If you're looking for fabulous foliage and flowers, look no further than dahlias, especially the ones with burgundy leaves. But even if they have green leaves, the foliage is lush and beautiful and the flowers so intriguing and varied. Dahlias are easy to grow and rewarding in containers and in the garden. Below we highlight our current selection of dahlias.


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Dahlias Darling!

Dahlias are an old-fashioned garden plant that is experiencing a resurgence in interest in recent years. At Phoenix Perennials we've been carrying 15-20 different varieties of burgundy-leaved dahlias for many years and these have always been popular for their luscious foliage and their months of bold, colourful blooms. Now interest seems to be building in the green-leaved and large-flowered varieties that offer so many amazing colours and flower forms. We think dahlias are always a great idea. Use them in containers or in the garden for months of interest.

Dahlias are hardy to our winter temperatures but not to the winter wet. If you have a protected yard with well-draining raised beds and you can provide a thick winter mulch of fallen leaves, dahlias may be hardy for you outdoors. I had them hardy for about 5 years outdoors in my garden until armageddon winter of 2008-2009 killed them.

The safest method of overwintering dahlias is to lift them and store them in dry peat moss in a cool, frost free area or to grow them in pots that can be allowed to dry out and sit in a cool, frost free area over the winter. If you're not able to store them, dahlias are a relatively cheap annual considering they bloom for months on end and give you a ton of variety to choose from.

Get to know our selection of dahlias. They are all available now at the nursery.

The Bishop Series - Burgundy-leaved dahlias with rich, glossy, dissected foliage and medium-sized, jewel-tone flowers on plants to 2-3 feet tall. Blooms from June to fall. Great in containers or the mid border.
The Dark Angels Series - Burgundy-leaved dahlias with rich, lush foliage and small flowers in a wide range of colours on plants to 12-18 inches. Blooms from June to fall. Perfect for containers or the front of the border.
The Happy Single Series - Burgundy-leaved dahlias named after the lives of Romeo and Juliet with lush foliage and small to medium-sized flowers on plants to 1-2 feet tall. Blooms from June to fall. Great in containers or the garden.
More Dahlias (Because you always need more!) - We've expanded our range of medium and large-flowered dahlias. Most have green foliage but some like 'City of Alkmaar', 'City of Leiden', 'Fascination', and 'Karma Choc' have burgundy leaves. These plants bloom from summer into fall in a wide range of intriguing colours and shapes usually on plants to 2-3 feet tall or more. Best in large pots or the garden bed.

Darling, is it time for you to get some Dahlias in your garden?


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