Hello Woody Plant Lovers!

I should have included this in yesterday's Alert but I missed it. Apologies for sending you another email but we have some fast approaching woody plant-related workshops that I want to make sure you know about. In addition to our Wold of Maples workshop with Doug Justice we have Gardening 201 this weekend to fill in all your basic knowledge on woody plants and give you confidence in your garden. Later in May we have our dwarf conifer workshop so you can learn all about these amazing living sculptures.

We hope to see you soon at our woody workshops!

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians

Woody Workshops 2013

SPECIAL EVENT SERIES AT MAY MAPLE MANIA | The World of Maples | Instructor: Doug Justice, Associate Director, UBC Botanical Garden | Sat May 4th, 10-11:30am | FREE* (*$5 registration fee refundable at the workshop with a $5 coupon.) | The Japanese maples commonly available to the gardening community, while lovely, poorly represent the astounding diversity and breathtaking beauty of this most useful group of small trees. Doug is an expert on maples. At this workshop he will wax poetic about the beauty and diversity of Japanese and related maples and then get practical and talk about growing them in the garden and containers. More Info and Register Online!


NEW! DOWN TO EARTH SERIES | Gardening 201: Master the Basics of Shrubs, Trees and Vines for Lifelong Gardening Success | Instructor: Jo  | Sun May 5th, 1-3pm | $14 | If you’re a beginner who is keen to get gardening or an intermediate gardener who wants to fill in your knowledge about woody plants, this workshop is for you. We’ll cover all the basics to guarantee your success with woodies. We will present the best trees and shrubs for city gardens and patios, emphasize multi-season interest, and highlight the best plants for different times of year. We’ll also discuss the selection, planting and ongoing care of woody plants including pruning. With a combination of theory, demonstrations and hands on learning you’ll be well on your way to achieving the gardening success you’ve always dreamed of!  To learn about perennial basics don’t miss Gardening 101. More Info and Register Online!

CONTAINER SERIES | Evergreen Sculptures: Year-Round Interest with Dwarf Conifers in the Garden and Containers | Instructor: Lisa O’Donnell | Sun May 19th, 1-3pm | $14 | Hold court with our Conifer Queen and learn about the incredible world of dwarf conifers. Lisa will chat about the aesthetic and design uses of dwarf conifers and, through examples from her own garden, talk about integrating them into the perennial border and containers. You will learn how to use conifers as incredible year-round living sculptures. She will also highlight the best dwarf conifers for our region and talk about their care and maintenance. After the instruction participants will have the opportunity to plant up a container with dwarf conifers and companion plants.
Please bring your own large pot (minimum 12-14 inches in diametre) with enough space for at least 3 to 5 one gallon perennials. A large, black, seven gallon plastic pot can be provided at an additional cost of $7. The price of the workshop includes your potting mix but not the plants you use. More Info and Register Online!



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