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May Maple Mania is this weekend. We'll have a fantastic selection of maples -- over 50 different kinds of Japanese and other maples to beautify your garden and patio.

We also have a free Gardening 101 workshop on The World of Maples with Doug Justice from UBC Botanical Garden . Also coming up two weekends from now is our Gardening 101 workshop on the Basics of Shrubs and Small Trees which will also include some discussion of Japanese maples and other trees and shrubs for urban gardens.

See you soon at May Maple Mania!

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians

Pixie Grape

A dwarf grape with tons of fruit.


Special Event
May Maple Mania

Friday through Sunday May 1st to 3rd, 2015
Featuring an incredible selection of Japanese and other maples plus a free workshop with Doug Justice from UBC Botanical Garden on the World of Maples.


Here's a partial list of many of the maples we'll have this weekend:

Smaller Specimens Available

Acer palmatum Koyuki
Acer palmatum Shigitatsu sawa
Acer palmatum Akane
Acer palmatum Sunglow
Acer palmatum Olsen's Frosted Strawberry
Acer palmatum Kinshi
Acer palmatum Asahi zuru
Acer palmatum Karasugawa
Acer palmatum Red Filigree Lace
Acer palmatum Lemon Lime Lace Low

Larger Specimens Available

Acer campestre Carnival
Acer circinatum Pacific Fire
Acer davidii Serpentine
Acer palmatum Alpenweiss
Acer palmatum Amagi Shigure
Acer palmatum Amber Ghost
Acer palmatum Fairy Hair
Acer palmatum Fireball
Acer palmatum Geisha Gone Wild
Acer palmatum Groundcover
Acer palmatum Hubbs Red Willow
Acer palmatum Hupp's Dwarf
Acer palmatum Japanese Sunrise
Acer palmatum Kandy Kitchen
Acer palmatum Lima Gold
Acer palmatum Little Sango
Acer palmatum Mikawa Nishiki
Acer palmatum Mikawa Yatsubusa
Acer palmatum Mikazuki
Acer palmatum Octopus
Acer palmatum Olsen's Frosted Strawberry
Acer palmatum Peve Multicolor
Acer palmatum Phoenix
Acer palmatum Red Feathers
Acer palmatum Sango Kaku
Acer palmatum Shin hikasa
Acer palmatum Shirazz
Acer palmatum Twombly's Red Sentinel
Acer palmatum White Butterfly
Acer palmatum White Peaches
Acer palmatum Winter Flame
Acer pseudoplatanus Eskimo Sunset
Acer shirasawanum Aureum
Acer shirasawanum Autumn Moon
Acer shirasawanum Green Snowflake
Acer shirasawanum Jordan
Acer shirasawanum Moonrise
Acer sieboldianum Kumoi Nishiki
Acer x conspicuum Phoenix

And many more!


The World of Maples
Free Maple Workshop this Weekend with Doug Justice

GARDENING 101 SERIES | The World of Maples | Instructor: Doug Justice, Associate Director, UBC Botanical Garden | Sun May 3rd, 1-2pm | FREE* | The Japanese maples commonly available to the gardening community, while lovely, poorly represent the astounding diversity and breathtaking beauty of this most useful group of small trees. Doug is an expert on maples. At this workshop he will wax poetic about the beauty and diversity of Japanese and related maples and then get practical and talk about growing them in the garden and containers.
More Info and Register Online!
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to register for more than one Gardening 101 session at a time.
GARDENING 101 SERIES | Master the Basics of Shrubs and Small Trees for Beauty and Privacy | Instructor: Jo | Sun May 10th, 11am-12pm | FREE* | Shrubs, small trees and bamboo are integral parts of the garden. If you’re a beginner who is keen to get gardening or an intermediate gardener who wants to fill in your knowledge about these useful plants, this workshop is for you. We’ll cover all the basics to guarantee your success. We will present the best shrubs, small trees and bamboos for city gardens and patios, emphasize multi-season interest, and highlight the best plants for different times of year plus the best strategies for using these woody plants for privacy. We’ll also discuss their selection, planting and ongoing care. With a combination of theory, demonstrations and hands on learning you’ll be well on your way to achieving the gardening success you’ve always dreamed of!
Or use:
to register for more than one Gardening 101 session at a time.


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