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E-Newsletter: Mid July 2016

The Phoenix Perennials E-Newsletter

Mid July 2016

Celebrating our 13th Anniversary Season!

Hello Fellow Gardeners!

Happy summer! Now that we are hitting the peak of summer it's starting to feel like summer. Imagine that! But the ground is still moist and ready for planting. This is one of the best summers for planting in recent memory. We have tons of options and the nursery is gorgeous right now. Come see us!

To inspire you check out our radio podcast and catalogue on Top 10 Plants for Summer Colour! And while you're at it have some fun with Top 10 Plants for Kids and Husbands!

We are very excited to launch our pre-orders for Rare Bulbs and Cypripedium Hardy Lady's Slipper Orchids for fall pick-up or shipping. Please order early as quantities are limited across the board. Details are below. We have our largest selections ever of bulbs and lady's slippers - double to triple the selection we had last year - so it is an exciting year.

We have a new contest running through the summer to win a magnificent Japanese pruning ladder. It gleams, it glistens, it won't collapse under you! Check it out and enter!

Our spring workshop season is now complete and we are looking to the fall and winter with many exciting seminars and workshops. Until July 31st we are offering an early bird workshop registration discount of 10%. Make sure to use the codeword. Details at right and below.

Oh. And don't forget Fabulous at Phoenix highlighting some of the most exciting plants at the nursery right now.

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians



2 for 1
Mix & Match




Tomato Tastings
Just like a wine tasting we'll taste 15-20 different tomatoes in order and discuss!

You must use the code word: FALL2016.
Deadline: July 31st!


Have you been to visit us recently? The nursery is looking fantastic! It's time to get another visit in this summer to see all the colour. And the hummingbirds!
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In this Issue

Opening Notes: News, Tidbits and the Phoenix Calendar

1. Rare Bulb Pre-Order -- Be among the few Canadians to have these amazing bulbs in your garden. Pre-Order Now.
2. Cypripedium Hardy Lady's Slipper Orchids Pre-Order -- Fill your garden with the exquisite beauty of hardy orchids. Pre-Order Now.
3. Plant All Summer Long! -- Follow these tips for successful summer planting.

4. Podcasts: Top 10 Plants for Summer Colour & Top 10 Plants for Kids and Husbands -- Check out the catalogues and listen to the Podcasts from my interviews on CFAX Radio AM 1070's Gardening 101 with Jeff De Jong.

5. Fall Workshops and Seminars 2016 -- 10% Early Bird Savings! -- Get Confident. Have Fun. Make Life Beautiful. Welcome to our fall workshops and one of the most exciting line-ups we've ever offered. Don't miss the Early Bird Registration Discount!
6. Fabulous at Phoenix -- Gary's picks of new, notable and luscious plants at the Phoenix "Candy Store".


Opening Notes: News, Tidbits and the Phoenix Calendar

The Phoenix Perennials Calendar
There's so much going on at the nursery all the time. Here's your resource to keep track. Also don't miss our Workshop Schedule.
Event Description
Sept 10 The Heirloom Tomato Festival | Saturday September 10th, 2016 | 10am-5pm | With tomato tastings, heirloom tomato fruit for sale and a display of heirloom tomatoes! | Sign up early for our Tomato Tastings. | Register for Tomato Tastings
Sept 26 Sizzling Succulents presented by Phoenix Perennials owner Gary Lewis to the Sechelt Garden Club.
Oct 30 Presentation to be determined presented by Phoenix Perennials owner Gary Lewis to the Vancouver Island Master Gardeners.
Dec 2-4 The Christmas Hurrah! | Friday to Sunday December 2nd to 4th, 2016 | 10am - 3pm | Celebrate the Christmas rose, Helleborus niger, and other seasonal delights with winter blooms and exciting workshops. | Register for Our Christmas Rose Workshops


Win The Most Amazing Ladder Ever!

When Susanne Osmond, one of our favourite garden designers and landscapers, told me she was importing "amazing" tripod ladders from Japan I thought to myself "How different can a ladder be? My step ladders work just fine." Now that I have been to the top of one of her Hasegawa 8 foot platform tripods I realize there is no comparison between the rickety ladders I've been climbing up and down all my life and this magnificent, shining creation from Japan. We have it on display right now at the nursery so you can come and see it.

AND! You can enter a contest right now to win it!

Phoenix Perennials owner Gary Lewis and our friend Susanne Osmond, the importer of these amazing Hasegawa ladders.

Hasegawa Platform Ladders

Description: Specialty pruning ladder, made by Hasegawa from Japan, well known throughout Japan for the safety, stability and practicality of the tripod design. Ask any gardener or nurseryman in Japan which ladders they use and they all say the same thing: Hasegawa.

Essential for large topiary and pruning jobs, hedges too. Also ideal for orchard work, both for pruning and picking. Wide base, no wobble and remarkably light! Made from hollow aluminum, they have a wide, stable base; deep, comfortable steps and work platforms; clever adjustable third leg that allows you to work on sloping or uneven ground.

Their many sensible safety features include a chain that attaches the 3rd leg to the main ladder frame so that it will never slide away or splay out; claw feet grip the ground and optional rubber ‘boots’ cover the feet to allow for use on paved surfaces.

The platform model provides extra support and comfort that is ideal for jobs where you may be standing on the ladder for longer periods of time. Or if you’re not so comfortable on a ladder. The platform model allows you to lean into the ‘crow’s nest’ without getting bruised shins, and you can hang onto the top rail – or hang your tools or picking bag on it.

And the weblink for all the info about the platform model.

Value: $376

To Enter the Contest:
1. Visit Susanne's Main Ladders Page:
2. Find the answer to the two part skill-testing question: In what famous garden did Susanne first discover the Hasegawa ladder and how many people were fighting over it every day?
3. Email us at phoenixperennials at (Yes you have to put the @ sign in there.) with your Name, City, Phone Number, and your answer to the skill testing question. Put "Ladder Contest" in the subject line.

Good Luck! One entry per person but feel free to tell all your friends. If one of them wins you can borrow the ladder from them! We will draw the contest winner September 30th and announce the winner in the October E-Newsletter. Contest entrants will also receive one email from us notifying you of the contest winner.


Garden Tour
Gardens of New Zealand
January 22-February 2, 2017

Join alumni UBC and tour leaders Phoenix Perennials owner Gary Lewis and Gardening 101 Radio Show host Jeff de Jong to see the gardens, flora, scenery and culture of New Zealand.


More Info


Canadian Mail Order Catalogue 2016!
Rare Bulb and Cypripedium Hardy Lady's Slipper Orchids Now Booking for FallShipping!


Volunteer at Phoenix Perennials with our Hours for Flowers Volunteer Program

Our Hours for Flowers Volunteer Program is for interested gardeners who want to set up a regular schedule with us to come to the nursery and help us with plant care, propagation, weeding, watering and other nursery tasks. You can do any number of hours you like on any day. We just ask that you make it a regular schedule. In addition to our gratitude we will also give you plants!

Contact Patricia by phone (604-270-4133) or email (info at for more information and to start volunteering!


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Rare Spring Bulbs
Choose from 135 Different Rare Bulbs to Make Your Garden Extraordinary

Visit the Rare Bulb Pre-Order on our Phoenix Perennials Mail Order Site to see our full selection of 135 rare bulbs. Both mail order and local customers should place their orders through our mail order system. Local customers should select the pick up option when checking out. Quantities are limited. Please order early to secure your favourites.

Our selection of rare bulbs will ship or be ready for pick-up in September. For mail order customers: if you combine bulbs and Cypripedium in the same order (which are not available until mid October) we will ship your bulbs and Cyps together in October. Please place separate orders if you want your bulbs to arrive as early as possible in the fall (Sept) and to have your Cypripedium ship later in October.

Please Note: Because we must pay our suppliers in advance, we will process payment of Rare Bulb orders at the time of ordering.

Also note that we do not expect to receive about 10-15% of the bulbs we are hoping to get. These bulbs are rare for many reasons but mostly because they are slower to bulk up than bulbs that are more commonly available. For this reason, supplies at harvest time can be less than expected and we are usually shorted on some varieties. Please be understanding if we contact you in the fall that some of the bulbs you ordered are not available.

Should a cultivar not be available at the time of shipping/pick-up, we will give you the choice of substituting a different cultivar, receiving a refund, or having a credit applied to your account for a future order.

Ordering: Visit Rare Bulb Pre-Order on our Phoenix Perennials Mail Order Site for full details. Mail order and local customers should both place your orders through our mail order system. When checking out, local customers should select the pick-up option. Mail order customers should select their preferred shipping method. Have fun!



Cypripedium Lady's Slippers Pre-Order
31 Different Hardy Orchids for Canadian Gardens

We are excited to offer our largest selection ever of hardy lady's slipper orchids for Canadian gardens. These Cypripedium hybrids possess hybrid vigour -- they have inherited the best traits of both parents -- and are much easier to grow than species orchids, have beautiful flowers in amazing colours, and clump up very quickly into amazing displays in the part shade garden. They bloom in late April and May offering an exquisite show in the garden.

Most are "officially" hardy to zone 4 while some are hardy to zone 3 and even zone 2! Even the zone 4 plants may be hardy in protected spots in zone 3 with mulch and good snow cover. Indeed, we have customers in Alberta and Saskatchewan who are growing Cypripedium outdoors with great success.

We are currently offering 31 different lady's slipper hybrids for shipping to our mail order customers and for pick-up at Phoenix by our local customers in mid October 2016. All are top quality, blooming size, many with multiple eyes, and should flower in the spring. Here they are:

We will be providing them to you bare root. All you need to do is plant them directly into a well-drained location in part shade or morning sun. A winter mulch of fallen leaves or conifer boughs or needles can be helpful in the first winter. We'll provide you with detailed instructions when you receive your plants.

For mail order customers, October is the only time of year we ship Cypripedium lady's slipper orchids so please take advantage.

For our local customers, though we do offer them in growth in spring on site at Phoenix, buying and planting them in fall ensures our local customers the widest possible selection and potentially greater and quicker success in establishment. They arrive bare root and super fresh. Planting them directly into the garden in fall is the best way to establish them even for local customers. Mulch with a pile of leaves after fall planting.

Please note: Because we must pay our suppliers in advance, we will process payment of Cypripedium orders at the time of ordering. Should a cultivar not be available at the time of shipping/pick-up we will give you the choice of substituting a different cultivar, receiving a refund, or having a credit applied to your account for a future order.

Ordering: Visit Phoenix Perennials Mail Order for full details. Mail order and local customers should both place your orders through our mail order system. When checking out, local customers should select the pick-up option. Mail order customers should select their preferred shipping method. Have fun!



You Can Plant Perennials All Summer
A few careful steps are all that is required to successfully plant new perennials in the summer

Many gardeners think that once July and August are here that it is too late to plant new perennials. Indeed, the best seasons for perennial planting are spring and fall. But you can also plant perennials, shrubs, trees and vines in the summer.


This common misconception is likely due to confusion between the planting of new plants and the transplanting of existing plants.

Transplanting of existing plants refers to moving plants already established in the garden which results in the uprooting and damaging of established root systems, especially the fine white tip roots that are the primary conduits for water and nutrients. Once transplanted into a new location, the remaining roots will usually not have enough capacity to uptake water to support the foliage in summer's hot, sunny conditions, even if you trim back the foliage by a third to a half.

While this type of garden work should be avoided in the summer months, the planting of new plants can continue with great success. This is because new plants can be planted with little to no damage to established root systems. Your new plant comes out of its pot and goes into the ground with its roots intact and just like when it was in a pot, the only thing you have to do is keep it watered.

Here are a few secrets of success for summer planting:

  1. While still in the pot, water your new plant so that water flows freely out the bottom of the pot and the root ball is thoroughly saturated.
  2. Dig a generous hole. Once dug, fill it with water and allow the water to slowly soak into the surrounding garden bed. This helps moisten the soil around your planting hole.
  3. Remove your new plant from its pot and gently scuff up the edges of the root ball with your fingers. Just a little damage to the roots will encourage them to grow and branch out into their new space. Plant your new plant and fill the hole three quarters full with a half and half mix of existing soil and new compost or Sea Soil. Now fill the hole again with water and allow it to slowly drain away as before. This will thoroughly moisten the soil immediately adjacent to the new plant’s root ball.
  4. Fill the remaining quarter of the planting hole with soil and gently tamp down the soil around the root ball of your new plant.
  5. Collect the excess soil left over from planting and build a rim or bowl around your perennial about six to 12 inches from the base of the plant. This will create a bowl for you to water guaranteeing that water will collect in the bowl and sink straight downwards into the root ball.
  6. Water your new plant two to three times a week during dry sunny periods by filling the bowl with water two or three times and allowing the water to sink straight down into the root ball.
  7. To encourage faster rooting use a transplant fertilizer. The product we carry has rooting hormone and kelp extract which both encourage fast root growth.

Voilà! You can plant a one new plant or a whole new garden bed and you don't have to wait until fall! Follow these easy steps and you can plant new perennials all summer long! Have fun!

PS. These steps are also great for success with spring and fall plantings too, especially if you're planting trees and shrubs which are slower to establish than perennials.



Gary on the Radio
The Top 10 Lists
This season I'm doing a monthly series of "Top 10" lists on a variety of topics with Jeff de Jong on CFAX AM 1070's Gardening 101. Listen to the podcasts and have a look at the descriptive catalogue to learn more about all kinds of cool plants for your garden.

Top 10 Plants for Kids & Husbands

Listen to the Podcast

Download the Catalogue

Top 10 Plants for Summer Colour

Listen to the Podcast

Download the Catalogue

And if you missed them, check out our previous interviews this year:

"Top Ten Unusual Edibles", Gary Lewis with Jeff De Jong, Gardening 101, CFAX AM 1070, Victoria, BC | Listen to the Podcast | Download the Catalogue

"Top Ten Plants for a Fragrant Good Time", Gary Lewis with Jeff De Jong, Gardening 101, CFAX AM 1070, Victoria, BC | Listen to the Podcast | Download the Catalogue

"Hellebores", Gary Lewis with Jeff De Jong, Gardening 101, CFAX AM 1070, Victoria, BC | Listen to the Podcast | Download Catalogue



Fall Workshops & Seminars 2016

Get Confident. Have Fun. Make Life Beautiful.

Welcome to our Fall 2016 workshops and one of the most exciting line-ups we've ever offered including our FREE Gardening 101 Series designed for beginner and intermediate gardeners and our FREE Young Sprouts Kids Club. Join us to fill in your knowledge and create beautiful things.


Online Registration: We use online registration so you can book workshops 24 hours a day seven days a week. Registration is through two of the most trusted names on the internet: Constant Contact and Paypal. Both use secure servers so you can feel safe paying online. You do not need a PayPal account to pay. They will simply process your Visa or MC on our behalf. If you wish to register by other methods please call the nursery at 604-270-4133 or visit us in person.


PHOENIX FRESH EDIBLES SERIES | Tomato Tastings at The Heirloom Tomato Festival | Gary | Sat Sept 10, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm | $30 (Includes a Party Mix of Tomatoes | If you love food and, in particular, if you love tomatoes you won't want to miss this event! At our popular Tomato Tastings at the the Heirloom Tomato Festival you'll get to experience a rainbow of 15+ tomato varieties all in a particular order just like a wine tasting. Phoenix Perennials owner Gary Lewis will introduce you to each tomato variety, talk about the type of cultivar, its history and origins, its flavour profile and its uses in the kitchen. You’ll get to share your thoughts and take tasting notes for future tomato reference. At the end of the session you'll take home your very own Party Mix of three plus pounds of the highest quality heirloom tomatoes grown organically in open fields by Red Barn Plants at their farm in Cawston, BC - no tomato will taste as good as these tomatoes! The Heirloom Tomato Tastings are our most popular workshops. Please book early.

GARDENING 101 SERIES | The Best of the Best for the West Coast Garden: Fall & Winter | Kate | Sun Sept 11, 11am-12pm | FREE* | Do you want to know what the best performing perennials are for fall and winter? Kate will introduce you to a selection of top plant performers for West Coast gardens that provide great seasonal interest. She will also provide seasonal maintenance tips. This course could be the most important step you take to transform your garden from ordinary to extraordinary! For a full year of top plants sign up for our other session on Spring and Summer.


YOUNG SPROUTS KIDS CLUB | Harvest Time! | Kate | Sun Sept 18, 10-11am | FREE* |Fall is a time of bountiful harvests when farmers and gardeners alike are bringing in their crops after the spring and summer growing season. Our Young Sprouts will explore this time of year, talk about where all these harvests came from, and how they are so important for our lives. Then they'll get to make their own veggie people!


GARDENING 101 SERIES | Jewels of the Spring Garden: Discover the World of Bulbs | Jo | Sun Sept 18, 12-1pm | FREE* | By fall you might be ready for a rest from the garden but do yourself one little favour before winter comes: plant some bulbs. You’ll be glad you did come spring. In this workshop you’ll meet a diverse range of spring-blooming bulbs for the garden and containers including many uncommon but exciting possibilities. You will also receive instruction on designing with bulbs and planting them in layers for knock out displays in containers or small spaces.


GARDENING 101 SERIES | Plants for Fall Colour | Jo | Sun Sept 25, 11am-12pm | FREE* | Do you have a colourful fall garden? Or does it just turn to grey and yellow mush once the rains start? There are numerous perennials, shrubs and small trees that provide great fall foliage and flower colour. Include just a few of these plants in strategic locations in the garden and you could have a fall garden to remember and look forward to!



CONTAINER SERIES | Terrariums to Bring the Outdoors In | Kate | Sun Sept 25, 1-3pm | $20 | It's time to bring back terrariums! These miniature gardens inside glass vessels are perfect decorations for inside the house year round. We'll have a variety of succulents, ferns, air plants, venus fly traps, and sundews for you to combine with coloured mosses, stones, and glass pebbles. The rest is up to you! Kate will instruct you on the ins and outs of designing and caring for the miniature gardens inside your terrariums. Then you'll get to do up your own!




CONTAINER SERIES | Winter Containers to Die For: Learn the Secrets of Fabulous Pots Then Make Your Own | Kate | Sat Oct 1, 10am-12pm | $14 | This is a fun hands-on workshop for gardeners of all levels who are interested in learning how to successfully create gorgeous perennial containers that will provide months of winter interest and an antidote against the dark, cold days of the year. You'll get to plant up and take home your own fabulous container.

Please bring your own large pot (minimum 12-14 inches in diametre) with enough space for at least 3 to 5 one gallon perennials. We will have a range of options available if you don't have your own pot. The price of the workshop includes your potting mix but not the plants you use.


YOUNG SPROUTS KIDS CLUB | Why do leaves change colour? and other questions about fall | Kate | Sun Oct 2, 10-11am | FREE* | Fall is a fun time of year when leaves turn colour and fall. But why? We'll explore the changes we see in the garden and what that means for the plants, animals, birds, and insects that make the garden their home. Then we'll make a fun craft with colourful leaves to take home! Bring some pretty leaves with you or we'll provide some.


GARDENING 101 SERIES | Preparing the Garden for Winter | Jo | Sun Oct 2, 1-2pm | FREE* | Guarantee success next season by putting your garden to bed for winter just right. Jo will discuss plant life cycles and how to help them prepare for and survive winter dormancy. She will discuss microclimates, mulch, strategies for protecting less hardy plants, and maintaining winter habitat for pollinators.



CONTAINER SERIES | Fall Wreaths | Kate | Sat Oct 8, 10am-12pm | $45 | Wreaths aren't just for Christmas or summer succulents. They can also make for a gorgeous fall display to adorn your home and garden. In this workshop you'll be presented with a variety of dried berries and flowers, corn husks, greenery, gourds, miniature pumpkins and more. Then you'll create your very own just in time for Thanksgiving! If you like, you can bring some materials from your home garden to include in your wreath. Look for dried flowers, berries and other autumnal interest.


YOUNG SPROUTS KIDS CLUB | The Magic of Bulbs | Kate | Sun Oct 16, 10-11am | FREE* | Inside the brown and white bulbs, corms and rhizomes available in fall are little plants with beautiful flowers ready to pop out in spring and give us a beautiful display. Why do some plants form these little structures and others not? Learn about the magic of bulbs then plant up your own pot of bulbs to take home for spring!



THE CHRISTMAS HURRAH! | Do-It-Yourself Indoor Christmas Rose Container | Fri Dec 2nd-Sun December 4th, 10am-3pm | $30 + tax (Includes one budded/blooming hellebore and all the fixings.) | Come any time during the weekend and set yourself up at our self-serve craft tables. Select your blooming Christmas rose reserved for you, choose a clay pot or a festive metal container and decorate it with organza, ribbon, moss and winter twigs. A trusty Phoenician will be nearby if you need help.

This quick do-it-yourself project is great for decorating your home at Christmas or for gifts for friends and family at Christmas parties and gatherings. You'll probably want to do a few of them and you'll probably want to bring a friend.

THE CHRISTMAS HURRAH! | Hellebore in a Handbag | Kate | Fri Dec 2nd, 1-3pm | $45 (Includes purse and hellebore) | It's come to this, fellow gardeners. We're going to Hellebore in a Handbag for Christmas! With this unique project we'll plant up a Christmas rose in a moss purse with some friends & add festive winter greens. Last year I wasn't sure how our many (female) attendees were going to be able to fit any additional plants into their purses with such a large gorgeous hellebore. Somehow I underestimated everyone's ability to stuff their purses full of all manner of necessities!

THE CHRISTMAS HURRAH! | Christmas Rose Wreath Making Workshop | Kate | Sat Dec 3, 10am-12pm | $60 | Decorate your home for the holiday season with your very own Christmas Rose wreath! Kate will teach you how to design and build a festive, florist-quality wreath with unique greenery and dried pods and cones. She will then teach you to incorporate Christmas roses into your wreath keeping it colourful & dynamic!

Our popular wreath-making workshop is a great chance to spend quality time with friends and family while accomplishing a great project to lift your spirits through the short days of winter.

Registration includes all materials such as wreath frame and greenery. You may also bring greenery or twigs from your own garden to use in your wreath.



THE CHRISTMAS HURRAH! | Christmas Rose Bird's Nest Wreath Making Workshop | Kate | Sat Dec 3, 1-3pm | $75 (Includes hellebore.) | This class for advanced wreath-makers or ambitious beginners takes what we normally do in the our original wreath making workshop and builds on it with more creativity including nesting a potted hellebore within your wreath that looks like an adorable birds nest with white birds (hellebore flowers) peaking out.

Registration includes all materials such as wreath frame and greenery plus a hellebore. You may also bring greenery or twigs from your own garden to use in your wreath.


THE CHRISTMAS HURRAH! | Christmas Rose Centerpiece Workshop | Kate | Sat Dec 4, 10am-12pm | $75 (Includes hellebore.) | Here's another way to bring a hellebore inside for Christmas cheer - as a centrepiece for your Christmas table. You'll create a beautiful ring of winter foliage centred with a beautiful hellebore that you can plant in your garden in winter or spring. You can also use this centrepiece as a decoration for an outdoor table where it will bloom for months, often well into April!

Registration includes all materials and greenery plus a hellebore. You may also bring greenery or twigs from your own garden to use in your wreath.


THE CHRISTMAS HURRAH! | Christmas Rose Outdoor Container Workshop | Kate | Sun Dec 4, 1-3pm | $20 | Wow your Christmas guests as soon as they arrive at your front door or enliven your patio with a fantastic outdoor winter container centred with a glistening Christmas rose, Helleborus niger, and other great perennials and shrubs that offer winter interest. Kate will lead you in the design, planting and final decoration of your planter with winter twigs and greens.


Register Now!

We hope to see you this fall in our workshops!



Fabulous at Phoenix
Gary's Picks of New, Notable and Luscious Plants Available Right Now at the Phoenix Candy Store

It's so hard to decide what to highlight. We are at the peak availability of the year with maximum selection. Now's the time to visit. Get down here!

Acanthus mollis 'Whitewater' - Bear's Breeches - 'Whitewater' is a vigorous, variegated Acanthus with striking, bold leaves with white margins and splashing. Makes a large clump with 4 to 5 foot tall ornamental flower stalks of pink and cream in summer. This was bred with A. 'Summer Beauty' for vigour, more hardiness, and heat and humidity tolerance. The result is a much stronger cultivar than 'Tasmanian Angel'. A mature clump of this would be downright stunning -- I think I’m starting to lust for this plant! Brunnera macrophylla 'Alexander's Great' - Siberian Bugloss - This giant Brunnera looks just like the classic 'Jack Frost' except for it's size. It will grow nearly a foot and half tall and two and a half feet wide! It has dramatic silver foliage and the dainty blue forget-me-not flowers that we love from this genus. Discovered by plantsman Alexander Zukeivich in his Belarus garden. This is a plant for a big garden or a big pot!
Arisaema consanguineum 'The Perfect Wave' - Cobra Lily - A stunning cultivar bred by Ellen Hornig with breathtaking silver variegation on silver-blue, seductively undulating leaves. Considering that the normal form of Arisaema consanguineum is mid green foliage this selection is pretty amazing. ‘The Perfect Wave’ will also grow to four to five feet with its dramatic umbrella of leaflets. Green flowers give way to green then red clusters of fruits. Cistus x hybridus 'Mickie' - Rock Rose - This stable variegated form of Cistus x hybridus has gold foliage with green centres. It has a low, mounding habit that hugs the ground and creates a super colourful, evergreen accent. Charming white flowers punctuate the flashy foliage in May and June. 'Mickie' hails from northern Washington State and has survived some brutal winters.
Musa sikkimensis 'Bengal Tiger' - Hardy Banana - 'Bengal Tiger' is a beautiful selection of hardy banana with much more burgundy than the species with burgundy stripes on top of the leaves and a burgundy flush underneath. Some claim this species is hardier than Musa basjoo but I’ve found the opposite. Even well-wrapped the stems of my plant have died to the ground every winter since about 2001. Still, with good mulching it has been ground hardy like a herbaceous perennial and returns to a height of eight feet every season with its gorgeous leaves. Well worth it. Crambe maritima - Blue Sea Kale - The sea kale has large, ruffled, edible, cabbage-like, silver-blue leaves with ruffled edges that provides great texture to the garden. In early summer Crambe maritima will start producing branched panicles of white flowers. The foliage is also edible and, we've been told, delicious sauteed in butter. Photo courtesy: Wikipedia.
Canna 'Australia' - Canna Lily - 'Australia' has striking maroon foliage that is the darkest among Canna. The large ruffled flowers are red with a hint of orange. Blooms in late summer. Mature height of 4 to 6 feet. Cannas offer great tropical foliage and are generally hardy to our temperatures but sensitive to winter wet. In the garden, plant in a well-drained sunny location and mulch with leaves. Cannas are also great in pots. Shelter these in a garage or shed for winter. All our Canna are virus indexed and clean. Please be careful when buying plants elsewhere as a high proportion of plants available from nurseries are virused. Canna 'African Sunset - Canna Lily - FINALLY! A virus-free version of Tropicanna which seems universally infected everywhere in horticulture. 'African Sunset' has the same fantastic tropical foliage striped with red, yellow, orange, and gold and topped with firey orange flowers in summer. It is great for adding that subtropical look to your garden. All our Canna are virus indexed and clean. Please be careful when buying plants elsewhere as a high proportion of plants available from nurseries are virused.
Crocosmia 'Okavango' - Montbretia - Crocosmia ‘Okavango’ has tall stems with pleated, spiked, green leaves and upward-facing, large, bright, apricot-orange flowers on arching stems from mid to late summer. Easy and tough and provides lots of colour. A hummingbird favourite. Crocosmia 'Okavango' - Montbretia - Crocosmia 'Gerbe D'Or' forms medium-sized plants with masses of warm orange-yellow flowers and bronze-green foliage. The large, lily-shaped flowers of Crocosmia appear along arching stems that rise through clumped, sword-shaped foliage. Attracts hummingbirds. Excellent for cutting. Full to part sun in average to moist well-drained soil. Clumping.
Crocosmia 'Lucifer' - Montbretia - This is the classic montbretia cultivar in our region’s gardens. Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ has tall stems with pleated, spiked, green leaves and upward-facing, bright red flowers on arching stems from mid to late summer. Easy and tough and provides lots of colour. It is a close-up of the buds of ‘Lucifer’ that appears on all of our signage. A hummingbird favourite. Lobelia x speciosa 'Vulcan Red' - Cardinal Flower - Celebrate Leonard Nemoy and Mr Spock with this new cardinal flower. 'Vulcan Red' has full, well-branched and strong-stemmed habit with bronze foliage and dense, upright spikes with vivid scarlet flowers. Lobelia is an excellent border plant for average to moist locations and is a hummingbird and butterfly magnet.
Andropogon gerardii 'Red October' - Big Bluestem - Big bluestem is a long-lived grass that forms a tall, strictly upright clump of green foliage. The foliage of Andropogon 'Red October' will transition to bright red then smoky purple beginning in midsummer. Deep purple flowers with bright red-orange pollen top this colorful and statuesque display. Perovskia 'Lacey Blue' - Russian Sage - 'Lacey Blue' has grey-green foliage and airy lavender flowers atop stems to just 18 inches, less than half the height of the species. Does best with dry hot conditions forming a lovely haze of colour at the front to middle of the border. Also great for summer containers. The hotter the location, the happier the Perovskia.
Aeonium 'Zwartkop' - Aeonium - The Itoh peonies are intersectional hybrids between the tree peony (P. suffruticosa) and the garden peony (P. lactiflora). The result is an outstanding group of perennial herbaceous peonies with huge flowers in a wide range of unusual colours such as yellows, coppers, apricots, pinks, magentas and bicolours. The foliage emerges rich red and gradually turns to green. A mature plant can have over 50 blooms! We have lots of different cultivars right now! Allium 'Millenium' - Ornamental Onion - Allium 'Millenium' forms clumps of slender, flattened, linear, glossy green leaves in the spring followed in summer by showy two inch spherical umbels of glowing rose-purple florets. Ornamental onions provide a flower display unlike most other perennials and are thus useful for contrasting flower shapes in the garden.
Agastache ' Little Adder' - Hummingbird Mint - 'Little Adder' is a dwarf form of one of the best of all the purple-blue Agastache: 'Black Adder'. 'Little Adder' is a very compact, well-branched, bushy perennial with fragrant green foliage and lavender-blue tubular flowers that emerge from purple-blue sepals all summer into fall. Agastache 'Tango' - Hummingbird Mint - 'Tango' has dense spikes of bright orange blossoms. It is a compact cultivar growing from 15 to 18 inches tall and 15 inches wide. 'Tango' is great for all summer and fall colour at the front of the border and is compact enough for patio pots. Agastache are popular with hummingbirds. They have fragrant foliage.
Agastache 'Kudos Ambrosia' - Hummingbird Mint - 'Ambrosia' is a short, compact, and hardy Agastache with spikes of creamy, peachy orange and light rose pink flowers atop fragrant foliage. The Kudos Series are naturally dwarf hybrids of hummingbird mint or hyssop with excellent branching and downy mildew resistance. They bloom from June until September. They are best grown in hot, sunny spots but are tolerant of the wet, cold soils of a coastal BC winter as well as areas as cold as zone 5. Agastache 'Kudos Gold' - Hummingbird Mint - Kudos 'Gold' is a long blooming, dwarf cultivar of Agastache with golden yellow flowers in large compact spikes atop compact plants with fragrant foliage. The Kudos Series are naturally dwarf hybrids of hummingbird mint or hyssop with excellent branching and downy mildew resistance. They bloom from June until September. They are best grown in hot, sunny spots but are tolerant of the wet, cold soils of a coastal BC winter as well as areas as cold as zone 5.
Echibeckia 'Summerina Brown' - Echibeckia - Echibeckia is a unique cross between two classic perennials: Echinacea and Rudbeckia. The Summerina hybrids are fast-growing and disease resistant. The flowers are large at over three inches in diametre. Plants bloom for 2-3 months or more. Eucomis 'Glow Sticks' - Pineapple Lily - Eucomis 'Glow Sticks' is a dwarf pineapple lily with coppery gold new foliage aging to a light green gold. White pineapple-like flower heads. Looks fantastic planted with burgundy foliage such as Ajuga 'Black Scallop' or Sedum 'Voodoo'. Very easy to grow and tolerates a wide range of garden conditions. Full sun for best foliage colour. Grow in containers or the ground.
Sedum 'Marina' - Stonecrop - Sedum 'Marina' is a large upright stonecrop with large, glaucous blue foliage and is one of the bluest of all stonecrops. Sedum 'Touchdown Teak' - Stonecrop -'Touchdown Teak' has glossy red-burgundy foliage, upright red stems and produces large pink flower heads. The compact habit makes this sedum useful for containers, edging walkways, green roofs, and the front of the border.
Digiplexis Illumination 'Berry Canary' - Hybrid Foxglove - The Illumination series offers intergeneric hybrids between foxglove (Digitalis) and its Canary Island relative Isoplexis. 'Berry Canary' has spikes of hot pink flowers with creamy yellow, burgundy speckled throats over the rosettes of glossy, dark green leaves. It is a long bloomer from late spring to frost. Aster lateriflorus 'Lady in Black' - Calico Aster - Aster 'Lady in Black' forms three foot tall arching stems rise up like fireworks covered in rich deep purple foliage and exploding with thousands of small, white, pink-tinged, star-shaped flowers. Sound good? ‘Lady in Black' is a great addition to borders and large floral arrangements alike! It also sports burgundy foliage through the season so offers much interest even when not in bloom.
Tricyrtis 'Fairy' - Toad Lily - Tricyrtis 'Fairy' produces large, white, unspotted flowers with red to warm purple tips. Toad lilies are wonderful plants for the late summer and fall shade garden. Most toad lilies grow on elegant arching stems often with lightly mottled foliage.

Tricyrtis 'Fuji no Niji' - Toad Lily - Tricyrtis ‘Fuji no Niji’ has loose cymes of amazing, white orchid-like flowers with multitudes of lavender purple spots and yellow tints toward the centre. Toad lilies produces tall, upright stems with semi-clasping, slightly hairy, dark green, oval leaves.


Dahlia 'Viking' - Dahlia - 'Viking' has ball-shaped, deep red flower heads with sculpted, rounded petals creating a repeating pattern. Dahlias are hardy to the winter temperatures of coastal BC but not to the winter wet. Grow outside in locations that are dry in winter or lift and store in a cool, dry location indoors like everyone else does. Dahlia 'Wine Eyed Jill' - Dahlia - 'Wine Eyed Jill' has ball-shaped, pale peach petals that are curved and held in a regular repeating pattern. At the centre of each flower is deep purple flush created by the inner petals which sport purple tips. Dahlias are hardy to the winter temperatures of coastal BC but not to the winter wet. Grow outside in locations that are dry in winter or lift and store in a cool, dry location indoors like everyone else does.
Festuca 'Cool as Ice' - Blue Fescue - 'Cool as Ice' produces clumps of fine blue-green foliage whose blue intensifies as the season progresses. On the West Coast Festuca should be planted in hot dry spots with thin soils. Avoid rich soils. Also great in containers. Arisaema heterophyllum - Cobra Lily - Arisaema heterophyllum is a tall-growing cobra lily called "dancing crane" in Japan. It reaches about three feet tall sporting one leaf with at least 15 leaflets and a green flower held above the foliage with a long, yellow, whip-like spadix appendage licking upwards. Easy to grow.
Knautia macedonica 'Thunder and Lightning' - Crimson Scabious - Knautia 'Thunder and Lightning' has fully double, deep magenta, pincushion flowers that float above light green leaves edged in creamy white for months on end. The unique, variegated foliage has a sturdy, compact and bushy form on plants that are half the height (or less) of the species. Blooms from early summer to autumn. A dramatic addition to beds, borders and cutting gardens. Large enough for maximum impact in the garden, it is compact enough to be showy in containers. Drought tolerant and deer resistant. A good nectar source for beneficial insects. Helenium Mariachi 'Siesta' - Sneezeweed - Helenium 'Siesta' from the Mariachi Series produces blooms of deep, true red petals with burgundy centres. This selection has a short and compact habit and is great at the front of the border. Helenium are naturally resistant, even toxic, to deer and rabbits.
Sanguisorba hakusanensis 'Lilac Squirrel' - Burnet - A downright useful Japanese perennial for the intriguingly different pendulous bottlebrushes that dangle from the upright stems. Sanguisorba 'Lilac Squirrel' has graceful flowers in lilac-pink and bloom for a long period in the summer. The clumping foliage is gray-green with great texture of serrated edges and nice presence throughout the year. Hydrangea 'Miss Saori' - Hydrangea - 'Miss Saori' is a superlative new hydrangea that won the coveted Plant of the Year Award at the 2014 Chelsea Garden Show. She produces exquisite mopheads of double florets in white with perfect, glowing, rose-pink picotee edges on old and new wood from June until frost on 3x3 foot mounds perfect for gardens and containers. Foliage emerges burgundy-red in spring, turns to green, then back to burgundy-red in summer and fall. We are proud to likely be the first nursery in North America to offer this amazing plant in 2015.
Sanguisorba obtusa - Burnet - Sanguisorba obtusa and other species are uncommon in North America though they are used to great effect in British gardens. They are long-blooming with unusual flowers and easy to grow. This species forms low mounds of attractive grey-green pinately-compound leaves with serrated edges topped with arching, bottlebrush-like spikes of soft-pink flowers over a long period in summer. Average to moist soils. Eryngium planum 'Jade Frost' - Sea Holly - Eryngium are intriguing members of the carrot family and garden favourites for their true blue thimble like inflorescences held above equally blue thistly bracts. Now add some variegation to this sea holly picture. 'Jade Frost' has green leaves with white to creamy white variegation that is pink in cool temperatures. A must have for those who love blue flowers and variegation.

Rudbeckia triloba 'Prairie Glow' - Sweet Coneflower - Rudbeckia 'Prairie Glow' is an unusual black-eyed Susan relative with dark red to burnt orange petals with yellow tips and is stunning in a mass planting. Flower stems are burgundy and tall. Great cut flower.

Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web' - Japanese Fatsia - Fatsia 'Spider's Web' is a beautiful Aralia relative that grows as a shrub or small tree with variably variegated leaves which change during the seasons. The variegation appears as speckles and pixilations and is strongest on young foliage but also becomes better developed on that young foliage as the plant gets older. Mature specimens are bold and intriguing. The flowers are white, are held in spheres, and appear in late fall as a late season honeybee bonanza. Tolerant of dry shade and dark corners.

Echinacea 'Supreme Cantaloupe' - Not-So-Purple Coneflower -Stately and elegant, 'Supreme Elegance' was the inspiration for the Supreme Series. A lovely, deep rose-red center that enriches as the flower ages. The ray petals are star-like and are a bright mauve pink that also deepen in colour. Echinacea in coastal BC should be planted in hot, dry, sunny spots with thin, average to poor soils for best overwintering.

Echinacea 'Supreme Cantaloupe' - Not-So-Purple Coneflower - There is no other coneflower like this one. 'Supreme Cantaloupe' is just that: the colour of ripe cantaloupe! Imagine colour combinations with pink, magenta and blue. Fragrant. Part of the new Supreme Series of mid-size double-flowered coneflowers. Echinacea in coastal BC should be planted in hot, dry, sunny spots with thin, average to poor soils for best overwintering.

Begonia Cool Breeze 'Glacier' - Hardy Begonia - Cool Breeze 'Glacier' is a hardy begonia offering palmate leaves with green and silver white fronts and red backs. It has a mounding, upright habit and flowers in late summer with small, single, pink flowers. Hardy to zone 8. In colder climates grow outdoors in summer and as a houseplant in winter.

Geranium sanguineum 'Elke' - Cranesbill - Attractive glossy green foliage makes the perfect backdrop for the eye-catching cranesbill blooms of 'Elke'. The flowers are dark pink with red veins all surrounded by a unique frosted white edge. Long-blooming from spring through early fall.
Kniphofia 'Poco Orange' - Red Hot Poker - Hot spikes of orange flowers rise continuously from summer into fall. The short grassy foliage looks neat all summer. A terrific drought tolerant garden plant. Great in the mid-border. The Kniphofia Poco Series is shorter than the Popsicle Series. Kniphofia 'Fire Glow' - Red Hot Poker - Kniphofia 'Fire Glow' is an all-summer bloomer which has a very short compact habit. A prolific bloomer with spikes of flowers the rich red orange colour. Charming, grass-like foliage looks neat all summer! Great for small gardens or in a container.
Sedum Sunsparkler 'Lime Twister' - Stonecrop - Sedum Sunsparkler 'Lime Twister' has bright green leaves with lime green edges and tints of pink highlights especially in cool weather. The flowers are bright pink. This stonecrop is sure to become a classic with its very compact habit suitable for small gardens and pots or the front of the border. Crocosmia 'Nova Dragonfire' - Montbretia - 'Nova Dragonfire' is a cute little, compact Crocosmia perfect for small gardens or the front of the border. It blooms with deep red flowers held on stems to two feet. Dark green, linear, lance-shaped leaves. Clumping. Popular with hummingbirds.
Leucanthemum x superbum 'Macaroon' - Shasta Daisy - 'Macaroon' is a showy, long blooming, double Shasta daisy forming a low tight mound. The flowers change very slowly from pale yellow to bicolor white and yellow and finally finish white with a golden centre. Rudbeckia subtomentosa - Henry Eilers' - Basal leaves appear in early spring and flowering stalks begin their ascent in June, reaching five to six feet and full flower by August, often staying in bloom into September. 'Henry Eilers' has finely quilled flowers of true yellow, not gold, and is stunning in a mass planting. The leaves of Rudbeckia subtomentosa are sweetly scented with a subtle vanilla fragrance. Great cut flower with its unique appearance, sturdy straight stems and long vase life. Named after the man who discovered it.
Hedychium 'Tahitian Flame' - Hardy Ginger - 'Tahitian Flame' is a hardy ginger that produces large apricot flowers during in late summer with a strong, sweet fragrance. It has a good upright habit and beautiful variegated foliage with varying striations of creamy white in each leaf. Hedychium are related to the culinary ginger Zingiber officinale. Though the rhizomes look similar it's best to just eat the culinary species. Makes a good container specimen in colder climates. Heucherella 'Sweet Tea' - Foamy Bells - Huge cinnamon stars at the centre of each leaf are surrounded by the loveliest orange tea coloured borders. 'Sweet Tea' is a new instant classic for containers and garden. Undeniably the most intensely coloured Heucherella ever! The big, palmately cut leaves darken in the summer and lighten up again in the fall. Its Heuchera villosa breeding gives it a big bold habit and heat and humidity tolerance.
Anemone hupehensis 'Pretty Lady Emily' - Japanese Anemone - The Pretty Lady series of anemone features compact habits growing to only 15 inches tall and long-blooming. 'Emily' has double light pink flowers over two inches (five cm) wide. Use at the front of the border or in containers. These long-lived garden plants are great for mixing with other fall-blooming perennials. Prefers average to evenly moist soils and will not tolerate long periods of dryness. Anemone x hybrida 'Crispa' - Japanese Anemone - 'Crispa' is a shorter and more compact Japanese anemone with intriguing ruffled and crinkled leaves with red-tinged edges that look like triple curled parsley or kale. The large single pink flowers are similar to the other fall-blooming anemones. Some confusion exists in the naming of this plant. This cultivar has been cited as not having the crinkled leaves but the plants that we offer do.
Salvia guaranitica 'Black & Blue' - Anise-Scented Sage - Salvia 'Black and Blue' produces truly vibrant cobalt blue flowers with black sepals by the thousands all season long. Well-drained soil in full sun. Hard prune each spring. Even worth it as an annual in colder climates. Salvia argentea - Silver Sage - Silver sage (Salvia argentea) is a clump-forming biennial or short-lived perennial that is so worth it for the large, wooly, silver foliage. In its second year it produces branched flowering stems with large, white, hooked sage flowers. Plants may reseed to continue your population. Though silver sage is a biennial it is beautiful and novel and well worth growing. Great for kids.
Roscoea 'Spice Island' - Silver Sage - This hardy ginger relative has dark leaves with deep red backs. It forms clumps with showy thick, deep red stems. Roscoea ‘Spice Island' has lavender purple, orchid-like flowers on the top of the stalks in mid summer. It can be used as a tropical element or in mixed shade beds. A good container plant. Arisaema thunbergii 'Patterned Selection' - Cobra Lily - Arisaema thunbergii hails from the southern islands of Japan. This rare and very choice variegated form has much-divided glossy leaves each with a central silver-white stripe. The inflorescences have very long, black whip-like spadices snaking out from the purple-brown speckled spathe. Dramatic and always popular. Early mid-season. Needs rich well-drained soil in shade.
Dahlia 'AC Dark Horse' - Dahlia - The large flowers of 'AC Dark Horse' are a blend of dark pink and purple with white tips. The petals are long, curly and twisted in different directions. Dahlias are hardy to the winter temperatures of coastal BC but not to the winter wet. Grow outside in locations that are dry in winter or lift and store in a cool, dry location indoors like everyone else does. Dahlia 'Babylon Red' - Dahlia - Dahlia 'Babylon' is a beautiful of decorative-type dahlia with deep red flowers. Dahlias are hardy to the winter temperatures of coastal BC but not to the winter wet. Grow outside in locations that are dry in winter or lift and store in a cool, dry location indoors like everyone else does.


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