Hello Hellebore Lovers!

The Hellebore Hurrah! Opening Weekend is coming up the weekend of February 26th-28th, 2016. We will have 110 different kinds of hellebores this year, the largest selection in our history! And I must say we have many beautiful plants in gorgeous flower too for you to ogle and gasp over. Gosh I love hellebores.

This email is the official launch of our Hellebore Hurrah! Catalogue 2016 with photos and descriptions of most of the hellebores we'll be offering plus an article about hellebores, how to care for them, and who is breeding these amazing plants. You can download it from the link below.

We have three ongoing Hellebore Pre-Sales leading up to the Hurrah! that you might want to take advantage of in order to secure some of the hottest and newest cultivars including the spectacular 'Mme Lemonnier' pictured below in our Next Generation Pre-Sale. (If you love Helleborus 'Rosemary' this one is a sister plant with glowing pink flowers - oh la la!) The Pre-Sales also offer *official* savings on the Winter Jewels collections but also, because of the plummeting value of the Canadian dollar and because a number of our plants are coming in from the US, we will have to raise some prices on pre-sale hellebores at the Hurrah! Until the Hurrah! starts though we will continue to honour the current price as part of the Pre-Sales. If you really want some of these plants, we suggest buying them in advance to get the lower price.

'Mme Lemonnier' is the result of a rare cross between the Lenten rose and the Christmas rose. It is a spectacular plant for the garden offering colours never before seen in hellebores.

Our Hellebore Containers To Die For Workshop is filling up quite fast so please register soon if you'd like to attend. Details are below.

Yours in Hellebores, Gary and the Phoenicians


Opening Notes: News, Tidbits and the Phoenix Calendar

The Phoenix Perennials Calendar
There's so much going on at the nursery all the time. Here's your resource to keep track.
Event Description
Feb 26-28th
The Hellebore Hurrah! - Celebrating Early Spring and All Things Hellebore!
Feb 27 Workshop: Hellebore Containers to Die For at The Hellebore Hurrah!


Opening Weekend 2016
The 12th Annual
Hellebore Hurrah!
Celebrating early spring and all things Hellebore

Friday-Sunday February 26th-28th, 2016


The Hellebore Hurrah! Catalogue 2016
110 Different Hellebores!

The Hellebore Hurrah! Catalogue includes information on hellebores and their cultivation, the breeders whose hellebores we'll be offering plus a catalogue of most of 110 different species and cultivars that will be available at the Hurrah! Enjoy, but beware! Hellebores are addictive!

The catalogue is in pdf format. Click on the link to open it. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it which you can download for free from the Adobe Site. Once opened you can save the catalogue to your computer or print it for detailed study and pre-shopping.


Hellebore Containers to Die For
Saturday Feb. 27th at the Hellebore Hurrah! at 1-3pm
Instructor: Kate Herring

More Info and Register

Three Hellebore Pre-Sales
for the New Gardening Season

Save 10-15% when you order a collection!

The Winter Jewels Hellebores are the best available in North America. They come in double and single forms with bold, rich colours, large, symmetrical flowers and great vigour. They bloom from February through April. No garden is complete without hellebores and this special series is sure to add precious colour to your late winter and early spring garden. Order these starter and blooming-size plants now to save money and fill your garden with enchantment! You can order them a la carte or save when you order the collections.

More Info and Order



The Spring Series Hellebores are a diverse group of tissue cultured cultivars offering a variety of double and single flowers in a wide range of colours, many with intriguing patterning and spotting. Because they are tissue cultured you know that every plant will look just like its photo even if you don't see it in bloom. Order now to secure your plants for 2016.

More Info and Order



The world of hellebores doesn't stand still and never ceases to amaze. New complex and rare hybrids are offering forms for the garden that hellebore enthusiasts only dreamed about just a few years ago. These hellebores from the Frostkiss Series and the Gold Collection are at the cutting edge of hellebores and destined to become garden classics. Order now to secure these beauties for your 2016 garden.

'Mme. Lemonnier' comes from the same rare cross as 'Rosemary'

'Pippa's Purple' and 'Molly's White'

'Penny's PInk'

More Info and Order



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