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It's hellebore season so in hot plants I have for you...hellebores!

'Anna's Red': The franken-hellebore -- The first is an amazing plant called 'Anna's Red'. Prior to its arrival on the scene in small quantities last year this hybrid group of hellebores -- the stemmed group involving the Christmas rose (H. niger), the Corsican hellebore (H. argutifolius) and the Majorcan hellebore (H. lividus) -- offered upright-facing flowers in shades of white, cream, green and pink. The boldest pinks were offered by cultivars like 'Pink Frost' and 'Pirouette'. I expected breeding to continue to develop deeper and deeper pinks.

To get a plant with close-to-red flowers you had to call on the other group of hellebores, the Lenten roses (H. x hybridus) in which some strains, such as Winter Thrillers Red Racer or Winter Jewels Ruby Wine offered deep, rich reds.

Then came 'Anna's Red' without any warning. I am still astounded that it exists. I had not expected such a breeding breakthrough for years. To me it's so surprising to get this depth of colour in the stemmed hybrid group that it's almost like 'Anna's Red' is a franken-hellebore. I mean that in the nicest possible way! 'Anna's Red' is fantastic. It's like a franken-fabulous-hellebore!

But that's not the end of the story. There is so much red pigment coursing through the veins of this cultivar that the mottled foliage emerges variegated with red. The new foliage is to die for. Though this red flush will fade with time it fades to minty green within a dark green leaf which is also beautiful.

We are currently offering 'Anna's Red' as a pre-sale item that you can purchase in advance to secure your plant(s). Details below.

Jewels of the Winter Garden: We are also offering a pre-sale on select members of single and double Winter Jewels strains. These are bred by Marietta O'Byrne in Oregon and are the best Lenten roses available in North America. Our Winter Jewels Pre-Sale is a special opportunity to fill your garden with colour and save money at the same time with three different hellebore collections. Supplies are limited so please order early. Details are below.

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians

PS. For a full hellebore experience, don't miss the Hellebore Hurrah! Opening Weekend now moved two weeks earlier to February 14-16.



The Most Passionate Hellebore for Valentine's Day: 'Anna's Red' Pre-Sale

Add passion to your garden for Valentine's Day! 'Anna's Red' is the best red hellebore in the world. This breakthrough cultivar brings the bold red colour only rarely achieved by the Lenten roses to the stemmed group of hybrids previously limited to white, green & pink.

These rich, velvety red flowers are stunning in the winter garden centred with their bright yellow stamens. The flowers positively glow when the sun shines through them. The flowers have a mostly upright and outward-facing habit sometimes with a slight nod and sit atop superlative foliage. As if the richness of colour of the flowers isn't enough, the leathery, boldly-mottled foliage emerges flushed with red variegation that later turns to silvery mint green! Yes. This is a red flowered and (in spring) red foliaged hellebore!

'Anna's Red' is a unique and superlative new hellebore cultivar that is bound to be a classic.

Whether 'Anna's Red' ends up as a Valentine's Day present for your loved one or for yourself your late winter and early spring garden will never be the same!

Our 'Anna's Red' hellebores are blooming plants in gallon pots for $24.99 plus tax. They include an optional cellophane wrapping with red ribbon for Valentine's Day. They can be picked up starting on Tuesday February 11th from 10am-5pm including at the Hellebore Hurrah! (Feb. 14-16) and after that any day seven days a week from 10am to 5pm.

More Information and Ordering



Winter Jewels Hellebore
Special Pre-Sale Offer

The Winter Jewels Hellebores are the best available in North America. They come in double and single forms with bold, rich colours, large, symmetrical flowers and great vigour. They bloom from February through April. No garden is complete without hellebores and this special series is sure to add precious colour to your late winter and early spring garden. Order these starter plants now to save money and fill your garden with enchantment!

As part of the special pre-sale we are offering three different collections: the Ultimate Collection includes all 12 of the hellebore strains we have available, the Single Collection includes all 9 single hellebore strains, and the Double Collection includes all 3 double hellebore strains. These are strong starter plants in 4.5" pots. Most will bloom for the first time in 2015 but some may bloom this year. The will be available for pick-up at the Hellebore Hurrah! February 14th-16th, 2014 or any day after that weekend.

Winter Jewels Ultimate Collection -- Get 9 different singles and 3 different doubles pictured below. Pre-Sale Price $149.88 + taxes. (Regular Price $185.88. Save 20% or $3 per plant.)

Winter Jewels Single Collection -- Get 9 different singles pictured below. Pre-Sale Price $116.91 + taxes. (Regular Price $134.91. Save 13% or $2 per plant).

Winter Jewels Double Collection -- Get 3 different doubles pictured below. Pre-Sale Price $44.97 + taxes. (Regular Price $50.97. Save 12% or $2 per plant.)

This offer is only available until February 13th, 2014 while supplies last and will not be offered at the Hellebore Hurrah! so order now!

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