Hello Cutting Edge Gardeners!

We have some hot plants coming to you this fall in the form of rare bulbs and sophisticated Cyps.

Currently we are offering these plants for ordering in advance via pre-sales. You can shop from the comfort of your own own home then have these plants shipped to you or you can pick them up from the nursery when they are ready.

It's never been easier to be a cutting edge gardener. Have a look!

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians

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Rare Bulbs Pre-Sale
Over 50 Incredible Bulbs for Canadian Gardeners

We are proud to offer an exciting selection of bulbs rarely available, if ever, to Canadian gardeners. From intriguing ornamental onions to Chilean blue crocus, wand flowers to dog-tooth violets, mariposa lilies to camas lilies, plus rare daffodils and iris, we have a selection to knock your socks off and turn your gardening friends green with envy! (We suppose you could tell them about us if you want to be a good gardening friend.)

Visit Phoenix Perennials Mail Order to see our full selection of over 50 rare bulbs. Both mail order and local customers should place their orders through our mail order system. Local customers should select the pick up option when checking out. Quantities are limited. Because this is the first year offering these fabulous yet esoteric bulbs we have not ordered large quantities. Please order early to secure your favourites.

Our selection of rare bulbs will ship (for mail order customers) or be ready for pick-up (for local gardeners) in late September. For mail order customers: if you combine bulbs and Cypripedium in the same order (which are not available until mid October) we will ship your bulbs and Cyps together in October. Please place separate orders if you want your bulbs to arrive as early as possible in the fall (Sept).

Please note: because we must pay our suppliers in advance, we will process payment of Cypripedium and Bulb orders at the time of ordering. Should something not be available at the time of shipping we will refund the money at that time.


Cypripedium Lady's Slippers Pre-Sale
21 Different Hardy Orchids for Canadian Gardens

These Cypripedium hybrids possess hybrid vigour -- they have inherited the best traits of both parents -- and are much easier to grow than species orchids, have big flowers in amazing colours, and clump up very quickly into amazing displays in the part shade garden. They bloom in late April and May offering an exquisite show in the garden. All are officially hardy to zone 4 while some are hardy to zone 3 and even zone 2! Even the zone 4 plants may be hardy in protected spots in zone 3 with mulch and good snow cover.

We are currently offering 21 different lady's slipper hybrids for shipping to our mail order customers and for pick-up at Phoenix by our local customers in mid October, 2015. All are top quality, blooming size and should flower in the spring. Here they are:

We will be providing them to you bare root. All you need to do is plant them directly into a well-drained location in part shade or morning sun. We'll provide you with detailed instructions when you receive your plants.

For mail order customers, October is the only time of year we ship Cypripedium lady's slipper orchids. Though we do offer them in growth in spring to our local customers, buying and planting them in fall ensures our local customers the widest possible selection and potentially greater and quicker success in establishment. They arrive bare root and super fresh. Planting them directly into the garden in fall is the best way to establish them even for local customers. Mulch with a pile of leaves after fall planting.

Please note: Because we must pay our suppliers in advance, we will process payment of Cypripedium and Bulb orders at the time of ordering. Should something not be available at the time of shipping we will refund the money at that time

Visit Phoenix Perennials Mail Order for full details. Mail order and local customers should both place your orders through our mail order system. When checking out local customers should select the pick-up option. Mail order customers should select their preferred shipping method. Local customers can combine your Cyp and rare bulb orders together in the same order. We will contact you in late Sept for bulb pick up and mid Oct for Cyp pick up. Mail order customers should place two separate orders for rare bulbs and cyps if you want plants shipped to you as soon as they are available. If you want to save a little money on shipping you can place a combined order and we will ship your bulbs with your Cyps as soon as your Cyps are ready to ship in mid October.



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