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Edible Workshops and Classes 2014

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Online Registration: We use online registration so you can book workshops 24 hours a day seven days a week. Registration is through two of the most trusted names on the internet: Constant Contact and Paypal. Both use secure servers so you can feel safe paying online. You do not need a PayPal account to pay. They will simply process your Visa or MC on our behalf. If you wish to register by other methods please call the nursery at 604-270-4133 or visit us in person.

Full Workshop Details and Descriptions
Instructor Biographies
Booking Workshops

Full Workshop Details and Descriptions


PHOENIX FRESH EDIBLES SERIES | Endless Summer: 365 Days of Berries and Fruit in the Garden and Containers | Instructor: Cathy Hiebert | Sat April 19th, 2-4pm | $14 | Do you long for the sweet taste of summer at times of the year when summer is just a faraway dream? Take heart, fellow foodies, you can enjoy the bounty of summer berries and fruit year-round with some simple skills and a little planning. Your instructor Cathy will teach you about the different kinds of fruit and berries you can grow in your garden and in containers on your patio. Then she will teach you different ways to preserve your bounty such as strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, apples, cherries, and much more. She will discuss preserving through canning, drying and freezing and tell you which processes are best for each particular fruit. She will show you the equipment you will need and demonstrate the different preservation techniques. She will then give you some recipe ideas for using your preserved fruits and berries long after summer has passed.



PHOENIX FRESH EDIBLES SERIES | Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Chervil: Herbs to Know and Grow | Instructor: Cathy Hiebert | Sat May 10th, 2-4pm | $14 | If you don’t know what chervil is (or tarragon or savory or marjoram or shiso or epazote) or what to do with it (and many people don’t!) you’ll want to take this class. Cathy will discuss the full range of culinary herbs available to gardeners. She’ll discuss how to grow them, how to harvest them and how to use them to enhance everything you do in the kitchen including sharing recipe ideas. Your gardening and culinary life will never be the same.
KIDS SERIES | Hungry Hagrid Veggie Gardens: Grow Food to Keep Hogwarts and Half Giants Well Fed | Instructor: Kate | Sun May 18th, 1-2:30pm | $30 (Includes all plants and materials.) | Parent participation recommended for younger children. | Calling all Hogwarts House Elves to help Hagrid grow food to keep the castle fed. Harry, Ron and Hermione can’t fight Voldemort’s forces on an empty stomach! Learn all about growing your own veggies then you'll get to plant up your own pot with yummy things to feed Hagrid and the people in Hogwarts Castle.
PHOENIX FRESH EDIBLES SERIES | Subtropical Fruits for the West Coast Garden | Instructor: Larry | Sat May 24th, 10am-12pm | $14 | Did you know that you can grow citrus outside in Vancouver AND harvest fruit to eat??? Join our resident expert on everything subtropical, unusual and edible for local gardens. From hardy olives to hardy citrus, goji berries to tea, honey berries to Asian pepper, kiwis to pomegranates plus figs, bananas, kumquats and much more, Larry will fill you in on the exciting world of rare and unusual shrubs that will inspire you and your taste buds and impress cocktail party guests. Larry will chat about the range of interesting shrubs and small trees you can grow in your gardens, including their relative levels of hardiness, how to care for them and all the fun things you can do with their fruit.
PHOENIX FRESH EDIBLES SERIES | An Edible Bounty: Secrets and Strategies for Year-Round Eating from Containers and Garden | Instructor: Cathy Hiebert | Sat May 24th, 2-4pm | $14 | This workshop will focus on the planning and planting of your edible garden and containers with fresh eating and preserving in mind. Whether in the veggie patch or in containers, Cathy will ask you first what you want to eat (including how much and how often!) and then teach you how to plan your planting to meet your culinary goals. She will introduce a variety of herbs and veggies, chat about how to grow them and then share techniques for preserving them for later eating including canning, freezing and drying. She will share some fun and easy recipes and ideas for cooking with fresh or preserved edibles. You can't eat much more locally than your own back yard! This workshop will put you on the path to success in the garden and in the kitchen!
PHOENIX FRESH EDIBLES SERIES | How Sweet It Is: Backyard Bee Keeping and Bee-Friendly Plants | Bob Fisher, West Coast Bee Supply with Gary | Sun May 25th, 10am-12pm | $14 | Bees are some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet and they make one of the sweetest and most beloved of foods. They are also responsible for the pollination of countless crops, especially fruit trees and berry bushes. With the relaxing of by-laws in many municipalities many homeowners are now allowed to keep bees in their own backyards. Join local bee expert Bob Fisher of West Coast Bee Supply as he introduces you to the world of the honeybee and gives you some advice on the basics of backyard bee keeping. Bob will bring one of his own thriving beehives to the nursery to introduce you to the honeybee up close and personal! Then Bob and Phoenix Perennials owner, Gary, will discuss the best bee-friendly plants for the garden.



PHOENIX FRESH EDIBLES SERIES | Cocktail Gardening: From Garden to Glass, Shaken not Stirred | Instructor: David Wolowidnyk, West Restaurant with Gary | Sat June 7th, 2-4pm | $20 | Join award-winning bartender and mixologist David Wolowidnyk from the acclaimed West Restaurant in Vancouver to learn how to make cocktails and libations with ingredients from your own garden. In 2012 David won the Bombay Sapphire World’s Most Imaginative Bartender Competition in Morocco. This guy knows how to mix a drink! Step up to David’s bar where he’ll show you how to muddle, mix, infuse, shake and stir your way to fancy and intriguing drinks for a relaxing night at home, a dinner party or a wild soiree in the garden all while telling you stories as only a bartender can. As you sample David’s creations Phoenix Perennials owner Gary Lewis will present the different edibles used in the cocktail and discuss how to grow them in your garden. This is one workshop that you won’t want to miss!
PHOENIX FRESH EDIBLES SERIES | A Perfect Pickle: Flavoured Vinegars and Pickled Veggies | Instructor: Cathy Hiebert | Sat June 14th, 2-4pm | $14 | Cathy will teach you the art and skills of pickling veggies including cucumbers, carrots and beans. She will also discuss how to make flavoured vinegars with different combinations of herbs and fruit that you can use for salad vinaigrettes, spreads, sauces and marinades. Cathy will share with you some of her favourite recipes for flavoured vinegars and pickles. If you want to liven up your cooking and preserve the bounty of your garden for eating all winter long then you won’t want to miss this workshop.



PHOENIX FRESH EDIBLES SERIES | Heirloom Tomato Tasting | Instructor: Gary | Sat Sept 6th at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm (45 min each) | $14 (Tasting) + $16 (Party Mix) = $30 (Includes a 3+ pound Party Mix of heirloom tomatoes, value $16.) | If you love food and, in particular, if you love tomatoes you won't want to miss this event! At our popular Tomato Tastings at the the Heirloom Tomato Festival you'll get to experience a rainbow of 15+ tomato varieties all in a particular order just like a wine tasting. Phoenix Perennials owner Gary Lewis introduce you to each tomato variety, talk about the type of cultivar, its history and origins, its flavour profile and its uses in the kitchen. You’ll get to share your thoughts and take tasting notes for future tomato reference. At the end of the session you'll take home your very own Party Mix of three plus pounds of the highest quality heirloom tomatoes grown organically in open fields by Red Barn Plants at their farm in Cawston, BC - no tomato will taste as good as these tomatoes! The Heirloom Tomato Tastings are our most popular workshops. Please book early.
PHOENIX FRESH EDIBLES SERIES | Tantalizing Tomatoes: Preserving a Favourite Edible for Year-Round Eating | Instructor: Cathy Hiebert | Sat Sept 6th, 3:30-5:30pm | $14 | In this workshop you’ll learn about the different types of tomatoes and how to preserve them for future eating, including which methods are best for which types of tomatoes. Methods covered with include canning whole, crushed, diced and pureed tomatoes as well as how to dry them and freeze them. Cathy will also discuss the different equipment and tools and show the techniques you need to know to be successful in your kitchen. Last but not least she’ll share with you some of her favourite tomato recipes.



CONTAINER SERIES/KIDS SERIES | Succulent Jack-O-Lanterns | Instructor: Kate | Sat Oct 18th, 10am-12pm | $14 | Here’s a new twist on Halloween: carve yourself a jack-o-lantern but forget the candle. Instead plant it up with cool succulents and grasses for a spooky display that will get the attention of trick or treaters. In this workshop Kate will teach you a few tricks for success with succulent jack-o-lanterns and discuss various design options. Then you’ll get to carve and plant up your very own. This workshop does not include the pumpkin or the plants you decide to use. There will be various types and sizes of pumpkins for you to choose from.


Instructor Biographies

Bob Fisher is a local honeybee expert and blueberry farmer. He is the owner of West Coast Bee Supply in Richmond where he sells honeybees and all of the equipment needed to keep bees in your own backyard. Bob is a salt-of-the-earth kinda guy that knows everything there is to know about honeybees. If you have questions about honeybees, Bob is your man!

Kate Herring is a multi-talented woman with a love for perennials and design. Kate holds a Certificate in Garden Design from UBC and is a Master Gardener. In addition to her roles in retail sales and workshop instruction at Phoenix, Kate is also one of our in-house designers for our In-Nursery Design Service. Kate is an incredibly crafty person -- watch for more and more of her creations at the nursery and for new workshops in the coming years.

Cathy Hiebert is a dynamo when it comes to growing edibles and using them in the kitchen or preserving them for later use. She learned much of what she knows from her grandmothers and mother, early experiences which has lead to a lifelong interest in the culinary bliss one can attain from doing it yourself and tasting the difference. She has years of experience teaching, working in nurseries and working for different groups and organizations to encourage local agriculture in the community. She is passionate about fresh food -- growing it, cooking it and, of course, eating it! She is excited to share her knowledge and inspire others through food.

Larry Hudson has a love of subtropicals especially if they produce something you can eat. He is an expert on all manner of cool and interesting edibles. Larry is also the facilities and mail order manager at Phoenix Perennials.

Gary Lewis is the owner of Phoenix Perennials and a passionate plantsman. He began botanizing his local fields and forests at the age of four, began collecting houseplants at the age of 10 and began gardening at the age of 15. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Botany (Plant Ecolgoy). On his 28th birthday he took over the reigns at Phoenix Perennials and is having a great time! In 2012 he was nominated for Communicator of the Year by the BC Landscape and Nursery Association. In the same year Phoenix Perennials won the "Growing Gardeners" category in the Chrysler Garden Centre of the Year Awards recognizing our dynamic work in presenting workshops, special events, online content and other educational opportunities to excite the gardening public.

David Wolowidnyk -- Praised for his chemist-like precision, inventive twists and intriguing libations, award-winning mixologist David Wolowidnyk has amassed over two decades of professional service experience from leading bars and restaurants throughout Vancouver and the Grand Cayman Islands. He is currently the Bar Manager at West Restaurant in Vancouver. Energized by the challenge of exceeding the expectations of both his colleagues and guests, Wolowidnyk takes pleasure from seeing guests leave with memorable experiences. Among many other awards, David has won “Best Mixologist in Canada” at the National Grey Goose “Arbiter of Cool” Competition in 2007 and the Bombay Sapphire World’s Most Imaginative Bartender Competition in Morocco in 2012.


Booking Workshops

Spaces are limited. Please book in advance.

Online Registration: We use online registration so you can book workshops 24 hours a day seven days a week. Registration is through two of the most trusted names on the internet: Constant Contact and Paypal. Both use secure servers so you can feel safe paying online. You do not need a PayPal account to pay. They will simply process your Visa or MC on our behalf. If you wish to register by other methods please call the nursery at 604-270-4133 or visit us in person.

Each workshop requires a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 15-25 depending on the workshop. If the minimum is not met we may not be able to run the workshop in which case we will contact you a few days before the scheduled date of the workshop and give you a credit towards another class, a credit at the nursery, or a refund. To ensure your favourite workshops go ahead please tell all your friends and bring them along. You'll have more fun that way too. Workshops are a great way to spend time with family and friends.

If you are unable to attend a workshop you have already signed up for please give us 3 days notice. We would be happy to give you a credit towards another class or a credit at the nursery. We cannot offer credits, however, unless you let us know 3 days in advance of your workshop that you cannot attend.

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