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Summer is the time of figs in coastal BC gardens. This amazing subtropical fruit from the Mediterranean region is delicious and luscious yet still somewhat unusual in our neck of the woods, though many Italians have been growing them for decades in East Vancouver!

Figs are also expensive to buy at your green grocer so it makes sense to grow your own. Plus why would you grow cherries and apples on the coast, which is not the best location for these fruits, when cheap, top quality sources exist in our beautiful Okanagan Valley? But they can't grow figs in the Okanagan.

Growing your own figs means bumper crops to look forward to in July and August that you can eat fresh, wrap in prosciutto and parmesan, stuff with goat cheese and almonds, or use to make fig jam. So many possibilities!

New introductions including the dwarf 'Little Ruby' and the extra hardy 'Chicago Hardy' now allow gardeners in colder regions to grow figs successfully as well.

So we invite you to "Consider the Fig" and think about how you can fit them into your gardening and culinary lives. Full disclosure: I'm a convert. I already have four figs in the garden and am trying to figure out where to put more!


Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians


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Consider the Fig

Here's some information on the figs we currently have in stock. Traditionally 'Brown Turkey', 'Desert King', 'Lattarulla' and 'Peter's Honey' have performed best in our cool summer climates. Other cultivars generally need more heat and should be grown only in the hottest, sunniest spots. New cultivars like 'Stella', 'Atreano', 'Little Ruby' and 'Chicago Hardy' are less tested in our climate but have good potential to crop well here.

Ficus carica 'Chicago Hardy' - Common Fig - Ficus 'Chicago Hardy' is one of the most cold hardy figs available with a valuable early fruiting season compared with other cultivars. It produces brown, medium-sized fruit in summer with a rich, sweet flavour. It also has the unique ability to produce some fruit even when stems have been killed to the ground, though the greatest production will be from plants with over-wintered wood. A good container candidate. Also known as 'Bensonhurst Purple', this cultivar is originally from Sicily. Ficus carica 'Little Ruby' - Common Fig - 'Little Ruby' is a super dwarf fig tree that happily produces in small containers or even as a bonsai! The fruit appears early, is reddish brown, sweet, and medium in size. This is the perfect fig to grow outdoors in warmer zones or to use as a winter houseplant and summer outdoor patio plant in colder zones.
Ficus carica 'Stella' - Common Fig - 'Stella' has sweet, striking, purplish-red flesh, and ripes well in cooler climates. Ficus carica 'Desert King' - Common Fig - 'Desert King' is very productive and reliable, producing abundant, yellowish-green figs with sweet and richly flavorful, strawberry colored flesh.


Also in stock:

Peter's Honey
Brown Turkey
Ice Crystal

Ficus carica 'Black Spanish' - Common Fig -'Black Spanish' is a dwarf tree that can be kept even smaller with pruning making it suitable for container culture. This selection is reliable and productive - though should be grown in the hottest spots you have - bearing abundant crops of dark mahogany fruits that are very sweet, juicy, and firm - great for fresh eating, preserves, and drying.  

All of these figs are in stock now and waiting to become a part of your fig orchard!


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