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We are really excited to launch our Great Citrus Pre-Order with 36 different citrus, including 5 you can grow year round outdoors in coastal BC, plus 3 cold tolerant avocado!

You can also give citrus as a gift. Download our attractive certificate to give to that lucky gardener in your life. They can use the certificate to pick up their plant in the spring.

Have a look below and peruse our selection.

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians


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The Christmas Hurrah!

Join us for workshops on wreaths, centrepieces, indoor and outdoor containers, Hellebore in a Handbag, and a DIY project! Plus lots of beautiful hellebores for sale.

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Christmas Rose

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The Great Citrus Pre-Order
("Owari' Satsuma and Friends")

Grow your own citrus outside in coastal BC plus grow an even wider selection with a little winter protection.

Last year our 'Owari' Satsuma Pre-Order was a resounding success. There are now many plants settled in to BC gardens about to spend their first winter. Once they have a year or two of maturity, it will be at this time of year that proud gardeners are harvesting their own satsuma mandarin oranges at this time of year.

The ‘Owari’ satsuma is just one of a number of hardy citrus that can be grown outdoors in coastal BC. There is the Citrumelo hardy grapefruit, the 'Nagami' kumquat and, highly sought after for culinary pursuits, the Yuzu and Suchachi ichandrins which are hardy to zone 7!

We also have on offer another 31 different Citrus and 3 cold tolerant avocados if you have a place where you can keep them above freezing (zone 9 plants) and above about 5-8 degrees Celsius (zone 10 plants) in a greenhouse, sunroom, or inside the house. The plants from this pre-order will be available for pick-up in mid May.

Here is the story of the 'Owari' Satsuma:

The ‘Owari’ satsuma is hardy to about -11 degrees Celsius or zone 8a, the colder end of zone 8. It is best planted in a warm, protected location in the garden against a south-facing wall or fence. A warm, sunny east- or west-facing location might also do.

Phoenix Perennials’ resident citrus expert, Larry, has been growing the ‘Owari’ satsuma outside in his Richmond garden since before the Armageddon winter of 2008/09. His plant had only a little damage in that momentous cold snap and no damage at all in any cold snap in any year thereafter. He picks large crops from his tree every year at Christmas time. We have had a taste test of his fruit amongst the Phoenicians and they taste identical to the store-bought fruit. The following pictures you see here are of Larry’s tree taken in December 2015!

This is a picture of Larry's 'Owari' satsuma in his garden taken in early December 2015.

This is a picture of Larry's 'Owari' satsuma in his garden taken in early December 2015. Fruit are still showing a little green but will continue to turn completely orange by Christmas.

A shot of Larry's tree taken in early December 2015 with some supplemental lighting. His tree is planted in the middle of the garden on the outside south facing wall of his greenhouse. This location will be a warmer microclimate in his garden but the plant is still exposed to the full brunt of winter cold snaps and shrugs them off.

This is a picture of fruit from Larry's 'Owari' satsuma picked in early December 2015. Fruit is ripe even when the skin is still a little green.

You too can own an 'Owari' satsuma or any of its Citrus or avocado friends. Click on the link below to explore our selection.

Give the Gift of Home-Grown Citrus Fruit: If you'd like to give some of these plants as a gift for Christmas, you can download a handy certificate to give to that lucky gardener. Download Now.

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Canadian Mail Order Customers: While some of these citrus may be added to our mail order system in 2017, this pre-order represents our complete selection for 2017. It is best to place your order here to lock in your selections. We recommend you choose amongst the 4"x9" band pots and the 1 gallon pots for shipping. We have shipped 2 and 3 gallon pots before but, owing to their weight and size they are more difficult to pack and have sometimes sustained some damage during shipping. If you would like us to ship these sizes we can do so but please be tolerant of a little damage if it happens.

When you fill in your info type "SHIP" in the field with your first name so we can identify your order. If you will be placing an order for additional plants through our mail order site in 2017, when you check out from there include a note for us to combine it with your citrus order. If you are only ordering citrus, when we email you in the spring that it is time to pick up, please email us back to tell us you would like your plants shipped. We will ship to you in mid May as soon as your order is complete. Please order a minimum of $40 total in order for us to ship. Regular shipping rates will apply at the time of shipping. These are the Canada Post rates plus an amount to cover our time and materials. We cannot estimate the costs in advance but be assured that we charge shipping on a cost recovery basis only.


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