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11 Plants for Summer Fragrance

You're outside in the garden and on the patio a lot in the summer. Make sure to fill your outdoor spaces with fragrance.

Berlandiera lyrata - Chocolate Flower - Like chocolate cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus), this much hardier (to zone 4!) chocolate flower (Berlandiera lyrata) also smells distinctly like chocolate, but in this case like hot cocoa. It forms masses of yellow daisies from spring until fall on upright or mounding plants. It is night-blooming with fragrance turning on in the evening, lasting all night, and reaching its strongest scent in mid morning before the petals fall when you're having a lovely breakfast on the patio. Interestingly the stamens are edible and have a chocolate flavour. Pretty green discs are left behind once the petals fall but it is best to deadhead to encourage continuous bloom. Hot, dry, sunny spots. Cosmos atrosanguineus 'Choca Mocha' - Chocolate Cosmos - Cosmos atrosanguineus is a Mexican species with rich, dark maroon, dahlia-like flowers with the fragrance of chocolate! ¡Que rica! How can you resist? Combine with peanut butter plant (Melianthus major) to turn your garden bed into a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Yum! 'Choca Mocha' is more compact and has a more intense chocolate fragrance than the normal form. This species is classed as zone 7-9 but I would recommend a winter mulch and dry well-drained soil. Extinct in the wild. ¡Que lastima!
Artemisia abrotanum - Coca Cola Plant - Southernwood (Artemisia arbrotanum) is a totally-forgotten ancient garden herb with superb fine-textured aromatic foliage that provides excellent texture all year long PLUS a fruity camphor-like fragrance to the leaves that is reminiscent of Coca Cola! Trim hard in late winter to maintain a bushy habit. Yellowish insignificant flowers can be removed or left on the plant. Lavandula angustifolia 'Thumbelina Leigh' - Lavender - 'Thumbelina Leigh' forms showy, compact lavender plants with strong stems and lots of purple-blue flowers on short, plump spikes. Attractive, fragrant, mid-green foliage. Easier to keep as a nice mound of foliage and flowers than the larger-growing cultivars.
Agastache Kudos 'Ambrosia - Hummingbird Mint - 'Ambrosia' is a short, compact, and hardy Agastache with spikes of creamy, peachy orange and light rose pink flowers atop fragrant foliage. The Kudos Series are naturally dwarf hybrids of hummingbird mint or hyssop with excellent branching and downy mildew resistance. They bloom from June until September. They are best grown in hot, sunny spots with well-drained soils. Monarda punctata 'Beebop' - Dotted Horsemint - Monarda punctata 'Beebop' is an amazing variation on the theme of beebalms that will amaze fans of this superlative genus. 'Beebop' is a compact, early-blooming selection of the species in which the tubular flowers are yellow with brown spots but take a back seat to the beauty and colour of the large, lance-shaped bracts that are silver and silver-pink. Appreciates well-drained, sandy soils.
Actaea simplex 'Black Negligee' - Bugbane - Lacy black foliage is held on lovely dark stems from which rise beautiful undulated spikes of purple-tinted, white flowers held two feet above the leaves. The flowers carry an exotic perfume of grape and jasmine in August and September. Give it lots of water with full sun to bring out the darkest foliage. Quite flexible for light conditions, bugbane is one of the few intensely fragrant perennials for the shade garden. Gardenia jasminoides 'Summer Snow' - Daphne - 'Summer Snow' is a hardy hybrid gardenia hand selected after 10 years of development and test studies. ‘Summer Snow’ has beautiful pure white double flowers that are sweetly fragrant. The foliage is evergreen, rich and glossy. Reportedly hardy to zone 6 which would make it the hardiest of the hardy gardenias.
Citrus x meyeri - Improved Meyer Lemon - The Meyer lemon is a cross between a true (tart) lemon and either a mandarin or an orange. The result is a fruit that resembles a lemon but is rounder with a skin that is darker yellow and fruit that is sweeter with less acidity. Basically, it's delicious. The flowers are sweetly fragrant. Meyer lemons can produce year-round. Grow outdoors in the warm months. Treat as a houseplant in winter. Watch for mites and scale indoors. Clematis recta Serious Black 'Lime Close' - Purple-Leaved Clematis - This uncommon clematis is a non-climbing clump former that is grown primarily for its beautiful leaves and stems which are dark purple when young. The flowers are white, vanilla-scented and quite small but appear in nice clusters by the hundreds. This is a good clematis to grow in the perennial border up through other perennials or shrubs. Cut back after blooming for a new flush of dark purple foliage.
Zaluzianskya ovata - Night Phlox - This intriguing little South African native forms mounds of fuzzy leaves that produce deep pink buds opening to charming, white, fragrant flowers. During the days the flowers put forth a strange fragrance but at night they increase their olfactory output becoming a sweet, heady fragrance. Hardier in leaner, thinner soils.

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