)
» Melianthaceae (The Honeybush Family)
» Moraceae (The Fig Family)
» Musaceae (The Banana Family)
» Myrsinaceae (The Myrsine Family)
» Myrtaceae (The Myrtle Family)
» Oleaceae (The Olive Family)
» Onagraceae (The Evening Primrose Family)
» Orchidaceae (The Orchid Family)
» Osmundaceae (The Royal Fern Family)
» Oxalidaceae (The Wood Sorrel Family)
» Paeoniaceae (The Peony Family)
» Papaveraceae (The Poppy Family)
» Passifloraceae (The Passion Flower Family)
» Paulowniaceae (The Princess Tree family)
» Phytolaccaceae (The Pokeweed Family)
» Pinaceae (The pine tree Family)
» Pittosporaceae (The Pittosporum Family)
» Plantaginaceae
» Plumbaginaceae (The Leadwort Family)
» Poaceae (The Grass Family)
» Polemoniaceae (The Phlox Family)
» Polygonaceae (The Buckwheat Family)
» Polypodiaceae (The Polypody Family)
» Portulacaceae (The Portulaca or Purslane Family)
» Primulaceae (The Primrose Family)
» Proteaceae (The Protea Family)
» Pteridaceae (The Maidenhair Fern Family)
» Pteridophyllaceae (The Pteridophyllum Family)
» Ranunculaceae (The Buttercup Family)
» Restionaceae (The Restio Family)
» Rhamnaceae (The Buckthorn Family)
» Rosaceae (The Rose Family)
» Rubiaceae (The Madder Family)
» Ruscaceae (The Butcher's Broom Family)
» Rutaceae (The Citrus Family)
» Salicaceae (The Willow Family)
» Sarraceniaceae (The Pitcher Plant Family)
» Saururaceae (The Lizard's Tail Family)
» Saxifragaceae (The Saxifrage Family)
» Sciadopityaceae (The Japanese umbrella-pine family)
» Scrophulariaceae (The Figwort Family)
» Selaginellaceae (The spikemosses Family)
» Solanaceae (The Deadly Nightshade Family)
» Sterculiaceae (The Cacao/Chocolate Family)
» Styracaceae
» Taccaceae (The Bat Plant Family)
» Theaceae (The Tea family)
» Thymelaeaceae (The Daphne Family)
» Trilliaceae (The Trillium Family)
» Valerianaceae (The Valerian Family)
» Verbenaceae (The Verbena Family)
» Violaceae (The Violet Family)
» Vitaceae (The Grape Family)
» Xanthorrhoeaceae (The Grass Tree Family)
» Zingiberaceae (The Ginger Family)

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