Hello Clematis and Vine Lovers!

We are very excited about our 2017 Clematis Conundrum Pre-Order.

This year we have expanded our selection of Clematis from 80 different cultivars to 136! We have expanded our selection of intriguing passionflowers from 3 to 11 including 4 brand new varieties never before offered in Canada. And we have added 22 rare vines to our offerings.

Our Clematis Conundrum Pre-Order allows you to track down that exact Clematis, passionflower or rare vine you've always wanted (or didn't know that you needed) from a huge selection you'd never be able to shop from in a nursery situation (no nursery could carry so many clematis all at once, for instance).

Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and have a look at all the gorgeous vines you could have in your garden.

Tight on space? Remember you can plant multiple vines together in the same hole or large container. They will happily grow together, intermingling and creating an amazing show.


Yours in vines,

Gary and the Phoenicians

Opening Weekend 2017
The 13th Annual
Hellebore Hurrah!

Celebrating early spring and all things Hellebore

Friday-Sunday February 24th-26th, 2017

The Great Citrus

36 Citrus including 5 Hardy Ones Plus Cold Tolerant Avocado!

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Select from 136 Different Clematis,
11 Passion Flowers, and 22 Rare Vines!

No garden or patio is complete without the Queen of the Vines. But how do you select between the best cultivars? How do you find the one clematis you've been looking for for years? Or maybe you want to discover a cultivar you never knew you needed until now! It can be a real CONUNDRUM!

We have a huge selection of the best and most unique Clematis, passionflowers, and rare vines available through our Clematis Conundrum Pre-Order for pick-up at the nursery in late April 2017! Now you can find that perfect clematis (or vine) all in one place and with ease!

Peruse our selection below, make notes on which plants you'd like and, when you're ready, click on the link to place your order. You might want to right click the link and open the order page in a new window so you can view this image page and the order page side by side. Have fun!

Giving Clematis or Vines as a Gift?
Use this attractive form to give to the lucky person. Fill it out with your details and they can use the form to pick up their plants in the spring!

Canadian Mail Order Customers: These Clematis, passionflowers, and vines will, for the most part, not be a part of our official mail order offerings for 2017, however, they are shippable by special request. If you would like to order some please place your order here. When you fill in your info type "SHIP" in the field with your first name so we can identify your order. If you will be placing an order for additional plants through our mail order site in 2017, when you check out from there include a note for us to combine it with your clematis order. If you are only ordering clematis when we email you in the spring that it is time to pick up, please email us back to tell us you would like your plants shipped. We will ship to you in late April or early May as soon as your order is complete. Please order a minimum of $40 total in order for us to ship. Regular shipping rates will apply at the time of shipping. These are the Canada Post rates plus an amount to cover our time and materials. We cannot estimate the costs in advance but be assured that we charge shipping on a cost recovery basis only.

The Raymond Evison Collection
Raymond Evison is England's King of the Clematis and currently the world's most famous clematis breeder. His cultivars are among the best ever produced with huge flowers, unique colours, and long and repeat blooming.

Boulevard Series - Compact cultivars perfect for containers, patios, and small spaces.
Patio and Garden Series - Classic medium to large-growing clematis for the garden to grow on walls, archways, trellises, pergolas and into shrubs and trees.
Regal Series - Ornate double flowers perfect for containers or the garden.
Miniature Series - Dwarf plants with multiple stems to just 20 cm (8 in.) long covered in masses of flowers. Use them in containers, hanging baskets, groundcovers or accents at the front of the border.

Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Alaina' Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Cezanne'
Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Cherokee'
Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Corinne' Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Daiyu'
Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Edda' Evison - Boulevard Series 'Endellion'
Evison - Boulevard Series 'Fleuri' Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Giselle'
So new we don't have a picture yet. But what a great name! (It's my Mom's name.)
Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Kitty' Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Nubia'
Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Parisienne' Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Picardy'
Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Viennetta' Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Volunteer'
Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Yuan' Evison - Boulevard Series - 'Zara'
Evison - Garland Series - 'Tekla' Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Amethyst Beauty'
Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Chevalier' Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Countess of Wessex'
Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Diana's Delight' Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Kingfisher'
Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Rebecca' - The reddest of all clematis! Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Rosemoor'
Evison - Patio & Garden Series- 'Sally' Evison - Patio & Garden Series - 'Shimmer'
Evison - Regal - 'Charmaine'
Evison - Regal Series - 'Crystal Fountain' Evison - Regal Series - 'Diamantina'
Evison - Regal Series - 'Empress' Evison - Regal Series - 'Josephine'
Evison - Miniature Series - 'Bijou'
Evison - Miniature Series - 'Luiza'


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