Hello Small Space Gardeners!

We have just launched seven different Pre-Orders and we would like to draw your attention to how six of them are particularly relevant to small space gardeners.

First we'll tell you about the Pre-Orders:

The Great Citrus Pre-Order includes 36 different Citrus, five of which are hardy outdoors in coastal BC plus 3 cold tolerant avocado.

The Clematis Conundrum Pre-Order includes 136 different Clematis, 11 passion flowers, and 22 rare vines.

The Gourmet Potato and Mushroom Pre-Order brings you 10 delicious and uncommon potato varieties and 4 different kinds of mushrooms you can grow yourself from kits.

The BrazelBerry Pre-Order offers great options in dwarf berry bushes for small spaces including five blueberries, one raspberry and now the new dwarf, thornless blackberry 'Baby Cakes'.

The Mighty Mato, 'Ketchup 'n' Fries' and Mighty Veggie Pre-Order includes two hot new items: a tomato that produces fruit in just 42 days and the reveal of THE top secret tomato that everyone has been raving about that forms the upper half of 'Ketchup 'n' Fries': 'Sweet Aperitif'. This is the sweetest cherry tomato you'll ever taste!

The Grow Your Own Tea Pre-Order has four different kinds of hardy tea camellia so you can grow, harvest and drink your very own tea right from your garden or patio!

Small Space Advice
Now that you've been introduced to the Pre-Orders, scroll down to each one and look for this Small Space Advice box to learn about how these plants can work for you in small gardens, on patios, and on balconies!

Give the Gift of Plants: You can also give all of these edibles as gifts. For each pre-order we have created an attractive downloadable certificate to give to that lucky gardener in your life. They can use the certificate to pick up their plants in the spring.

Have a look below and peruse our pre-orders. Enjoy!

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians

10% Off Holiday Gift Certificates

Buy one for gardening friends or family or buy one for yourself for future gardening bliss! Available for mail order or in-nursery.

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The Fourth Annual
Phoenix Perennials
Garden Photo Contest

$500 in Prizes!!!

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The Great Citrus Pre-Order
("Hardy 'Owari' Satsuma and Friends")

Grow your own citrus outside in coastal BC plus grow an even wider selection with a little winter protection.

Last year our 'Owari' Satsuma Pre-Order was a resounding success. There are now many plants settled into BC gardens about to spend their first winter. Once they have a year or two of maturity, it will be at this time of year that proud gardeners are harvesting their own satsuma mandarin oranges at this time of year.

The ‘Owari’ satsuma is just one of a number of hardy citrus that can be grown outdoors in coastal BC. There is the Citrumelo hardy grapefruit, the 'Nagami' kumquat and, highly sought after for culinary pursuits, the Yuzu and Suchachi ichandrins which are hardy to zone 7!

We also have on offer another 31 different Citrus and 3 cold tolerant avocados if you have a place where you can keep them above freezing (zone 9 plants) and above about 5-8 degrees Celsius (zone 10 plants) in a greenhouse, sunroom, or inside the house. The plants from this pre-order will be available for pick-up in mid May.

Small Space Advice
Now I wouldn't recommend someone living in a condo or townhome to start stocking up on lots of citrus as they do take up some space. BUT the five different types that are hardy outdoors in coastal BC would be perfect for your outdoor garden areas or to grow in pots on your patio or balcony. The 'Owari' satsuma, yuzu, sudachi, citrumello, and 'Nagami' kumquat all have gorgeously fragrant flowers followed by delicious fruit you can harvest yourself and eat fresh or use in cooking. Plus they all have lush, evergreen foliage that will beautify your space and give you privacy. And maybe you might want a Meyer lemon too. It can spend the spring, summer and fall outdoors before you bring it in for the winter. Everyone needs a Meyer lemon. ;-)

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The Clematis Conundrum
2017 Pre-Order

No garden or patio is complete without the Queen of the Vines. But how do you select between the best cultivars? How do you find the one clematis you've been looking for for years? Or maybe you want to discover a cultivar you never knew you needed until now! It can be a real CONUNDRUM!

Small Space Advice
What do cities do when they run out of space? They build vertical. Have a look at the Vancouver skyline! What can gardeners do when you've only got a small space? Go vertical! Clematis and vines are awesome for small spaces because they grow up, not out. All you need is a trellis, railing, drain spout, post, or other feature for them to climb up. Not only that but you can plant multiple vines in the same pot. At my house I have two large pots with five clematis in each one. Some bloom together while others bloom at different times putting on an amazing show from spring through summer. Plus vines are great for creating privacy. You can use them strategically to block neighbours' views of your space and create your own oasis from that concrete jungle of giant condo towers all around you.

We have a huge selection of the best and most unique Clematis, passionflowers, and rare vines available through our Clematis Conundrum Pre-Order for pick-up at the nursery in late April 2017! Now you can find that perfect clematis (or vine) all in one place and with ease!

You can also give these vines as Christmas gifts. We've prepared an attractive form for you to download and give to that lucky gardener in your life!

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Gourmet Potatoes and Mushrooms Pre-Order

We are pleased to bring you two new exciting developments in home-grown edibles: gourmet potatoes and gourmet mushrooms. With this pre-order you can explore your different culinary options and choose the most exciting edibles for your 2017 gardening and cooking pleasure.

Small Space Advice
Most of the potatoes listed below will do really well in containers. All you need is full to part sun and a big pot. I say big because the bigger your pot the larger and more plentiful will be your potatoes. That being said, you could plant a seed potato in a small 2g pot and still get a full meal of potatoes from it at the end of the season. The "Growing Instructions" link below gives great advice on container growing potatoes and if you follow our "More Info" link below you'll find full descriptions of the potatoes including how many seed potatoes to plant per pot.


Earth Apples Gourmet Seed Potatoes

EarthApples gourmet seed potatoes are the new, fun way to plant potatoes. We bring you 10 different colourful, versatile potato varieties and make them super-easy to grow. Each variety has different sizes, colours, textures, flavours, and different uses in the kitchen. Mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, potato salads, french fries, baked potatoes, hashbrown potatoes, scalloped potatoes: there's a perfect variety for all these delicious dishes. Plant EarthApples in a garden bed or in containers on your balcony or patio. They are easy to grow if you follow the simple instructions: Growing Instructions

Meet the EarthApples varieties:











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Champignons Maison Gourmet Mushrooms

The new "Chia Pet" for the Foodie Revolution

Champignons Maison Gourmet Mushrooms are kits for growing your own organic mushrooms at home in your kitchen. It's easy and all you need is a little counter space. All you do is soak your block of mushroom culture over night then place on your counter and mist 2-3 times per day. In about two weeks you'll have mushrooms sprouting right on your kitchen counter that you can harvest and cook much to the amazement of you, your family and your friends! It's a great, novel project to learn about and be amazed by fungus that ends in a delicious food to prepare in the kitchen.

Small Space Advice
Growing your own mushrooms is the perfect small space hobby. All you need is a little space indoors on a kitchen countertop with a little light. Follow the instructions then mist your mushroom culture multiple times a day and watch delicious gourmet mushrooms sprout before your eyes. You can't get much more small space than this!

Meet the mushroom varieties:


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Mighty Mato, 'Ketchup 'n' Fries' and Grafted Veggie Pre-Order

Welcome to our exciting grafted vegetable pre-order where you can pre-plan your 2017 edible bounty from the comfort of your own home with the most cutting edge edibles available. Pre-orders allow you to secure the exact plants you desire and allow us at Phoenix Perennials to make sure we have exactly what you want. If you're planning on growing these grafted veggies in 2017 please pre-order. Last year we had a number of people who missed out on some of the most popular varieties and said "we should have booked in advance."

Small Space Advice
Grafted veggies are perfect for small spaces. Each plant will provide 2-3 times more fruit per plant than one on its own roots. For instance, if you only have space for three tomato plants on your patio then get yourself three Mighty Matos and really amp up your edible production. You can also grow grafted melons, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplants. Or get even more efficient with your space and get tomatoes and potatoes out of the same plant with 'Ketchup 'n' Fries'.

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The Revolutionary, New "TomTato" is a hand-grafted plant that brings together tomatoes and potatoes, two close relatives, that together give us one of life's great pleasures: 'Ketchup 'n' Fries'. It produces the sweetest cherry tomatoes you've ever tasted by the hundreds. In 2016 an improved grafting method lead to much better crops of potatoes than in 2015 with a few pounds per plant.

'Ketchup 'n' Fries' Tomtato (Improved) -- Hundreds of delicious, super sweet cherry tomatoes on top and a few pounds of yummy potatoes just below the soil! This year an improved grafting process should ensure more reliable and larger crops of potatoes than in 2015. Tomatoes and potatoes are closely related. They are grafted by hand and grow happily together as the revolutionary 'Ketchup 'n' Fries'. Double your production of edibles from the same space. Great for veggie gardens, small spaces, and large containers. 1g pot, 24.99 + GST


Mighty Mato Grafted Tomatoes consist of desirable heirloom and cool modern varieties hand-grafted onto super strong tomato rootstock that confers greater disease resistance, greater cold tolerance, and greater vigour resulting in up to 2-3 times more tomatoes per plant than ungrafted plants! Heirloom tomatoes that are sometimes shy in their yields produce like never before. Cool modern varieties also produce extra large yields.

NEW! Mighty Mato ‘42 Days’ NEW! Mighty Mato ‘Sweet Aperitif’
Mighty Mato ‘Amish Paste’ Mighty Mato ‘Beefsteak’
Mighty Mato ‘Big Beef’ Mighty Mato ‘Big Zac’
Mighty Mato ‘Black Krim’ Mighty Mato ‘Brandywine’ (Sudduth’s)
Mighty Mato ‘Bumble Bee Purple’ Mighty Mato ‘Cherokee Purple’
Mighty Mato ‘Early Girl’ Mighty Mato ‘Mortgage Lifter’ (Estler’s)
Mighty Mato ‘Pineapple’ Mighty Mato 'San Marzano' (Redorta)
Mighty Mato ‘Stupice’ Mighty Mato ‘Sun Sugar’
Mighty Mato ‘Sweet Million’


Mighty Melons and Mighty Veggies consist of desirable heirloom and cool modern varieties that are grafted onto super strong rootstock that, like the Mighty Matos, confers greater disease resistance, greater cold tolerance, and greater vigour resulting in extra large crops of fruit and vegetables. The grafting can make a particularly positive difference in our cool summer climates with melons, peppers and eggplants that all require hot seasons to produce good crops.

Mighty Melons 'Ambrosia' Cantaloupe Mighty Melons 'Swan Lake' Honeydew
Mighty Melons 'Sugar Baby' Watermelon Mighty Veggies 'Coolcumber' (Khassib) Cucumber
Mighty Veggies 'Gigabite' Cucumber Mighty Veggies 'Epic' (Dusky) Eggplant
Mighty Veggies 'Anaheim' Pepper Mighty Veggies 'Golden Bell' Pepper
Mighty Veggies 'Jalapeno' Pepper Mighty Veggies 'Orange Bell' Pepper
Mighty Veggies 'Red Bell' (King Arthur) Pepper

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Brazelberry Pre-Order

Brazelberries are one of the hottest edible items for gardens and patios. They are dwarf berry bushes (five blueberries, one raspberry, and the new dwarf, thornless blackberry 'Baby Cakes') that can be grown in pots on your patio or in the garden. They are attractive plants that produce tons of fruit. What could be better than fresh blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries right from your own garden on beautiful plants that make your garden look great year-round? Pre-order now for pick-up in mid April (exact date yet to be determined). We will email you closer to the pick-up date to let you know exactly when you can get your hands on your new berry bushes!

Small Space Advice
The BrazelBerries berry bushes are made for small space gardeners. These dwarf berry bushes love to grow in pots (or the garden), they have been bred to be extra ornamental in habit and foliage, the raspberry and blackberry offerings are thornless, and they all produce lots of fruit to keep you healthy and happy. BrazelBerries are beautiful and delicious and they come in a great small package for small spaces.


NEW! Rubus 'Baby Cakes' -- Blackberry -- 'Baby Cakes' is a dwarf, thornless blackberry producing large, delicious berries in midsummer and, in cool summer regions like the west coast, again in fall. Plants have a rounded growth habit reaching 3-4 feet tall and wide. They will grow perfectly in a large container or are the right scale for planting in small space gardens. Plants ripen fruit gradually over a long period with both ripe black and unripe red fruits on the plant at the same time creating an ornamental display. Pure white flowers are borne in spring.

You can also order six other BrazelBerries:

'Peach Sorbet'
'Jelly Bean'
'Blueberry Glaze'
'Pink Icing'
'Raspberry Shortcake'

More Info



Grow Your Own Tea Pre-Order

Camellia sinensis is an evergreen, broadleaf shrub famous as the source of all types of tea including black, green, oolong and other styles. Tea camellia is hardy to at least zone 7 (maybe 6) and grows well outdoors year-round in coastal BC. Grow a single plant or grow a hedge then harvest and cure the leaves to make your own delicious teas!

Small Space Advice
Tea is hardy in coastal BC. Yep! You heard that right. You can grow your own tea leaves and drink your own tea from them. Not only that but they are also valuable for small spaces. If you've seen pictures of tea plantations you know that tea plants can be clipped to keep them to any size and shape you want. Keep them as a low hedge as an alernative to boxwood. Keep them as a round ball to accent your patio. Or shear them into a duck or a giraffe. You can also let them grow to four, five, six feet tall or more to create an edible privacy screen.

Learn More About Growing Your Own Tea

Here are the different varieties of tea we have available:

Camellia sinensis Sochi Tea Seedling - Tea - This hardy tea plant (Camellia sinensis) is from the area around Sochi, Russia where they produce the most northerly tea in the world. Tea from these plants is very aromatic and flavourful. he plant has bright green, dense, ornamental foliage. The flowers are white to creamy white. Zone 7. Camellia sinensis Korean Tea Seedling - Tea - This hardy tea plant (Camellia sinensis) is from the area the Boseong region of Korea, famous for its annual Green Tea Festival each September. This selection is hardy and productive with good flavour. The plant has bright green, dense, ornamental foliage. The flowers are white to creamy white. Zone 7.
Camellia sinensis 'Tea Breeze' - Tea - 'Tea Breeze' is a selection of tea from the Kunming Botanical Garden. It is a hardy ornamental shrub or small tree with dense, glossy, dark-green leaves used for making tea. Single, white, fragrant, nodding flowers bloom from September-November. Leaves and roots are used in traditional Chinese medicine. Zone 6. Camellia sinensis 'Blushing Maiden' - Tea - This hardier selection of 'Rosea' is similar to 'Tea Breeze' but with pink flowers. It is a hardy ornamental shrub or small tree with dense, glossy, dark-green leaves used for making tea. Single, pink, fragrant, nodding flowers bloom from September-November. Leaves and roots are used in traditional Chinese medicine. Zone 6.

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