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We're only about four weeks away from the culmination of the Clematis Conundrum Pre-Order when we'll have tons of clematis in to fill your every clematis desire (estimated date Mon April 25th - we will email you to confirm). If you haven't ordered yet, now's the time to peruse 80 of the best and most unique clematis and 3 different hardy passion flowers and place your order. If you want to order more - as some of you have been doing - you'll need to use a different email address to place your second order. Or give us a call and we can help you.

Of course, we will be bringing in extra clematis to have on hand at the nursery. Though we have had excellent interest and lots of orders, with 80 different varieties on offer there are some clematis that we may have no orders for. If we don't receive orders for a particular variety, we may not bring it in. So if you have your heart set on a cultivar, please place your order now to ensure we get it for you. Also, some cultivars have already sold out or are close to selling out so please order early to avoid disappointment.

For those of you wanting to brush up on your Clematis and vine knowledge don't miss our free Gardening 101 workshop "Clematis and Vines for All Seasons". Details are below. Please register in advance.

Have fun with the Clematis Conundrum Pre-Order. Please tell all your viney friends.

Yours in vines,

Gary and the Phoenicians

Awesome Edible

'Ketchup 'n' Fries'
Mighty Matos
Mighty Melons
Mighty Veggies
Pixie Grapes
'Owari' Satsumas

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Hardy 'Owari' Satsuma
Harvest at Christmas Time!

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Join us for a free workshop to learn all about vines!

GARDENING 101 SERIES | Clematis and Vines for All Seasons | Belinda | Sat April 16, 11am-12pm | FREE* | Belinda will introduce you to all kinds of great vines for colour and fragrance all season long. She’ll talk about the huge variety of different clematis and how to care for them as well as other vines like honeysuckle, jasmine, deciduous and evergreen climbing hydrangea, passionflowers, kiwis and more.



Select from 80 Different Clematis
and 3 Hardy Passion Flowers!

No garden or patio is complete without the Queen of the Vines. But how do you select between the best cultivars? How do you find the one clematis you've been looking for for years? Or maybe you want to discover a cultivar you never knew you needed until now! It can be a real conundrum!

We have a huge selection of the best and most unique Clematis available through our Clematis Conundrum Pre-Sale for pick-up at the nursery in late April 2016!

Peruse our selection below, make notes on which plants you'd like and, when you're ready, click on the link to place your order. You might want to right click the link and open the order page in a new window so you can view this image page and the order page side by side. Have fun!

The Raymond Evison Collection
Raymond Evison is England's King of the Clematis and currently the world's most famous clematis breeder. His cultivars are among the best ever produced with huge flowers, unique colours, and long and repeat blooming.

Boulevard Series - Compact cultivars perfect for containers, patios, and small spaces.
Patio and Garden Series - Classic medium to large-growing clematis for the garden to grow on walls, archways, trellises, pergolas and into shrubs and trees.
Regal Series - Ornate double flowers perfect for containers or the garden.

Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Alaina' Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Cezanne'
Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Cherokee' Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Corinne'
Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Edda' Evison - Boulevard Series 'Fleuri'
Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Giselle' Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Picardy'
Evison - Garland Series - 'Tekla' Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Amethyst Beauty'
Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Chevalier' Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Countess of Wessex'
Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Diana's Delight' Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Kingfisher'
Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Rebecca' - The reddest of all clematis! Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Rosemoor'
Evison - Patio & Garden Series- 'Sally' Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Shimmer'
Evison - Regal Series - 'Crystal Fountain' Evison - Regal Series - 'Diamantina'
Evison - Regal Series - 'Empress' Evison - Regal Series - 'Josephine'

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