Hello Hellebore Lovers!

We have a limited supply of the elusive Helleborus ROSEMARY 'Walhero' and have it available now at the nursery. In my opinion ROSEMARY is the best hellebore introduction in the last five years and one of the most unique of all hellebores.

ROSEMARY has proven very difficult to tissue culture and, though we have offered it sporadically over the last few years, supplies are uncertain. Luckily we were able to get some and they arrived today! Woo hoo!

We are offering them in 11cm pots for 19.99. They are nice big plants and, if planted now, should put on a good show in the winter and spring.

Please note that since ROSEMARY is newly arrived it is only available at regular price. No sale offers apply.

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians



Helleborus ROSEMARY 'Walhero', also known as 'Walberton's Rosemary', is the result of a rare cross between the classic Lenten rose, H. x hybridus, and the Christmas rose, H. niger. The breeding work was done by David Tristram of Walberton Nursery in England, the same breeder who brought us Helleborus IVORY PRINCE. ROSEMARY is thought to be only the second case of this cross ever being accomplished since the two parent plants are not closely related.

For gardeners the important part of the story is the plant. ROSEMARY not only combines some of the best characteristics of each parent but also offers new traits unlike anything else in the hellebore world.

Flowers emerge a unique clear pink with white veins.
Click on the image to view it larger.

The overall appearance of ROSEMARY is more like a Lenten rose than a Christmas rose (especially the foliage) but, like the Christmas rose, the flowers are mostly outward-facing and look right at you with only a slight nod. The petals are pointed and slightly ruffled and offer an unusual pink and salmon colour that changes with age. Unlike the Lenten rose in which the boldest colours come first and then fade to green, ROSEMARY takes the trait of the Christmas rose which starts white and deepens to pink tones with age. ROSEMARY flowers open with a beautiful clear pink veined with white, a white glow at the centre and occasional dark pink spots. With time the flower colour deepens and takes on rich, glowing salmon tones. There is no other hellebore that offers this amazing colour. After months of bloom the flowers slowly become green.

As the flowers begin to age they develop unique salmon-pink tones.
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Not only is ROSEMARY noteworthy for the colour of its flowers but also for the quantity of flowers. Even young plants are incredibly floriferous but with time established plants can produce many times more flowers per plant than any other hellebore. The crowns become packed with pink and salmon. Since the plants are sterile they bloom for an extended period of time and will not produce seed with inferior progeny.
Mature plants produce incredible numbers of flower stems and flowers.
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ROSEMARY sets buds in December and January and, depending on the season, should open flowers in early February and bloom into April or May. ROSEMARY appears to have the trait of longevity from its parents and should grow and thrive in your garden for decades. Like all hellebores, ROSEMARY is also deer resistant and can be counted on to perform even in the presence of voracious herbivores.  
As flowers age they continue to deepen and develop rich salmon pink tones that glow like no other hellebore, especially with soft spring light shining through the petals.
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