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Sometimes the interests of many come together to focus on one special thing. In this Alert we bring you plants to wow gardeners subscribed to the Hot Plant Alert, the Cool Woody Alert, and the Made in the Shade Alert. Drum roll please!

She took you by storm last year when she quickly sold out her pre-order. Now Hydrangea 'Miss Saori' is back in stock and Phoenix Perennials is proud to be among the first nurseries (if not the first nursery) in North America to bring the gardening public this amazing Chelsea Garden Show-winning plant. Have a look at her below. She's a beauty.

And because she's not the only cool hydrangea in town, we've also highlighted three other cultivars that we think are particularly special including the FRAGRANT Golden Crane and two lovely mountain hydrangea. All are in stock now.

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians

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Hydrangea 'Miss Saori'

'Miss Saori' is a superlative new hydrangea that won the coveted Plant of the Year Award at the 2014 Chelsea Garden Show. It is about to take the gardening world by storm! Phoenix Perennials is proud to be among the first nurseries (if not the very first nursery) in North America to offer this amazing garden plant to the gardening public in 2015. We offered it through a pre-order that quickly sold out with many gardeners who have had to wait until this year to get their hands on this gorgeous plant. Wait no longer. 'Miss Saori' is now in stock!

'Miss Saori' produces exquisite mopheads of double florets that are white with perfect, rose-pink picotee edges. The flowers are produced on both old and new wood from June until frost. That means that this zone 5 plant will bloom even if the wood gets knocked back to the ground.

'Miss Saori' grow to a reasonable 3'x3' making her perfect for gardens, small and large, as well as containers. The foliage emerges shiny burgundy-red in spring, turns to green as it matures, then back to burgundy-red in summer and fall.

Be among the first gardeners in North America to own this incredible beauty and brag to all your friends!


Friends of 'Miss Saori'

We have lots of other hydrangea in stock but here are three that we think are particularly special.

Hydrangea angustipetala Golden Crane - Hydrangea - Hydrangea 'Golden Crane' has large, fragrant lacecaps of white sterile florets around gold to chartreuse lacey reproductive florets. This cultivar is the earliest of hydrangea to bloom and smells sweetly of honey which will fill the entire garden. Narrow textured leaves complete the show on this handsome shrub. Introduced by Dan Hinkley from his collections from southern Sichuan, China.

Hydrangea serrata 'Kiyosumi' - Hydrangea - This delicate and beautiful mountain hydrangea has lacecap heads of white flowers with pink picotee edges. The foliage is distinctively burgundy with deep veins when young and also if grown in some sun in summer. Found on Mt. Kiyosumi in Japan. Hydrangea serrata is like H. macrophylla but smaller in stature, foliage, and flowers making it perfect for quieter situations and small spaces.

Hydrangea serrata 'O-amacha Nishiki' - Hydrangea - This hydrangea is great for flowers and foliage. The new growth emerges with pale yellow speckling that turns gold by late summer contrasting beautifully with the red stems and pink petioles. In summer 'O-amacha Nishiki' produces pale pink lace cap flowers that look spectacular against the foliage which develops red tints if planted in some sun.

Are you in love with them? We are. Wait until you see them in real life!


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