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Food gardening season is now in full swing with the arrival of 20 different kinds of Mighty Mato grafted tomatoes, own-root heirloom tomato starts and a whole bunch of different kinds of basil.

If you don't yet know about Mighty Matos, get to know them with the article below. They are an incredible new innovation in food gardening.

There's nothing better than eating food from your own garden. See you soon!

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Mighty 'Matos Grafted Tomatoes

There's a new superhero in town and it's called the Mighty 'Mato. If you love heirloom and interesting modern tomatoes then you best pay attention to this new personality coming to gardens and patios near you!

Mighty 'Matos are grafted tomatoes. Just as is done with fruit trees or maples, a desirable tomato cultivar such as 'Sunsugar' or 'Black Krim' or 'Mortgage Lifter' is grafted onto a strong and vigorous tomato rootstock. The result is a more disease resistant, cold tolerant and vigorous tomato that produces 2-3 times more fruit than the same variety in its ungrafted form. This technique was pioneered by Log House Plants of southern Oregon, a well-respected leader in veggies, herbs and intriguing edibles for more than 30 years.


Mighty Matos have now been available for the past two years with excellent results and big crops of tomatoes. I grow them at home in pots and was overwhelmed by their size and production -- we had to freeze bags of tomatoes to eat through the winter.

Some gardeners have had some difficulties but on closer discussion the problems seemed to related to not enough water or fertilizer or growing in containers that were too small rather than a problem with the Matos. Gardening is never 100% but these new tomatoes are proving to be worth it. Just ask our customer Ken from Richmond. He and his wife love the heirloom tomato 'Brandywine'. Unfortunately, this cultivar is notorious for low yields. But grafted onto the Mighty 'Mato' rootstock 'Brandywine' comes to life. Ken and his wife weighed all the tomatoes that came off their 'Brandywine' Mighty 'Mato. They got 100 pounds of fruit!

The larger crops can be particularly impressive for heirloom varieties which are not always as vigorous as modern strains. Heirlooms were bred for flavour and interesting shapes and colours and not necessarily for pumping out mountains of tomatoes. The Mighty 'Mato rootstock, however, provides a real boost in vigour and fruit production. And who doesn't need more delicious tomatoes from your own backyard?


We are offering 20 different varieties of Mighty Matos this year. Come down and have a look. They are now all in stock!

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