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E-Newsletter: January 2010

The Phoenix Perennials E-Newsletter
January 2010

Hello from Phoenix Perennials!

Not that I want to jinx the lovely weather we've been having but boy is it different than last year! At this time last year my garden was still under snow which lay heavy on the ground hiding all the dead plants underneath. This year most of my hellebores are in bud and some are even in bloom! I have clematis starting to grow and the snowdrops and other spring bulbs are coming up with reckless abandon. Mother Nature sure has a sense of humour -- she's always keeping us guessing. Let's keep our fingers crossed that she doesn't get grumpy and send us a cold snap. If she does, covering your growing plants will help protect them. You can use garden cloches, upturned black nursery pots, plastic, or light fabrics such burlap or old sheets -- anything that will give overhead protection from the frost.

In this issue we announce our Hellebore Hurrah! Opening Weekend -- an event that some of our customers call their official start of the spring gardening season in Vancouver. We've moved the Hurrah! one week later than usual to avoid any conflicts with the last weekend of the Olympics. We didn't think it would be fair if no one was at the Closing Ceremonies because they were all shopping for hellebores! With the change to March 5th, 6th and 7th you can also be assured that traffic and travel to and around the Lower Mainland will be back to normal.

If you can't wait until March 5th for a hellebore fix we will be open weekdays through February for you to pick up your special Vancouver Medallion hellebores to celebrate the Big-Sporting-Event-Who-May-Not-Be-Named. Perhaps I should throw caution to the wind and risk the scrutiny of the the IOC copyright lawyers. It's a hellebore -- a great hellebore -- named to celebrate the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. See below for more details.

Also in this e-newsletter a call for applications for our Charity Shopping Weekend program and a second Sneak Peak into the 2010 season.

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians

Celebrate that Big Sporting Event that's Coming to Town and Cheer on Our Athletes with
Helleborus Vancouver Medallion

This beautiful hellebore has attractive evergreen foliage and begins to bloom in February with flowers opening creaming white then darkening through yellow with a pink blush to rich chocolate. If you squint your eyes the flowers almost look like gold, silver and bronze medals!

Special February Open Hours
Starting on Thursday February 4th we will be open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm for you to pick up your Vancouver Medallions. We will remain closed on the Weekends, however, until the Hellebore Hurrah! Opening Weekend.


In this Issue

1. The Hellebore Hurrah! Opening Weekend
2. Charity Shopping Weekends: Call for Applications
Sneak Peak #2 into the 2010 Season


Opening Weekend 2010
The Hellebore Hurrah!
Celebrating early spring and all things Hellebore

March 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2010

Brace yourselves for one of the largest and most exciting selections of hellebores ever offered in North America!

This year we bring you an unparalleled selection of different species, cultivars and strains of Hellebores sourced from some of the best breeders in North America and around the world. Mark your calendars! You won't want to miss this weekend!

Watch for a full hellebore list in the February E-Newsletter!

Until then here are some hellebores that we had in small quantities last year that will be available in much larger quantities this year.

Helleborus Jade Tiger Strain, Onyx Odyssey Strain, Berry Swirl Strain, Golden Lotus Strain, and Painted Doubles Strain - Lenten Rose - Here are five different strains we'll have this year from Marietta O'Byrne - Jade Tiger offers greens with burgundy picotees, Onyx Odyssey brings us rich deep purples and slates that approach near black, Berry Swirl offers rich mid to deep raspberry pinks, Golden Lotus has glowing yellow flowers, and Painted Doubles offer spectacular spotting on pure white petals. These (and many others) will be available at the Hellebore Hurrah! starting on March 5th, 2010!

Mark your calendars!


Charity Shopping Weekends 2010
Call for Applications

We are currently accepting applications from charitable organizations who would be interested in participating in our Charity Shopping Weekends program.

Charity Shopping Weekends are a way for Phoenix Perennials to give back to the community while helping to introduce gardeners to our nursery. Each month one charity will be selected to participate in a Weekend. During that Saturday and Sunday 25% of each purchase made by a customer who tells us they are there for that charity's Weekend will be donated to the charity. Since 2004 we have raised over $6000 for local charities. The charity that can benefit most from a Charity Shopping Weekend is one with a base of supporters that can be easily (and cheaply) contacted and mobilized. If you are involved with or know of a charity that is looking for fundraising opportunities, please forward this information to them and have them contact me if they are interested at or at 604-270-4133. I will then forward them an application form.

The participating charity will be announced each month in the E-Newsletter. If you would like to support that charity (or are looking for ways to justify your hortaholic tendencies), consider doing some shopping on the Charity Shopping Weekends.



Sneak Peak #2 into the 2010 Season
Working hard to be your plant mecca!

We have hundreds of new plants planned for 2010. Here is a sneak peak at just a few of the most exciting!

Buddliea davidii 'Asian Moon' - Butterfly Bush - While a new butterfly bush might initially alarm gardeners concerned with potentially invasive plants, the new light purple flowered Buddleia ‘Asian Moon’ from the University of Arkansas is sterile! Its inability to produce seeds means that this cultivar will not invade natural habitats. The fact that 'Asian Moon' can't complete its reproductive cycle also means that this great new cultivar will bloom over an extended flowering season.


Clockwise from top left: Anigozanthos 'Pink Joey', 'Bush Nugget' 'Bush Ranger'

Anigozanthos - Kangaroo Paws - These classic Western Australian plants offer an intriguing option for a unique planter or pot on your patio. Boldly coloured kangaroo paw-like flowers rise above the iris-like foliage for months. Hardy to zone 8-9, I would wager that these plants would not be that happy in our wet zone 8 winters. Still, only a little bit of protection might be required to grow these plants in the long term. Well worth it!


Aloe polyphylla - Spiral Aloe - Good news. It looks like we'll be able to import these again this year. We look forward to offering them in late spring/early summer. This stunning endangered aloe from the mountains of Lesotho (the mountain kingdom surrounded by South Africa) features light green leaves arranged in a spiral that becomes more and more pronounced as the plant matures. In its native habitat it experiences sharp drainage, winter frosts and snow, and cool summers with ample moisture. Plant on a slope in full to partial sun in very well-drained soil or in a pot. It is hardy in zones 7b to 9. Our plants are grown from tissue culture.


Bletilla striata 'Soryu' - Hardy Ground Orchid - 'Soryu' or 'Blue Dragon' is a beautiful and uncommon bluish-mauve form of the normally pink or white Bletilla striata. This hardy ground orchid is one of the easiest to grow and will form colonies with time in part shade or morning sun.


Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' - Spurge - This new cultivar of the unendingly useful spurges has sage green, gold and lime variegated foliage that is flushed with pink in cooler temperatures. The plant combination possibilities will be endless with this beautiful plant.


Heucherella 'Sweet Tea' - Foamy Bells - Huge cinnamon stars on big palmately cut leaves surrounded by the loveliest orange tea coloured borders. This new cross between Heuchera and Tiarella offers the most intensely coloured Heucherella ever.

Watch for our next Sneak Peak in the February e-newsletter.


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