Hello Hellebore Lovers!

The Hellebore Hurrah! Opening Weekend is coming up fast on February 27th-March 1st, 2015. Mark your calendars. In advance of one of our favourite times of the year we are offering you some shopping opportunities for some of the best and hottest hellebores available today. We have created four different hellebore pre-sales to allow you to secure the plants you know you need.

Our Winter Jewels and Spring Promise pre-sales allow you to book plants a la carte or book collections and save 10-19%.

Our ROSEMARY Pre-Sale allows you to order my favourite hellebore. She's in full bloom right now in my garden. There's no other hellebore that has the same amazing pink and salmon colours.

Then there's the Valentine's Day Pre-Sale to book 'Anna's Red' and 'Penny's Pink', two hot new hellebores that really are superlative plants with incredible depth of colour and mottled red and pink variegated leaves when the leaves are emerging. You can pick them up the week before Valentine's Day or at the Hellebore Hurrah!.

Pre-ordering is open now. Have a look below for details.

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians


Hellebore Pre-Sales for the Spring Garden

We are featuring a selection of the hottest and most exciting hellebores in four different pre-sales that you can give as Christmas presents to friends, family or yourself for the 2015 gardening season. Pick-up of these luscious plants will be in February.

Our popular pre-sales allow you to shop from the comfort of your own home and secure the hottest and most beautiful new plants for your garden. In some cases we are able to offer special savings. Pre-sales also help us at Phoenix Perennials to plan in advance and provide the right number of plants for our valued customers and fellow gardeners so that everyone receives all of the garden bliss that they desire

Have a look at the exciting plants below. Click on the links for more information and to order!


The Spring Promise series offers big, beautiful flowers with intense colours and unique forms on strong, vigorous plants. The new intro for 2015 is 'Lily', a real stunner with white flowers gorgeously detailed with raspberry-pink. The Spring Promise series offers a great range of colours in single and double forms. All plants are tissue cultured so you know exactly what you're getting, even if plants are not in flower. This series comes from the breeders of the Helleborus Gold Collection. Together, both collections are revolutionizing the world of hellebores. Order them a la carte or save when you order the full collection.

More Info and Order



The Winter Jewels Hellebores are the best available in North America. They come in double and single forms with bold, rich colours, large, symmetrical flowers and great vigour. They bloom from February through April. No garden is complete without hellebores and this special series is sure to add precious colour to your late winter and early spring garden. Order these starter plants now to save money and fill your garden with enchantment! You can order them a la carte or save even more when you order the collections.

More Info and Order



Helleborus ROSEMARY is the best hellebore introduction in the last five years and one of the most unique of all hellebores with incredible numbers of white-veined pink flowers that deepen to glowing salmon tones. Difficulty in production means that it remains very rare. We are pleased to be able to offer this exciting new hellebore once again. Pre-order now to secure your plants or give them as a gift for pick-up in 2015.

More Info and Order



Add passion to your garden for Valentine's Day! 'Anna's Red' is the best red hellebore in the world and 'Penny's Pink' is a stunning pink. Both plants have stunning foliage. These breakthrough cultivars bring the bold red and true pink colours achieved by the nodding Lenten roses to the stemmed group of hybrids previously limited to white, green & dusky pink. Order now to secure these beauties for your 2015 garden and pick them up just before Valentine's Day or at the Hellebore Hurrah!.

More Info and Order



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