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The world of horticulture is changing. Demographics are shifting. Property sizes are shrinking. The new generations are different than the our traditional customer base. They don't think about plants in the same way as their elders. Are they even interested? Can we get them interested? Is there a future for the horticultural industry and what will it look like?

What is clear is that business as usual won't cut it anymore. We are all in this together and need to all collectively "raise our game" to inspire a new generation of people who appreciate plants and the world of gardening.

The future figures prominently in the upcoming PPA Symposium in Vancouver. This major symposium moves around North America and was last in Vancouver 20 years ago. This year our industry in BC has the unique opportunity to benefit from the PPA symposium taking place in our own backyard without having to pay for flights and hotels. I hope you'll take advantage and join us!

Divining The Future at the PPA Symposium

Over three days of lectures numerous speakers and events will look to the future of our industry. Here are some of those talks:

The Future of Retail: Design Driven Gardening for the Next Generation | Flora Grubb, Flora Grubb Gardens, San Francisco, California | The world is quickly urbanizing, but we humans remain natural animals. Flora’s own garden is a tiny strip facing a four-lane divided road in San Francisco’s bustling Mission District; every flicker of green light through the front window brings solace from the unmuffled engine sounds outside. Growing things, caring for them, watching them change, seeing them support birds and bugs - these are the acts that make up our role in the en- vironment as cultivators. That role is tens, maybe hundreds of thousands, of years in the making. The result of caring for living things is, to our spe- cies, beauty. Numerous studies have shown that gardening brings people greater well-being. Flora would argue that gardening brings people back into equilibrium. The job at Flora Grubb Gardens is to coax young urban

The Changing Relevancy of Our Industry in Today’s Demographics | Brian Minter, Minter Gardens, Chilliwack, British Columbia | As the ‘Boomers’ begin to retire and downsize, their living spaces and the relevancy of plants in their lives are changing dramatically. Generation X is now in our stores looking for more unique products that are personalized to their lives. Generation Y, or the Millenials, are barely interested in what we have to offer and wouldn’t know quite what to do with a plant unless, perhaps, if it’s an edible. A whole new retail environment is unfolding be- fore our very eyes... with great opportunities if we can refocus our vision.

Rebranding Ourselves: Nurseries, Gardeners & Gardening | Sean Hogan, Cistus Nursery, Sauvie Island, Oregon | With quickening pace, ever-increasing reliance on electronic devices, and decreasing gardening space, we in horticulture face ever-increasing odds at hooking future generations of gardeners. In the last few years larger corpo- rate entities have jumped on the general plant-lust bandwagon of the nine- ties and early ‘oughts, collecting massive quantities of very special plants and watering them down to generics for big-box stores, often losing the stories and cultural requirements of these gems, leading to frustration on the part of the potential gardener, and separating them from the gardening world. Here thoughts on reconnecting the world of plants and gardening with our culture, stories, and history, and hopefully reigniting much greater interest. Sean will summarize possible plant trends and review a few of his favorites old and new as examples.

New and Exciting Perennials, Shrubs, Vines and Trees for North American Gardens | Dan Hinkley, Heronmedia, Indianola, Washington | Armed with images of his current garden, Windcliff, in Indianola, WA, his first garden, Heronswood, as well as from numerous botanical forays abroad, Hinkley will share a few of his favorite woody as well as herba- ceous plants that he feels deserves greater recognition by horticulturists of the Pacific Northwest as well as across North America.

The New Plant Forum | See what is new and rediscovered in the extensive world of perennials. Plants are presented on the screen by those who have discovered, developed, or marketed these special introductions. This is the cutting edge of perennials.

And much more...

For more information and registration please visit www.perennialplant.org. You can save money if you become a member! Please register soon as spaces are beginning to fill up and tours are close to selling out. Please let your colleagues know about this great event.

Cheers, Gary
Owner, Phoenix Perennials
Local Site Committee Chair, Perennial Plant Symposium Vancouver 2013
Canadian Director, Perennial Plant Association

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