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In this Mail Order Alert we bring you the exciting world of Hydrangea with family members that can be grown all the way down to zone 4 plus the new 'Miss Saori', an exquisite, double floreted, white and pink mophead which will bloom in zone 5! And then we have the beautiful, quieter but equally special mountain hydrangeas. Have a look below and enjoy!

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Hydrangea 'Miss Saori'

'Miss Saori' is a superlative new hydrangea that won the coveted Plant of the Year Award at the 2014 Chelsea Garden Show. It is about to take the gardening world by storm! Phoenix Perennials is proud to be among the first nurseries (if not the very first nursery) in North America to offer this amazing garden plant to the gardening public in 2015. Now we are offering it across Canada in 2016 to our mail order customers.

'Miss Saori' produces exquisite mopheads of double florets that are white with perfect, rose-pink picotee edges. The flowers are produced on both old and new wood from June until frost. That means that this zone 5 plant will bloom even if the wood gets knocked back to the ground.

'Miss Saori' grow to a reasonable 3'x3' making her perfect for gardens, small and large, as well as containers. The foliage emerges shiny burgundy-red in spring, turns to green as it matures, then back to burgundy-red in summer and fall.

Be among the first gardeners in North America to own this incredible beauty and brag to all your friends!

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Hydrangea Friends of 'Miss Saori'

Certainly the large mopheads of the big leaf hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) are the most boisterous and beloved within the genus but there are also some other special members of the genus Hydrangea and the Hydrangea family. One of my favourites are the mountain hydrangea from Japan. Hydrangea serrata are very similar to H. macrophylla but generally smaller and daintier in stature, leaf size and flower size. They offer primiarly lacecap inflorescences though some mopheads exist. Whereas the flowers of big leaf hydrangea are like big colourful balloons in the garden, the flowers of the mountain hydrangea are like jewels for the shade garden.

We are really excited to offer 27 different rare Japanese cultivars of Hydrangea serrata this year, many of which could be making their North American debut! Have a close look at the detailing and colours within the flowers. They are exquisite. Some even have gold or variegated foliage.


There are also some other intriguing members of the hydrangea family well worth growing, some of them hardy to zone 4! Take a look.

Cardiandra alternifolia - Cardiandra - Cardiandra alternifolia is a rare, rhizomatous, deciduous subshrub in the Hydrangea family that has inflorescences with white fertile flowers surrounded by showy pink, marginal, sterile ones in summer. The flowers resemble those of lacecap hydrangeas. Native to alpine areas of Japan, this species has coarsely toothed foliage, grows up to 2.5 feet tall and wide, and is best in part shade. Zones 5-9

Carpenteria californica 'Elizabeth' - Tree Anemone - Carpenteria is a lonely species taxonomically, being the only member of its genus, and geographically, being found in the wild at only seven sites in Fresno and Madera counties in California. 'Elizabeth' grows up to six feet tall with flaky bark on older stems and masses of flowers. The large anemone-like flowers are pure white clustered with yellow stamens. The evergreen leaves are lance-shaped, glossy green above, blue-green to whitish and downy beneath. It is closely related to Philadelphus, the mock oranges. Plant in dry soils. Zones 8-9

Deinanthe bifida - Two-Lobed False Hydrangea - Deinanthe bifida is an unusual herbaceous Japanese hydrangea relative forms clumps of beautiful textured foliage that splits into two lobes at the tip of each leaf like the tongue of an overweight snake. In early summer intriguing white flowers emerge above the foliage. Slowly spreading rhizomes eventually form a mounded three foot wide clump. A wonderful addition to the shade garden. Zones 4-8

Deinanthe caerulea - False Hydrangea - From China comes this uncommon herbaceous hydrangea relative, Deinanthe caerulea, with intriguing purple-blue flowers held above clumps of beautifully textured foliage. Blooms in early to mid summer. Slowly spreading rhizomes eventually form a mounded three foot wide clump. A wonderful addition to the shade garden. Zone 4-8

Dichroa febrifuga - Blue Evergreen Hyrdrangea - This uncommon shrub has long, dark, semi-evergreen leaves that resemble the foliage of hydrangea with prominent veins and small serrations. At the terminal end of the branches clusters of white buds open to bright blue or pink hydrangea-like flowers in spring and summer. These are followed by metallic blue to purplish berries that last for months all winter long. Dichro febrifuga can die back in unusually cold winters but will usually resprout from the base, especially if it was mulched with fallen leaves. Zones 7-10

Your shade garden may never be the same...


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