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Opening Weekend 2013
The Hellebore Hurrah!
Celebrating early spring and all things Hellebore

March 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 2013

Brace yourselves for one of the largest and most exciting selections of hellebores ever offered in North America!

This year we bring you an amazing selection of nearly 100 different species, cultivars and strains of Hellebores sourced from some of the best breeders in North America and around the world. There will be lots of new cultivars. We will also be offering free workshops on hellebores that will be announced in February. Mark your calendars! You won't want to miss this weekend!

The Hellebore Hurrah! Catalogue 2013

The Hellebore Hurrah! Catalogue includes information on hellebores and their cultivation, the breeders whose hellebores we'll be offering plus a catalogue of most of the nearly 100 different species and cultivars that will be available at the Hurrah! Enjoy, but beware! Hellebores are addictive!

The catalogue is in pdf format. Click on the link to open it. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it which you can download for free from the Adobe Site. Once opened you can save the catalogue to your computer or print it for detailed study and pre-shopping.


Free Hellebore Workshop
Hellebores in the Garden: Secrets of Success with the Lenten Rose
Instructor: Shelley Brignall (Fri and Sat at noon), Gary Lewis (Sun at 11am)

Take a tour of the various hellebores for the garden then learn about their soil, nutrient, light and water requirements, how to clean them up after the winter, how to dead head the flowers, take care of potential pests, how to divide and much more. The workshop will last for approximately one hour.
Friday and Saturday of the Hellebore Hurrah! at Noon
Sunday of the Hellebore Hur
rah! at 11am


Hellebore Photo Albums

Hellebores at the Hurrah! 2013
Check out the nearly 100 different hellebores that will be at the Hellebore Hurrah!
Hellebore Hurrah! Sneak Peek Before the March 1-3 Event
Get a sneak peak at our display area and our hellebore greenhouse filled with thousands of blooming hellebores.


YouTube Video
Hellebore Hurrah! 2013: Walkabout in the Hellebore Greenhouse

Take a guided tour into the Field House to view the hellebores all set up for this year's Hellebore Hurrah!

If the video does not appear below, click here to view it.


See you at the Hurrah!



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