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E-Newsletter: January 2011

The Phoenix Perennials E-Newsletter
January 2011

Hello from Phoenix Perennials!

It's January, the hellebores are pushing buds out of the ground and we at Phoenix Perennials are about to embark on Season 8. We vow to fill it with more passion, fun, excitement, flare, enlightenment, fulfillment and fantastic plants, workshops and gardening bliss than ever before. We hope you're eager to experience another year of horticultural adventure with us.

We start off this e-newsletter with a great beginning: a new baby boy born in December to our Production Manager, Natascha and her partner, Gord. Congratulations! See below for pictures of adorable Eden and his introduction to the rest of the Phoenicians.

Then have a look at our announcement of the 2011 Hellebore Hurrah! Opening Weekend. The Hellebore Hurrah! has become famous in Metro Vancouver, around the province and beyond (people came from Seattle last year!). Hundreds of gardeners will go home with thousands of hellebores in just one weekend! Hellebores = Hope and no garden is complete without this harbinger of spring.

Then find out more about "Gary's Favourite Books", our Charity Shopping Weekends for 2011 and some hot new plants in our second Sneak Peak into the 2011 season.

See you soon at the nursery!

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians

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In this Issue

1. Introducing our First Baby Phoenician!
2. The Hellebore Hurrah!
3. Gary's Favourite Books
4. Charity Shopping Weekends 2011: Call for Applications
5. Sneak Peak #2 into the 2011 Season


Introducing our First Baby Phoenician!
Eden Oscar Douglas Mathias

In December a bouncing baby boy -- our first baby Phoenician -- popped out of the cabbage patch. Eden Oscar Douglas Mathias was born on December 5th, 2010 to our Production Manager Natascha and her partner Gord. He was a little guy at a wee 5lb 15 ounces but he's been packing on the pounds ever since.

We recently had a baby shower to congratulate Natascha and to welcome Eden. Natascha reported that just the other day the only time he stopped crying was when she took him into the garden to plant bulbs! Eden received lots of presents at his shower to further his horticultural education. The book "The Hungry Caterpillar" will teach him about beneficial insects and respecting nature by allowing a few leaves to be eaten so you can have butterflies. His new book "Touch the Bunny in the Garden" and his new frog, elephant and moose stuffed animals will teach him about nature and wildlife in the garden. His new plush carrot with the rattle inside will teach him about veggies. And his new overalls will be perfect for getting down and dirty in Mommy's garden. In just a few short years I'll have weeding dandelions at the nursery and when he hits his teens I'll have him on payroll!

Looks like a smile!
Mother Natascha, Eden and Phoenix Owner Gary.
The Phoenicians welcome baby Eden to the fold!
Eden is very lucky to have so many Phoenician Aunties!



Opening Weekend 2011
The Hellebore Hurrah!
Celebrating early spring and all things Hellebore

February 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2011

Brace yourselves for one of the largest and most exciting selections of hellebores ever offered in North America!

This year we bring you an unparalleled selection of different species, cultivars and strains of Hellebores sourced from some of the best breeders in North America and around the world. There will be lots of new cultivars. We will also be offering free workshops on hellebores. Mark your calendars! You won't want to miss this weekend!

Watch for a full Hellebore Catalogue in the February E-Newsletter!

Until then here are some images of hellebores that will be available at the Hurrah! to tide you over.

Helleborus Berry Swirl Strain, Painted Doubles Strain and Onyx Odyssey Strain

Helleborus 'Raspberry Mousse'
Helleborus niger 'HGC Josef Lemper'
Helleborus 'Painted Bunting'
Helleborus 'Phoebe'
Helleborus 'Phoenix'
Helleborus 'Pink Tea Cup'
Helleborus 'Raspberry Mousse'
Helleborus 'Winter Wren'


Mark your calendars!

Hellebores = Hope
Spring is Coming Soon!



Intoducing a new and unique service from Phoenix Perennials: Gary's Favourite Books. Are you a bibliophile like me? Or do you need to find the perfect gift for a gardening friend? Or do you need information on a particular topic to further your gardening success?

I've created a one stop shopping site for gardening books in partnership with I've built special categories highlighting my favourite gardening and plant books. Read my descriptions to help you narrow down the perfect book for that special someone or for yourself. You can also search generally through all the gardening and plant books and even shop from the entire site. Over time I'll be adding more of my favourite books.

Each purchase you make through this site benefits Phoenix Perennials. Thank you for browsing and shopping! Browse & Shop Now!


Click Here to Browse 50+ of Gary's Favourite Books!



Charity Shopping Weekends 2011
Call for Applications

We are currently accepting applications from charitable organizations and institutions who would be interested in participating in our Charity Shopping Weekends program.

Charity Shopping Weekends are a way for Phoenix Perennials to give back to the community while helping to introduce gardeners to our nursery. Each month one charity will be selected to participate in a Weekend. During that Saturday and Sunday 25% of each purchase made by a customer who tells us they are there for that charity's Weekend will be donated to the charity. Since 2004 we have raised over $8800 for local charities.

The charity that can benefit most from a Charity Shopping Weekend is one with a base of supporters that can be easily (and cheaply) contacted and mobilized. If you are involved with or know of a charity that is looking for fundraising opportunities, please forward this information to them and have them contact me if they are interested at or at 604-270-4133. I will then forward them an application form.

The participating charity will be announced each month in the E-Newsletter. If you would like to support that charity (or are looking for ways to justify your hortaholic tendencies), consider doing some shopping on the Charity Shopping Weekends.



Sneak Peek #2 into the 2011 Season
Working hard to be your plant mecca!

Here are just a few of the hot new plants we have planned for you in 2011.

Dicentra spectabilis 'Valentine' - Bleeding Heart - This new cultivar of the classic cottage garden favourite has flowers that are so dark pink they border on true red! These heart-shaped flowers hang from arching stems over vigorous growth of deeply dark grey/green lobed foliage. Blooms for ages in the spring garden. May go dormant in summer if soils are dry.
Echinacea 'Secret Passion' - Coneflower - Bright, flamingo pink double cones and contrasting lighter pink ray florets. In addition, ‘Secret Passion’ blooms and blooms and blooms all summer and fall. It has a well branched, compact habit. You can use 'Secret Passion' en masse for the border, in a mixed bed, and as a cut flower. Part of the new Secret Series of mid-size double-flowered coneflowers.
Centaurea montana 'Black Sprite' - Perennial Bachelor Button - A new colour form of a classic old-time favourite. ‘Black Sprite’ has purple-black flowers in place of the regular royal blue. Try planting a clump of this regular blue form with ‘Black Sprite’ and the white-flowered ‘Amethyst in Snow’ for a trio of white, dark purple and blue. Nice. If plants get leggy, chop them hard to the ground and they will soon reflush.
Hosta 'White Feather' - Plantain Lily - This amazing hosta emerges with leaves ghostly white creating a striking spring display. As the leaves mature, streaks of green begin to appear amongst the white for a continuation of the unique foliage show. Lavender flowers.
Heuchera 'Cherry Cola' - Coral Bells - Front of the border charm with lovely red brown leaves and rusty cherry red flowers. 'Cherry Cola' performs all year round. Something fizzy for the garden. One of three in the Soda Series with 'Root Beer' and 'Ginger Ale'.
Erysimum 'Fragrant Star' - Wallflower - 'Fragrant Star' is a lovely, variegated sport of the popular variety ‘Fragrant Sunshine’. Bright yellow, sweetly-scented blooms arise from chocolate-purple buds from March to July and into fall. Useful in containers, rock gardens and perennial borders.This shrub-like perennial offers months of interest with its long bloom period and evergreen foliage. Sheer lightly when flowering slows or when flower stems become too long. For long-lived, compact specimens plant in hot, dry, sunny spots.
Vaccinium 'Pink Lemonade' - Pink Blueberry - Yep. It's a PINK blueberry. 'Pink Lemonade' offers four season interest. In spring the shrub sports pinkish-white showy bell-shaped flowers. The fruits are pale greenish at first, then dappled pink, and finally develop a deep pink colour indicating a ripened fruit. The leaves are smooth, glossy green, lanceolate, with serrated leaf margins. In fall, the leaves turn a bright orange fading to deep red. Wintertime twigs are dusky reddish-brown. Vigorous, reaching 4-5 feet in height and width.
Gardenia 'Summer Snow' - Hardy Gardenia - 'Summer Snow' is a hardy hybrid gardenia hand selected after 10 years of development and test studies. ‘Summer Snow’ has beautiful pure white double flowers that are sweetly fragrant. The foliage is evergreen, rich and glossy. Hardy to zone 6 with reportedly some of the best cold hardiness of the hardy gardenias.
Knautia macedonica 'Thunder and Lightning' - Crimson Scabious - Fully double, deep magenta, pincushion flowers float above light green leaves edged in creamy white. The unique, variegated foliage has a sturdy, compact and bushy form on plants that are half the height (or less) of the species. Blooms fom early summer to autumn. A dramatic addition to beds, borders and cutting gardens. Large enough for maximum impact in the garden, it is compact enough to be showy in containers. Drought tolerant and deer resistant. A good nectar source for beneficial insects.



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