Hello Shady Characters and Woody Plant Lovers!

Fall is a beautiful time of year on the West Coast and we hope you are enjoying the sun and remaining warmth.

As gardens begin to take a turn towards fall and winter, it's a great time to think about spring and the future of your garden. Of course, many gardeners think about bulbs at this time of year. Our conventional spring bulbs are in and our rare bulbs will soon be arriving.

But don't forget about the other opportunities for fall planting. Fall is one of the best times of the year to plant trees, shrubs, vines, and a perennials.

In this issue we highlight some very beautiful and unusual Rhododendrons now in stock at the nursery. Have a look below at the growing possibilities from this amazing genus.


Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians

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Cool and Unusual Rhodos
Rare Colours and Great Foliage Extend the Beauty of the Genus

Rhododendrons are one of the claims to fame of West Coast gardens. Their lush, somewhat tropical foliage greatly contributes to our evergreen gardens. But it is their magnificent flowers in almost every shade of the rainbow that truly astounds every spring.

While the reds and pinks and whites are well-represented in our gardens, there are some other colours like yellows, oranges, apricots, purples, bicolours, and near-blues that are harder to come by.

At Phoenix Perennials, we think we need more of these colours in the mix. There are also some great new introductions with gorgeous red foliage like 'Cherries and Merlot', 'Wine and Roses', and 'Everred'.

Rhododendrons are hardy to zones 5 or 6, depending on the cultivar, though they will often need a protected microclimate in these colder zones. Try planting against the house or where other garden features will protect the plants from drying winter winds and heavy frosts. Some gardeners in zones 2-4 will grow their rhodos in pots and protect them in a slightly heated garage or shed for the winter. That many of the rhodos that we carry are more compact in nature is a boon for those experiencing this zonal denial but also for West Coast gardeners with small gardens.

We think of Rhodos as being shade plants, and indeed they do famously in shade and part shade. But Rhodos will also do well in part to relatively full sun. Don't put them in full sun from sun up to sun down. But they will do well in sunny positions especially if they have reasonable moisture at the roots.

Have a look at the photos below and marvel at the amazing colours. All of these rhodos are available now at Phoenix. They are not in bloom, of course, but our healthy, lush plants come with the promise of many years of astounding colour to come!

'Besse Howels' 'Blue Ox'
'Checkmate' 'Cherries and Merlot'
'Cherry Cheesecake' 'Edith Bosley'
'Everred' 'Fire Rim'
'Golden Torch' 'Holden'
'Kabarett' 'Honey Butter'
'Holden's Solar Flare' 'Ken Janeck'
'Lemon Dream' 'Melrose Flash'
'Nancy Evans' 'Sapporo'
'Sugar Puff' 'Wild Ginger'
'Wine and Roses' 'Yaku Princess'
R. augustinii R. rex

See you soon at Phoenix!


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