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At Phoenix Perennials we love our hostas so we work hard to bring you the best of the cutting edge new plants every year. This year there are lots of exciting new cultivars with incredible variegation and leaf shapes from huge hostas right down to itty bitty minis. Have a look below for all of the great hostas that we are releasing for sale for the first time for this long weekend!

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New Hostas Available Now at the Nursery
The photos and descriptions below represent half of the new hostas available now. For the others you'll have to come down to check them out! But if you're really keen they include: 'Pandora's Box', 'Little Treasure', 'Pure Heart', 'Hudson Bay', 'Goodness Gracious', 'Beach Boy', 'Catherine', 'Autumn Frost' and 'First Frost'.!

Hosta 'Deja Blu' - An intriguing new hosta with blue-green leaves with a cream lightning bolt that dances between the centre of the leaf and the yellow margin. Light lavender flowers are produced on 18-20 inch scapes in early to midsummer. Fourteen inches high by 16 inches wide. A sport of 'Blue Boy'. Hosta 'Raspberry Sundae' - ‘Raspberry Sundae’ represents an exciting next step in the work to breed purple and red into hosta foliage. This lovely compact hosta has beautifully variegated leaves and striking deep burgundy petioles (leaf stems), leaf bases, and flower stalks. Flower colour is deep lavender purple in August.
Hosta 'Wheee!' - This distinctive hosta is unlike the vast majority of cultivars in this case sporting incredibly wavy leaf margins from leaf base to to leaf tip, even on young plants. 'Wheee!' is also variegated with cream margins and has lavender flowers in summer. Hosta 'White Feather' - This amazing hosta emerges with leaves ghostly white creating a striking spring display. As the leaves mature they warm a little into creamy yellow and then develop streaks of green amongst the white for a continuation of the unique foliage show. By summer the leaves go completely green. The show starts again the next spring! Lavender flowers.
Hosta 'Pure Heart' - This beautiful cultivar has the reverse variegation of 'Mighty Mouse' with small rounded leaves edged in blue green and centred with creamy yellow or creamy white. Lavender flowers in summer. Great for edging or in mass plantings. Miniature hostas are great in shady containers or troughs, at the front of the border or along pathways. Dangerous for collectors who will want to have many more than just one! Hosta 'Rainbow's End' - 'Rainbow's End' has one of the most unusual variegations seen in years. Dark green leaves are possessed of broad, gold, irregular stripes. The overall effect is a mound of shiny green feathered with gold.
Hosta 'Surfer Girl' - This all green miniature hosta has long, pointed leaves that are rippled like the waves of the ocean. Each leaf is only two inches long and one inch wide. Plants have a stoloniferous habit and will spread like H. venustum. Lavender flowers in summer. Great for edging or in mass plantings. Miniature hostas are great in shady containers or troughs, at the front of the border or along pathways. Dangerous for collectors who will want to have many more than just one! Hosta 'Ripple Effect' - This unique new hosta is a sport of the ever popular 'June'. It has long, narrow, wavy, gold leaves of thick substance with a narrow blue-green margin that occasionally jets towards the centre. In summer the foliage transitions to chartreuse with a green margin. Pale lavender flowers on chartreuse scapes.
Hosta 'Afterglow' - Impressive mounds of heart shaped leaves centred with blue green and edged in striking yellow that later changes to bright green. Pale lavender flowers on chartreuse scapes. Hosta 'Andrew' - A unique tricolour hosta forming a medium to large mound of upright leaves with great character: they are corrugated, puckered, folded and ruffled. The foliage is blue-green with showy, wide, feathery white centres and green jetting between the centre and the margin. The white colouring extends down the leaf petiole and up the flower scapes that carry pale lavender flowers in summer.
Hosta 'Lakeside Paisley Print' - This incredibly unique hosta has large ripple-edged green leaves of heavy substance with distinctive feathers of yellow to creamy white radiating up the petioles and into the leaves. Cream colour scapes hold lavender flowers in summer. Hosta 'Half and Half' - This bold tricolour hosta has blue green leaves with large white centres and between each of these colours jets of green. These three colours remain bold and distinct throughout the season. White scapes rise in summer with near white flowers.
Hosta 'Prairie Sky' - The bluest hosta amongst the progeny of breeder Hans Hansen's work with thick foliage of heavy substance and a slight upward cup to the leaves. The depth of blue holds well into the warm summer months. Light lavender flowers in summer. Hosta 'Neptune' - This intriguing hosta emerges with narrow, pointed, blue leaves with prominent rippled edges reminiscent of a raging sea. By summer the foliage changes to a blue green. Foliage is thick and of good substance and with an attractive arching habit that makes this hosta perfect for planting on ledges, slopes and in containers. Lavender flowers on arching scapes.
Hosta 'Rubies and Ruffles' - Showy red leaf petioles support mid-green leaves edged with a distinctive ruffle in creamy yellow aging to creamy white. Lavender flowers held aloft by red scapes in summer. Hosta 'Rare Breed' - This gorgeous tricolor hosta has centres of yellow aging to creaming white surrounded by light green and then dark green. Foliage is slightly cupped when mature. Lavender flowers in summer.
Hosta 'Seducer' -- This big bold hosta has broadly ovate bluish green foliage edged in gold. Where these two colours meet there is a thin white line that develops later in the season. Near white flowers in summer. Hosta 'Wishing Well' -- This big bold blue hosta is like 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd' with large, corrugated and puckered leaves that are strongly cupped upwards. These large tight clumps of leaves have a distinctive effect. The depth of blue holds well into the summer even when planted in bright conditions. Near white flowers in summer.


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