Hello Lovers of All Things Fragrant!

As you enjoy all the sights and smells of spring don't forget to plan for summer.

We have some exciting fragrant plants at the nursery now that we think you should know about as they are guaranteed to greatly improve your fragrant lives through the summer months! Have a look below.

Yours in fragrance,

Gary and the Phoenicians

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Zaluzianskya ovata - Nighty Phlox - This intriguing little South African native forms mounds of fuzzy leaves that produce deep pink buds opening to charming, white, fragrant flowers. During the days the flowers put forth a strange fragrance but at night they increase their olfactory output becoming a sweet, heady fragrance. Hardier in leaner, thinner soils. Hydrangea angustipetala 'Golden Crane' - Hydrangea - Large, fragrant lacecaps of white sterile florets around gold to chartreuse lacey reproductive florets. This cultivar is the earliest of hydrangea to bloom and smells sweetly of honey which will fill the entire garden. Narrow textured leaves complete the show on this handsome shrub. Introduced by Dan Hinkley from his collections from southern Sichuan, China.
Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata' - Winter Daphne - [This one doesn't bloom in summer but we just got it in and it has extra fabulous foliage colour.] This extra variegated version of winter daphne is an improvement on ‘Aureomarginata’ in terms of foliage. It blooms in February and March with purple buds opening to white, lusciously fragrant flowers. Plant in part sun/part shade with morning or late afternoon sun (protect it from the hottest sun of the day) in rich, well-drained soil. Winter daphne should offer just the lift you need to get you through the end of winter and into the excitement of spring. Do not move after planting due to sensitive roots. Daphne x transatlantica 'Eternal Fragrance' - Daphne - This hybrid forms a neat, mounded, evergreen shrub two to three feet high and three feet wide. The dark green leaves make a pleasing backdrop for the pink buds and white flowers which are intensely fragrant like sweet baby powder. ‘Eternal Fragrance’ flowers generously on the previous season’s wood in April and May and from June until autumn on new growth provided good moisture and nutrients. Rich, well-drained soil in sun. Do not move after planting. Photo courtesy of Great Plant Picks.
Actaea 'Atropurpurea' - Bugbane - The greenish-purple dissected foliage of this perennial provides great textural interest to the garden while we await the arrival of arching spires of fragrant white bottlebrush flowers in late summer. The sweet fragrance will fill the whole yard! Though tolerant of a full range of light conditions, Actaea (formerly Cimicifuga) are a great way to add fragrance to the shadier garden. Combine with variegated or golden foliage. We also have various other cultivars in stock. Clematis 'Sweet Summer Love' - Clematis - Small, multicoloured flowers of purple and fuchsia are sweetly fragrant and produced by the hundreds in summer and fall.
Melianthus major - Peanut Butter Plant - This intriguing plant has beautiful rippled and dissected pinnate, powdery blue foliage on stems between three and six feet. It is shy to flower in our climate though I have seen the intriguing red spikes on a few occasions in Vancouver and Victoria. The most interesting aspect of this plant is the fragrance of the foliage which is very close to that of peanut butter. Plant with chocolate cosmos, Cosmos atrosanguineus, to turn your border into a peanut butter cup! Clematis recta 'Purpurea Select' - Purple-Leaved Clematis - This uncommon clematis is a non-climbing clump former that is grown primarily for its beautiful leaves and stems which are at first rich burgundy gradually maturing to a grey-green. The flowers are white, vanilla-scented and quite small but appear in nice clusters by the hundreds. This is a good clematis to grow in the perennial border up through other perennials or shrubs. Cut back after blooming for a new flush of burgundy foliage.


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