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E-Newsletter: December 2010

The Phoenix Perennials E-Newsletter
December 2010

Hello from Phoenix Perennials!

Well, they said it was going to be a cold winter and so far Mother Nature has been behaving as predicted! Brrr. Was that -10 degrees Celsius or did I just imagine it? Unfortunately, my garden didn't imagine it. It went from verdant to frozen solid to brown and mushy in the space of a couple days. And now with all the rain we've been having it's gone from mushy to extra mushy. Ah. Gardening in coastal BC! Despite the rollercoaster weather I wouldn't want to do it anywhere else!

Well, on to happier things. In this e-newsletter we'll revisit 2010, we'll chat about your Christmas gift-giving, and we'll look forward to 2011. In the Year End Round-Up I'll take you back through this past year at the nursery and chat about all of the fun stuff that's gone on. For the present we have our Gift Certificates perfect for Christmas gift-giving for that gardener in your life or perfect for your loved ones to give to you (there's no shame in dropping a few hints)! For the future we have our first Sneak Peak into the 2011 season highlighting new plants for a very exciting new year.

GARY ON THE RADIO -- Shiny Plants: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Sparkling Variegated Foliage - A Boxing Day chat between Phoenix Perennials owner Gary Lewis and Gardening 101 host Jeff Dejong. If you've had enough togetherness with friends and loved ones by the time Boxing Day comes around and you need to think about other things, tune in to C-FAX AM1070 on the dial or listen online at, Sunday, December 26th, 10am for a lively discussion about great foliage plants.

Happy Holidays!

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians

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Recent Updates: My first video: a Succulent Garden in Veterans Park in Osoyoos, BC
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In this Issue

1. Christmas Gift Certificates
2. The Year End Round-Up 2010
Sneak Peak #1 into the 2011 Season


Christmas Gift Certificates
Be a Hero this Holiday Season to the Gardener in your Life!

Our popular gift certificates are great for stocking stuffers or for under the tree. If you've got an avid gardener in your life this is the perfect gift to get them dreaming about spring and next year's garden. Available in any amount.

If you're the most deserving gardener you know, send this e-newsletter to your loved ones. Or you can also buy yourself a gift certificate! We are happy to say that it is from anyone you like: Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Santa, the Elves, Jack Frost, Brad Pitt! You give us the name and we'll make it from them!

Gift Certificate
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Happy Holidays!



The Year End Round-Up 2010
Thank you for a Great Seventh Season!

I would like to thank all of you, our customers, for making our seventh season at Phoenix Perennials another great success. The nursery has continued to grow in leaps and bounds and we feel challenged to try to get better and better as each year passes. As you'll soon see we had a really busy year! We are proud to be well-regarded for the quality and selection of our plants, for our special events, workshops, and charity involvement, and for our friendly old-fashioned style of customer service.

We couldn't be what we are today without your support, encouragement, and enthusiasm. We are pleased to be a destination nursery within Greater Vancouver and gratified to have a growing number of customers who visit us from Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, Interior BC, Alberta, and Washington State.

Our Plants
This year we offered over 4000 different species and cultivars of perennials and other garden plants. We believe this is one of the largest selections of perennials in Canada and even in North America. Much of what we offer at the nursery we grow ourselves from seed, cuttings, division and from plant material sourced from Europe, the US, Canada, India, Japan, Chile and South Africa. We have also continued to develop our relationships with select growers in BC, Washington, and Oregon to help bring you an unparalleled selection of garden plants.

We were pleased to be the first or among the first nurseries in Canada -- and even in North America and the World -- to offer many new plants in 2010 including the following:

Helleborus x ericsmithii 'Winter Sunshine'
Helleborus 'Swirlin' Skirts'
Helleborus 'Painted Bunting'
Helleborus 'Phoebe'
Helleborus 'Phoenix'
Helleborus 'Pink Tea Cup'
Helleborus 'Raspberry Mousse'
Helleborus 'Winter Wren'
Helleborus x nigercors 'HGC Green Corsican'
Helleborus x ericsmithii 'HGC Silvermoon'
Helleborus 'Raspberry Mousse'
Helleborus niger 'HGC Josef Lemper'
Helleborus niger 'HGC Jacob'
Helleborus x sternii 'Silver Dollar'
Helleborus niger 'Double Fantasy'
Acanthus mollis 'Whitewater'
Agastache 'Summer Fiesta'
Agastache 'Summer Love'
Ajuga reptans 'Blueberry Muffin'
Echinacea 'Heavenly Dream'
Echinacea 'Maui Sunshine'
Echinacea 'Tangerine Dream'
Echinacea 'Gum Drop'
Echinacea 'Hot Papaya'
Echinacea 'Hot Summer'
Echinacea 'Daydream'
Echinacea 'Amazing Dream'
Eucomis 'Freckles'
Heuchera 'Autumn Leaves'
Heuchera 'Berry Smoothie'
Heuchera 'Electra'
Heuchera 'Electric Lime'
Heuchera 'Havana'
Heuchera 'Fire Chief'
Heuchera 'Lipstick'
Heuchera 'Midas Touch'
Heuchera 'Midnight Bayou'
Heucherella 'Brass Lantern'
Heuchera 'Mint Julep'
Heuchera 'Mysteria'
Heucherella 'Golden Zebra'
Heuchera 'Shanghai'
Heuchera 'Ginger Peach'
Heuchera 'Milan'
Heuchera 'Plum Royale'
Heucherella 'Gunsmoke'
Heucherella 'Solar Power'
Heucherella 'Sweet Tea'
Heucherella 'Tapestry'
Hosta 'Dancing Queen'
Hosta 'Rainforest Sunrise'
Hosta 'Flemish Sky'
Hosta 'Deja Blu'
Hosta 'Sum of All'
Hosta 'Parhelion'
Hosta 'Mighty Mouse'
Hosta 'Purple Heart'
Penstemon 'Blueberry Taffy'
Penstemon 'Strawberry Taffy'
Penstemon 'Grape Taffy'
Roscoea 'Cinnamon Stick'
Sedum 'Class Act'
Sedum 'Crystal Pink'
Sedum 'Maestro'
Sedum 'Crazy Ruffles'
Phlox paniculata 'Tiara'
Actaea (Cimicifuga)'Chocoholic'
Leucanthemum 'Banana Cream'
Penstemon digitalis 'Dark Towers'
Tradescantia 'Sunshine Charm'
Daphne odora 'Mae Jima'
Clematis alpina 'Stolwijk's Gold'
Penstemon grandiflorus 'War Axe'
Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow'
Pennisetum setaceum 'Fireworks'
Geranium 'Bob's Blunder'
Panicum virgatum 'RR1' Ruby Ribbons
Chasmanthium latifolium 'River Mist'
Euphorbia amygdaloides 'Ruby Glow'
Leonotis menthifolia 'Savannah Sunset'
Abutilon x hybridum 'Cascade Dawn'
Melianthus major 'Antonow's Blue'
Fuchsia magellanica 'Windcliff Flurry'
Hakonechloa Fubuki 'Briform'


Special Events

We held numerous special events at the nursery in 2010 including a few brand new ones!

Hellebore season kicked off in early February this year with preparations for the Olympics and plantings of Helleborus Vancouver Medallion (aka 'Candy Love') or as it came to be known "the Olympic Hellebore." This beautiful hellebore was planted in city parks and home gardens to celebrate two weeks of sport, arts and fantastic energy in the city.

To see more images of the mass planting of Vancouver Medallion at Prospect Point and around Vancouver click this link to visit our Facebook Page. You don't have to be a member to view the photo album.

Mass planting of hundreds of Helleborus Vancouver Medallion at Prospect Point in Stanley Park, February 2010.

The Hellebore Hurrah!
The Hellebore Hurrah! kicked off the season with a bang as usual. I was worried though. With our incredibly warm winter weather the hellebores were at peak at the end of January -- we could have had the Hurrah! a whole month earlier! To make matters worse we had already moved the Hurrah! a week later than usual so as not to conflict with the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics. There might have been an international incident if the stadium was empty for the ceremony while everyone was shopping for hellebores!. Luckily, the hellebores held on and were in great bloom for the weekend!

We were very proud to offer what we believe to be the largest and most exciting selection of hellebores ever offered in Canada (and among the largest in the world) including plants from the great breeding programs of Heronswood Nursery, Pine Knot Farm, Marietta O'Byrne, Mother Nature, and many others. This year we offered 90 different species, cultivars, and strains of hellebores. Between 600 and 800 people visited us over the three days of the Hurrah! - including gardeners from Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, the Okanagan, and Washington - and took home lots of hellebores.

Hellebore flowers from Gary's garden floating in a bowl.

The Phoenicians in a sea of hellebores ready for the Hurrah!

To see more images of hellebores click this link to visit our Facebook Page.
You don't have to be a member to view the photo album.

As with 2009 the first plants to draw attention were from Marietta O'Byrne's breeding program. Her plants are so robust and the flowers so large and so richly coloured and beautifully detailed that no one could resist their allure. In particular people loved her Onyx Odyssey (double purple-black) and Peppermint Ice (double mid pink) strains as well as her single yellow Golden Sunrise/Mellow Yellow with huge butter yellow flowers. Also popular were the Mardi Gras Series both doubles and singles, H. x ericsmithii ‘Winter Moonbeam', and the new Olympic hellebore Vancouver Medallion. Actually, if it was blooming it was popular!

They look relaxed and congenial but as soon as that chain comes down it's every gardener for themselves!
Helleborus 'Pirouette'
When they're in full bloom I just want them all for myself.
The greenhouse filled with people and hellebores!
Helleborus Berry Swirl Strain
Cancel the Hurrah! Gary's taking them all home.
Shelley about to give the free Hellebore Workshop.
Eager students of Hellebores.
Helleborus Onyx Odyssey Strain Hellebore flowers floating in our Gunnera bowl at the nursery.

The Great Easter Plant Hunt: An Easter "egg" hunt for gardeners

Almost 100 people came to our 2nd Annual Great Easter Plant Hunt. In all there were over $3500 in prizes and lots of chocolate to be had inside more than 500 coloured eggs hidden throughout the nursery.

The prizes included gift certificates, books, t-shirts, free plants, and discount coupons. The parents loved the prizes, the kids loved the chocolates.

One gentleman who came to the Hunt by himself noticed how good all the kids were at finding eggs and vowed that next year he's going to borrow some of the neighbourhood kids to help increase his haul of prizes!

To see more images of The Great Easter Plant Hunt
click this link to visit our Facebook Page.
You don't have to be a member to view the photo album.

The Clematis Conundrum...
In April we added the first of two new special events: the Clematis Conundrum. We featured over 100 different clematis and other vines including eight different kinds of Kivistik clematis, numerous selections from the Evison series, rare species, and lots of tried and true favourites. There were also lots of other useful and unusual vines. Belinda taught a free workshop called "Climbing to New Heights: Clematis and Other Vines for the Spring, Summer and Fall Garden".

May Maple Mania
In May we held our second new special event: May Maple Mania featuring an incredible selection of over 65 different Japanese and other maples. As we have gotten to know more about Japanese maples over the past few years we have realized that those cultivars commonly available to the gardening community, while lovely, poorly represent the astounding diversity and breathtaking beauty of this most useful group of small trees. In fact, there are few groups of plants in our region with such a limited selection relative to the possibilities that are out there. We decided to do something about it!

Many gardeners were intrigued and excited by this weekend. Though they didn't come in hordes like the Hellebore Hurrah! or the Great Easter Plant Hunt there was a steady stream of gardeners, many carrying their Vertrees maple books for reference. There are a lot of maple afficionados out there and it was great to see your excitement over our new special event!

(Above) I wanted that maple but she got to it first! I didn't think it would be good customer relations to wrestle it from her arms!

(Left) Happy Maple afficionados. This couple had been looking for this maple for years.

Free Lily for Moms on Mothers' Day

We continued our tradition of giving a free lily to mothers on Mothers' Day. This year it was a beautiful Mona Lisa Oriental Lily.

In order to get their free lily, each mom had to bring their children, their grandchildren or their furry children (or a picture of them) to show us that they're a mom.

There were lots of proud mothers showing off their kids on Mothers' Day Weekend!

Fathers' Day Free "Guy-lardia"

We created a new tradition for fathers on Fathers' Day: a free "guy-lardia" (Gaillardia or blanket flower).

This proud father had never been to the nursery before but his wife, who visits us all the time, dragged him to the nursery to get his free guy-lardia.

Here he is holding a picture of his three handsome sons.

The Summer Sizzle

Our hot summer event In mid July featured special displays of our Great Plant Combination Contest winners, a fabulous sale on perennials, and a series of free workshops put on by myself and the Phoenicians.

The Great Plant Combination Contest saw new winners and honourable mentions to our roster of talented gardeners reaching their peak of inspiration and gardening prowess in combining perennials.

Our first place winner was Hannah P. from Richmond (pictured above), second place was Brian B. from North Vancouver, third place was Dennis M. from Vancouver and two honourable mentions went to Carrie R. from Surrey and Tamara R. from North Vancouver. Congratulations!

We featured new workshops on Top Plant Performers, Cascading Perennials, Succulents, and Colour without Flowers. The Summer Sizzle workshops are a testing ground for new workshops. Watch for some of these subjects to pop into our regular line up in 2011. Thank you to Shelley and Belinda for teaching the workshops.


This year we offered 22 different exciting workshops - more than ever before and more than any other nursery we know. The varied topics included veggies, herbs, wine, miniature conifers, earth-friendly gardening techniques, growing plants from seed, attracting beneficial insects and birds, top plant performers for the west coast garden, miniature gardens, perennial hanging baskets, succulent wreaths (pictured at right), fragrant plants, ferns, container planting design (for both summer and winter), spring bulbs, grasses, fragrance in the garden, and shade garden design. Thank you to our instructors Diane, Shelley, Jo, Belinda, Lisa, Randy, Cliff and Felice for your enthusiasm, knowledge and sense of fun.

If you have any ideas for workshops for next year, let us know!

The In-Nursery Design Service
In 2010 our Phoenix Perennials designers, Shelley and Diane, worked collaboratively with many gardeners to help them create new beds and renovate old ones, all while staying true to the unique vision, style and goals of each gardener. The In-Nursery Design Service is great for gardeners that want to be hands on in their garden but who need a little help planning and designing their space.

Gary and Phoenix Perennials -- Out and About
Garden Group Talks -- I enjoyed a somewhat quieter year of garden group talks than other years. Thank you to the Gibsons Garden Club, the Mayne Island Garden Club, Milner Gardens, the Squamish Gardeners, the Langley Garden Club, and the Northwest Palm and Exotic Plant Society for having me to speak at their meetings. It was a pleasure to join you and talk about plants and gardening. If I haven't visited your garden club yet, or if you want to have me back, I'd love to have the opportunity in 2011. Send me an email for more information. It looks like it's going to be a busy year with 6 talks for 2011 already booked.

We also had fun hosting garden clubs at the nursery including the South Surrey Garden Club, the Water Garden Club of BC and the White Rock Garden Club. We offer free tours of the nursery and a show and tell style talk for garden clubs who visit us as a group. Please email us for more information.

We also hosted the plant sale of the Pacific Northwest Palm and Exotic Plant Society on the Saturday of the Victoria Day Long Weekend. Our shade house was filled with tonnes of irresistibly exotic plants brough in for sale by their members.

Perennial Plant Association -- In 2010 I completed my first year on the Board of the Perennial Plant Association (PPA) as the Canada Region Director. The PPA is a North America-wide industry group that works to promote herbaceous perennials. The association is best known by home gardeners for the Perennial Plant of the Year Program. To be selected for this honour a perennial must be hardy in diverse climate zones, be low maintenance, and have multiple seasons of interest. In 2010 the Plant of the Year was Baptisia australis or blue false indigo (pictured right). In 2011 it will be Amsonia hubrichtii or thread leaf blue star. Previous winners include Geranium 'Rozanne', Echinacea 'Magnus' and Helleborus x hybridus.
Among our many projects for the industry and for gardeners is a new program of Info Sheets for the home gardener. Watch for a diverse collection of these at the nursery next year.

Great Plant Picks -- I also serve on the Perennial and Bulb Selection Committee of Great Plant Picks which is an educational awards program committed to building a comprehensive palette of outstanding plants for BC and Pacific Northwest gardens. Awards are based on the combined expertise of over forty horticulturists from Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. Each year we award a new selection of plants GPP status. In 2010 we added perennial bulbs such as the ornamental onions Allium 'Purple Sensation' and A. 'Globemaster' and some Narcissus, five different blue stars including Amsonia hubrichtii (which coincidentally is the Perennial Plant of the Year for 2011 from the PPA - must be a good plant), a collections of maiden grass, Miscanthus, and three Russian sages or Perovskia, among others.

On the Radio -- This year I become a regular guest on the radio show Gardening 101 with Jeff Dejong on Victoria's C-FAX AM 1070. In all I was on air five times speaking to a listening audience of 30,000 people on Vancouver Island, not to mention the many people who tune in or listen online from Greater Vancouver, elsewhere in BC and beyond. Our topics were Hellebores, Perennials that Bloom all Summer, Keeping Cool in the Shade Garden, Cool and Exotic Plants for the Summer Garden, and Scary Plants. For most of these talks I prepared plant lists with photographs and descriptions so listeners could download the information, see what we were talking about, and have a resource for after the program. If you're interested in these topics you can download these from the main page or our website.

I'll be on Gardening 101 again on Boxing Day, December 26th at 10am. Tune in or listen online at for a lively discussion about Shiny Plants: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Sparkling Variegated Foliage. Thank you Jeff for having me on your show. I'm looking forward to our top secret program ideas for 2011! Gardening 101 airs every Sunday morning at 10am.

In Print -- In this year's Healthy Garden Guide produced by the BC Landscape Nursery Association and distributed free to gardeners at nurseries around BC I wrote the article on hot new plants. And I almost got to be the centrefold - I missed it by one page - my only chance in life, thus far, to be a centrefold. There's always next year as I'm on board to write a new version for 2011. Keep your fingers crossed and watch for the Healthy Garden Guide this upcoming spring for the low down on the hottest new plants around!

Thank you to Steve Whysall from the Vancouver Sun for writing a blog about us and our hellebores in February and also for the article that appeared in the newspaper in May entitled “New Uses for Perennial Favourites” about using perennials in unorthodox ways such as in hanging baskets, wreaths and other containers.

Photo Shoot for the Vancouver Sun Article.

On the Web -- This year our monthly e-newsletter continued as strong as ever filled with information about the nursery, our plants and gardening. Our website, including our searchable database, continues to be a great source of information about the nursery and our plants. Watch for improvements and additions in 2011.

Facebook -- As a companion to our e-newsletter and webpage we created a Facebook Fan Page this year. This page allows us to easily make images and information available to subscribers. I have been actively posting content to this page including information about sales (including last minute offers and rainy day sales exclusive to Facebook fans), events, workshops, and other goings on at the nursery. The page also allows discussion and chats between me and our customer subscribers which has been fun including segments where you can ask me advice.

But most exciting are the Photo Albums into which I posted over 220 photos this year. Our Wall Photos are a mix of hot new plants and fun things from the nursery. I have also created photo albums with pictures from our special events and from my trip to Spain and other albums in praise of different plant groups including spring bulbs, agastache, foxgloves, hellebores, and silk trees. AND, I just posted my first mini video to our fan page about a cool succulent garden in Osoyoos, BC. Watch for more exciting content in 2011.

You do not need to be a Facebook member to view our page. Click here to visit. In about 11 months we have gained 294 fans. Do you think we'll break 300 before the year is out? Hint! Hint! ;-)

Charity Shopping Weekends - $2700 Raised for Charity
Our tradition of giving back to the community continued in 2010 with the best Charity Shopping Weekend year ever. We held six Charity Shopping Weekends and supported 13 different charities and institutions in Greater Vancouver. These were the Wish Drop-In Centre Society, Dress for Success Vancouver, the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Vancouver/Lower Mainland Chapter), the Richmond Animal Protection Society, the Young Naturalists of BC, participating schools of the Richmond District School Board (McRoberts Secondary, Alfred Dixon Elementary, R.C. Talmey Elementary, James Thompson Elementary, Walter Lee Elementary, and Lord Byng Elementary), the CH.I.L.D. Foundation, and the Children's Foundation.

In total we raised over $2700 for these worthy charities. In the five years that we've been holding our Charity Shopping Weekends Phoenix Perennials has donated over $8800 to local charities and worthy institutions. We look forward to holding more Weekends in 2011. Watch for our call for applications in the January e-newsletter.

The Phoenicians
Once again I am so thankful for my great staff, the Phoenicians. Thanks to them - Kathleen, Natascha, Monica, Larry, Shelley, Diane, Belinda, Rika, Jo, Kim, Keenan, Diana, Patricia, and Maureen - for working hard, having fun, and making it all possible. A special thank you to Kathleen, our Retail Manager, who kept the retail side bopping along with scrumptious displays and happy customers and to Natascha, our Production Manager, who did a great job growing a huge and daunting selection of plants!

Thank you to our hard working and passionate intern, Bill, who spent three months with us on work study from his horticultural program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. The season would not have gone so smoothly without you!

Thank you to our Hours for Flowers volunteers who were a great help this year. We actually couldn't have done it without you. Thank you also to the Master Gardeners who spent many weekends with us through the spring gardening season.

Thank you to my partner, Randy, who manages without me for 6+ days a week 12-15 hours a day through the crazy spring season and somehow keeps our garden watered and thriving.

Thank you to our bees, the hardworkers who produced the Zero Mile honey which we had available for sale at the nursery this year. Zero Mile honey is an urban honey that comes from the bees at my house in the city.

This year we also had bees at the nursery. So in 2011 look for both Zero Mile Honey and Phoenix Perennials Honey. Both will be really different. But grab them while you can. With the cool spring we had our production won't be as high.

And once again thank you to you, our customers, for your kind and loyal support of Phoenix Perennials. May you and your families have a happy and healthy winter season. We look forward to seeing you again in the spring for another gardening season filled with great plants and great fun!

Cheers, Gary

P.S. The Hellebore Hurrah! Opening Weekend is just around the corner on February 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2011! Mark your calendars!



Sneak Peak #1 into the 2011 Season
Working hard to be your plant mecca!

Cypripedium Hybrids from Frosch® - Lady's Slipper Orchids - These high quality blooming size and near-blooming size hardy ground orchids make an exquisite statement in the shade and part shade garden. Despite their delicate and beguiling appearance these are strong and robust hybrids that are easy to grow in classic woodland or shade garden soils with evenly moist but well drained, rich soils. Plant them with your ferns, your hostas and your other shade plants. These hybrids come from Frosch® in Germany, an excellent and reputable specialist grower.

Plants will be available for purchase when we open in February and at the Hellebore Hurrah! We will have the following six varieties available all in blooming or near blooming size.

To learn more about growing lady's slipper orchids have a look at the Frosch growing instructions.
Cypripedium ventricosum 'Pastel' Frosch®
Cypripedium 'Gisela'
Cypripedium 'Dietrich'
Cypripedium 'Ulla Silkens'
Cypripedium 'Sabine Pastel' Frosch®
Cypripedium 'Victoria'


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