Hello People Who Like to Eat Their Gardens!

We are really excited to reveal to you two more innovations in edible gardening that will add to the beauty and productivity of your gardens: Pixie Grapes and the newest of the BrazelBerries, a blueberry called 'Pink Icing'. Pixie Grapes are a new line of dwarf grape vines that only grow to a couple feet tall but produce lots of fruit, even on very young plants. The new BrazelBerry 'Pink Icing' is the largest blueberry plant yet in the series with a high production of tasty fruit and gorgeous foliage throughout the seasons. These items are now available for pre-ordering. Full details are below.

We have also included links for our 'Ketchup 'n' Fries' and Mighty Mato Pre-Sale and our a "Fruit Salad Tree" Pre-Sale. We are getting close to selling out of fruit salad trees so please order soon if you have your heart set on one.

Have a look below for full details of these revolutionary edibles!

Yours in Edibles,

Gary and the Phoenicians

The Great Easter Plant Hunt
An Easter "egg" hunt for gardeners

Easter Sunday April 5th, 2015

10 am SHARP!

Thousands of dollars in prizes to be won!

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Pixie Grape Pre-Order

The new Pixie Grapes are a new series of dwarf grape vines for containers that will produce fruit in their first year and forever more after that. They are perfect for small spaces and patios, conversation pieces, and as a gift for every wine lover you know. The first Pixie Grape is 'Pinot Meunier Purple', one of the three Champagne grapes. It is projected to only grow to about 2+ feet tall and wide and to get lots of bunches of grapes on its small frame over a long season.

Our plants will be available for pick-up just before Mothers' Day. They will be in 1g pots with an attractive trellis and they are projected to already have bunches of green fruit on the vines! Fingers crossed for the fruit as it is the first year of growing them.


Your Pixie Grapes will look like the picture above when they arrive in a one gallon pot with a trellis. They should have fruit but the fruit will be green in May and ripen through the summer for summer and fall picking. After a few years your Pixie Grape will look like this. You can grow it in a large pot on your patio or balcony.

The Pixie Grapes will be in a 1g pot with trellis for $27.99 + GST.

More Info and Pre-Order



Brazelberry Pre-Order 2015

Brazelberries are one of the hottest items for gardens and patios. They are dwarf berry bushes (four blueberries and one raspberry) that can be grown in pots on your patio or in the garden. They are attractive plants that produce tons of fruit. What could be better than fresh blueberries and raspberries right from your own garden on beautiful plants that make your garden look great year-round? Pre-order now for pick-up in mid April (exact date yet to be determined). We will email you closer to the pick-up date to let you know exactly when you can get your hands on your new berry bushes!

NEW! Vaccinium 'Pink Icing' -- Blueberry
'Pink Icing' is the newest BrazelBerry and is like a big sister to 'Peach Sorbet' growing to 3-4 feet with similar multi-coloured seasonal foliage and great production of tasty fruit.

New spring foliage emerges bright pink turning to blue and green. The green summer foliage is highlighted with intermittent pink new growth at the tips of the branches. In the fall and winter the semi-evergreen foliage takes on an iridescent turquoise blue with lovely winter red stems.

'Pink Icing' is smaller than regular blueberries that usually grow to about 4-6 feet. You can use this 3-4 footer in small to large gardens, as an informal hedge and in large pots. 1.5g pot. $24.99 + GST

You can also order four other BrazelBerries:

Blueberry 'Peach Sorbet'
'Jelly Bean'
Blueberry 'Blueberry Glaze'
Raspberry 'Raspberry Shortcake'

More Information and Ordering




'Ketchup 'n' Fries' and Mighty Mato Pre-Sale

Welcome to our exciting tomato pre-sale where you can pre-plan your 2015 edible bounty from the comfort of your own home with some of the most cutting edge edibles available. Pre-sales allow you to secure the exact plants you desire and allow us at Phoenix Perennials to make sure we have exactly what you want.

The Revolutionary, New "TomTato" is a hand-grafted plant that brings together tomatoes and potatoes, two close relatives, that together give us one of life's great pleasures: 'Ketchup 'n' Fries'. You'll get hundreds of delicious, super sweet cherry tomatoes on top and up to 4-5 pounds of yummy potatoes just below the soil!

Mighty Mato Grafted Tomatoes consist of desirable heirloom and cool modern varieties hand-grafted onto super strong tomato rootstock that confers greater disease resistance, greater cold tolerance, and greater vigour resulting in up to 2-3 times more tomatoes per plant than ungrafted plants!

More Info and Pre-Order



Fruit Salad Tree Pre-Order

Peaches, Apricots, Nectarines, Plums, and Almonds (All on One Tree!), Oh my!

Fruit Salad trees are grafted fruit trees in which each branch grows a different fruit. You may have heard of multi-grafted apple trees but what about a single tree that produces a full range of different stone fruits – peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums, and almonds?! That’s what we call a fruit salad tree because from one single tree you can make a whole fruit salad. Stone fruits are all closely-related members of the genus Prunus (which also includes cherries). That’s why they can all be grafted onto the same tree.

More Info and Pre-Order


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