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E-Newsletter: June 2011

The Phoenix Perennials E-Newsletter
June 2011


Hello from Phoenix Perennials!

Winter stayed late but could summer be here a bit early?! This past weekend I found myself in disbelief that I was actually wearing shorts and a t-shirt and not long underwear and fleece! All I have to say is: I'll take it! IT'S TIME TO GARDEN (and actually ENJOY being out there)!

This month we announce our seventh annual Great Plant Combination Contest! Entry and prize details are below! Hundreds of dollars of gift certificates are up for grabs! The deadline is at the end of the month! If you're a father you won't want to miss your Free GUY-Lardia for Fathers on Fathers' Day Weekend. At the end of the month we will be taking part in National Plastics Recycling Week. Save up your plastic containers and other nursery plastics and bring them in for recycling. Details below.

If you need a little inspiration to get yourself revved up our workshops are the perfect place to get started. We currently have a special offer for our June workshops: Buy one spot and bring a friend for free! There are some great spring workshops remaining including Kool Plants for Kids, part of our KIDS SERIES, during which kids will experience the exciting world of plants first hand! If you're a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle bring the kids along. If you have friends with kids, please let them know about our workshops.

Our Charity Shopping Weekend this month will benefit the South Van Gogo Grannies in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation's Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. Help the grandmothers of Africa to raise their grandchildren who have lost their parents to AIDS. All you have to do is come buy some plants.

Fabulous at Phoenix this month highlights a whole range of intriguing and exciting plants for your garden. If you haven't been to the nursery for a while you won't recognize it. There's so much new stuff the mind (even mine!) boggles!

See you soon at the nursery!

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians


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Special Workshop Offer
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Kool Plants for Kids
Sizzling Succulents
Colour Without Flowers?
Top Plant Performers

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In this Issue

Opening Notes: News, Tidbits and the Phoenix Calendar

1. The Great Plant Combination Contest
2. National Plastics Recycling Week at Phoenix Perennials
3. Free GUY-Lardia for Fathers on Fathers' Day
4. Special Workshop Offer
5. Charity Shopping Weekends 2011: The South Van Gogo Grannies for the Stephen Lewis Foundation's Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign
6. Fabulous at Phoenix

Opening Notes: News, Tidbits and the Phoenix Calendar

Sneak Preview of a New Event!
This September we'll be holding our first ever
Heirloom Tomato Festival
with tomato tastings and sales.

It will be held the weekend after Labour Day. Watch for more details in upcoming e-newsletters!


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The Phoenix Perennials Calendar
There's so much going on at the nursery all the time. Here's your resource to keep track.
Event Type
Event Description
Special Offer
Buy a Spot in any May or June Workshop and Bring a Friend for Free!
June 11-12
Charity Shopping Weekend
Charity Shopping Weekend to Benefit: The South Van GoGo Grannies for the Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign
Phoenix Perennials
June 11

Kool Plants for Kids | Instructor: Gary | 10-11am | $10 |

Phoenix Perennials
June 12

Colour Without Flowers?: Create a Technicolour Container with Fantastic Foliage | Instructor: Belinda | 10am-12pm | $18 |

Phoenix Perennials
June 18-19
Special Event
FREE "Guy-Lardia" for Fathers on Fathers' Day Weekend!*
Bring your children, grandchildren or furry children (or a picture of them) to show us that you're a Dad and get your free "guy-lardia" (gaillardia or blanket flower)! *With purchase over $10 before taxes, while supplies last.
Phoenix Perennials
June 18

Top Plant Performers for the West Coast Garden: Summer | Instructor: Shelley | 10am-12pm | $16 |

Phoenix Perennials
June 19

Sizzling Succulents: Drama, Structure and Intrigue with Succulent Foliage | Instructor: Gary | 1-3pm | $16 |

Phoenix Perennials
July 2-3
Charity Shopping Weekend
Charity Shopping Weekend to Benefit: The Richmond Schoolyard Society, the Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre and the Kitsilano Community Garden
Phoenix Perennials
July 8-10
Special Event and Workshops
The Summer Sizzle
Celebrating Summer with Free Workshops and Special Prices
Phoenix Perennials
Sept 3

Top Plant Performers for the West Coast Garden: Fall and Winter | Instructor: Shelley | 10am-12pm | $16 |

Phoenix Perennials
Sept 17-18
Charity Shopping Weekend
Charity Shopping Weekend to Benefit: The Community Arts Council of Richmond and the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA)
Phoenix Perennials
Sept 17

Jewels of the Spring Garden: Bulbs for Containers | Instructor: Shelley | 10am-12pm | $18 |

Phoenix Perennials
Sept 24

Winter Containers to Die For: Plant Up a Container to Create Winter Interest | Instructor: Shelley | Two workshops at 10am and 2pm | $18 |

Phoenix Perennials

Mark your calendars! Or print this off for the fridge!


The Seventh Annual Phoenix Perennials
Great Plant Combination Contest

A great garden is not just great plants grown well.
A great garden hinges on great plant combinations.

Now that your gardening powers are greater than they've ever been and you've had a good part of this season to experiment, we want to know what you think is the ultimate knock-out plant combination. For your efforts we offer:

1st Prize: $150 Gift Certificate at Phoenix
2nd Prize: $100 Gift Certificate at Phoenix
3rd Prize: $50 Gift Certificate at Phoenix
Honourable Mentions: Fame but not fortune but you do get a Phoenix Perennials T-Shirt!

Each of the winning combinations, as well as the honourable mentions, will be showcased in a special display at the nursery through the month of July.

Here are the instructions:

1. Your plant combination should be suitable for a pot, small bed or section of a larger bed. Your combination does not have to exist in real life or be planted up - you could think it up in your head and enter your plant list. Maybe it's a dream combination you're planning for next year.
2. It must include 5-7 different species or cultivars of perennials. A few annuals may be acceptable but combinations based mostly on annuals will be disqualified.
3. Your combination can be in any style you desire (english cottage, formal, subtropical, alpine, drought tolerant,... anything you can imagine). Just make it fabulous.
4. The submissions will be judged on leaf combinations (size, shape, texture, colour, etc.) and on flower combinations (colour scheme, size, etc). They will also be judged based on creativity and degree of "wow" factor.
5. Each entry should include a short paragraph of why you chose those particular plants and why you think that combination is particularly great. Here's your chance to convince us! If you have a photograph of your plant combination, please attach that to your email or mail it in with your entry as it will undoubtedly help your case.
6. Download an entry form from our website. To email it back: Fill it out on your computer, save it on your computer, then attach it to an email and send it back to To mail it in simply print it off, fill it out by hand and mail it, fax it, or drop it off at the nursery. 3380 No. 6 Rd., Richmond, BC, V6V 1P5, Fax: 604-270-4133.
7. Submissions are due by June 26th, 2011 . The winners will be announced in the July E-newsletter.
8. Maximum three entries per person.
9. Your entries must conform to the above instructions so that they can be judged against the other entries. Entries that do not meet the above criteria might not be considered.
9. The entries will be judged by Gary Lewis, owner of Phoenix Perennials, and by the talented Phoenicians.

We're looking forward to your entries!
Get them in soon! These are great prizes.


National Plastics Recycling Week
June 25th - July 4th, 2011

During National Plastics Recycling Week Phoenix Perennials will be collecting nursery plastics for recycling. Bring your nursery plastics down to the nursery and deposit them in the designated bins.

We can only accept: We cannot accept:
  • Plastic garden pots
  • Plastic flats/trays
  • Plastic plant tags
  • Irrigation pipe
  • Greenhouse poly
  • Fertilizer bags
  • Soil bags
  • Clay
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Edging
  • Hoses
  • Tools
  • Trash
  • Filled Containers
All plastics and containers must be empty of soil and plant material. Phoenix Perennials is volunteering our time and space for this important initiative. Please help us to keep everything organized and to keep non-recyclable items out of the bins.
We will not be accepting recyclables before or after the designated dates.

Click here to find other participating nurseries in the Lower Mainland and across Canada: asp?PageID=924&ContentID=1386


for Fathers on Fathers' Day Weekend!*
June 18th and 19th

Bring your children, grandchildren
of them) to show us that you're a Dad and get your free GUY-Lardia (Gaillardia or Blanket Flower)!*

*With purchase over $10 before taxes, Saturday and Sunday June 18th and 19th, while supplies last.



Special Workshop Offer for June

Buy a Spot in June Workshop
and Bring a Friend for Free!


KIDS SERIES | Kool Plants for Kids | Instructor: Gary Lewis | Sat June 11th, 10-11am | $10 | Phoenix Perennials owner Gary Lewis has been fascinated by the world of plants since he was a little boy. In this workshop participants will be introduced to all kinds of cool plants like carnivorous plants that eat bugs, plants that smell like chocolate or peanut butter, plants that are fun to touch and feel, and plants with cool names and fun stories. Each participant will go home with a free present from Gary to start their plant collections. Parents may listen in to the workshop or browse the nursery while their kids are having all the fun!

CONTAINER SERIES | Colour Without Flowers?: Create a Technicolour Container with Fantastic Foliage | Instructor: Belinda | Sun June 12th, 10am-12pm | $18 | Never before have there been so many options for amazing foliage plants. Belinda will introduce you to a wide range of plants with great foliage that add invaluable colour to the garden. She will also talk about artfully combining foliage for maximum impact in both the garden and containers. Participants will then have the opportunity to plant up their own container with fantastic foliage plants. Please bring your own large pot (minimum 12-14 inches in diametre) with enough space for at least 3 to 5 one gallon perennials. A large, black, seven gallon plastic pot can be provided at an additional cost of $7. Please order your pot when you book your workshop. The price of the workshop includes your potting mix but not the plants you use.

POWER OF PERENNIALS SERIES | Top Plant Performers for the West Coast Garden: Summer | Instructor: Shelley | Sat June 18th, 10am-12pm | $16 | Do you want to know what the best performing perennials are for summer? Shelley will introduce you to a selection of top plant performers for West Coast gardens that provide great seasonal interest. She will also provide seasonal maintenance tips. This course could be the most important step you take to transform your garden from ordinary to extraordinary! For a full year of top plants sign up for the two other sessions: Spring and Fall and Winter.

POWER OF PERENNIALS SERIES | Sizzling Succulents: Drama, Structure and Intrigue with Succulent Foliage | Instructor: Gary Lewis | Sun June 19th, 1-3pm | $16 | Sit down with Gary for an introduction to the fascinating world of succulents for the garden. Gary will focus on a variety of hardy and non-hardy plants including Agave, Echeveria, Aeonium, Yucca, Dasylirion, Sempervivum and Sedum. Few plants can offer such structure, drama and intrigue as succulents in the garden.


Booking Workshops

Spaces are limited. Please call (604-270-4133) or visit the nursery to book your space. Payment is required when booking. If you would like to take advantage of one of our special offers please let us know at the start of your booking.

Each workshop requires a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 15-25 depending on the workshop. If the minimum is not met we may not be able to run the workshop in which case we will contact you a few days before the scheduled date of the workshop and give you a credit towards another class, a credit at the nursery, or a refund.

If you are unable to attend a workshop you have already signed up for please give us 3 days notice. We would be happy to give you a credit towards another class or a credit at the nursery. We cannot offer credits, however, unless you let us know 3 days in advance of your workshop that you cannot attend.



Charity Shopping Weekends 2011
June - The South Van Gogo Grannies in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation's Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign

Who are the Gogo Grannies?: The Greater Vancouver Gogo Grannies are a motivated group of concerned Canadian grandmothers who, with 200 other grandmother groups across Canada have come together with the sole purpose of raising money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation's Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign. This campaign seeks to raise awareness and funds for African grandmothers who are raising orphans of the AIDS pandemic. "Gogo" means grandmother in Zulu. In many parts of Africa much of the young adult generation has been decimated leaving behind their orphaned children and their grieving, aging parents. Into this void, through their grief and in societies that often disenfranchise the voices of women, the grandmothers of Africa are stepping up to raise the next generation with limited resources and support.

Since the launch of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign in 2006, more than 200 groups of Canadian grandmothers have taken up the call to action and together have raised over $12,000,000 for the campaign. The Stephen Lewis Foundation directs these funds to community-level organizations in 14 sub-Saharan African countries that provide grandmothers with much needed support, such as food, housing grants, school fees for their grandchildren and grief counselling.

For more information please visit: and

Charity Shopping Weekends are a way for Phoenix Perennials to give back to the community while helping to introduce gardeners to our nursery. Each month one charity or group of charities has been selected to participate in a Weekend. During that Saturday and Sunday 25% of each purchase made by a customer who tells us they are there for that charity's Weekend will be donated to the charity. Since 2004 we have raised over $8800 for local charities and institutions.

June 11th & 12th, 2011 The South Van GoGo Grannies for the Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign
July 2nd & 3rd, 2011 The Richmond Schoolyard Society
The Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre
The Kitsilano Community Garden Community
Sept 17th & 18th, 2011 The Arts Council of Richmond
The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA)



Fabulous at Phoenix
Gary's Picks of New, Notable and Luscious Plants at the Phoenix Candy Store

It's June and our selection is at peak! The nursery is chock full of all kinds of wonderful things to wow and excite you.

Cistus 'Mickie' - Rock Rose - This stable variegated form of Cistus hybridus has a low, mounding habit that hugs the ground and creates a super colorful, evergreen colorspot. 'Mickie' hales from northern Washington State and has survived some brutal winters. Charming white flowers punctuate the flashy foliage in May and June.

Clematis montana rubens 'MonSichuan' Pink-A-Boo - Anemone Clematis - It has a lot of names and perhaps it deserves it. This is a fantastic and intriguing Dan Hinkley introduction. The leaves are a unique plum purple. The flowers are white with a tinge of pink. These plants just arrived at the nursery. Dan tells me that the flowers are not fragrant but the plants are incredibly floriferous and the foliage, planted in full sun, is amazing.


Acer x conspicuum 'Phoenix' - Red Snakebark Maple - This rare and stunning snakebark maple has brilliant cherry red bark with hints of orange and yellow that is then striped with silver. The colouration is deepest in winter but continues well into spring and maintains good colour through summer, much longer than the coral bark maple, 'Sango Kaku'.The light green leaves are glossy and relatively large turning golden yellow in fall. A true collector's maple that I couldn't live without in my own garden where I have it placed where I can see it from my kitchen windows all year round.

Meyer's Lemon - Nothing says "cool host" and "talented gardener" like making a smart cocktail for your dinner guests with a lemon wedge from your own lemon tree! Meyer Lemons are a sweeter lemon with a thin skin. The flowers are heavenly in their fragrance.

We also have Eureka Lemons and Mexican Thornless Limes.

Hydrangea macrophylla Buttons and Bows - Hydrangea - A compact-growing shrub to only 4-5 feet with sensational deep-pink flowers. Each petal is edged in white. Large mophead flower emerge pale green and brighten to pink. Great for containers and foreground plantings.
Hydrangea macrophylla Cityline Series 'Paris'- Hydrangea - Intense pinkish-red summer flowers are long lasting, maturing to an attractive green with age. This new and improved hybrid from Germany has tight sturdy stems, grows to about 3 feet tall and is extremely mildew resistant. Excellent colorful addition to perennial or shrub borders, as a hedge, in mixed containers, or as a cut flower.
Hydrangea macrophylla Cityline Series 'Rio'- Hydrangea - This compact early-blooming Hydrangea grows to only three feet. It has one of the best blue-colored flowers and attractive glossy foliage. It has an striking green eye when opening, is long-blooming, and extremely mildew resistant. Adds drama to mixed containers, borders, or cut flower arrangements.
Hydrangea macrophylla Cityline Series 'Venice'- Hydrangea - Large hot pink summer flowers mature to an attractive green with age. The glossy green foliage is very disease resistant. This new and improved hybrid from Germany has a compact form with tight sturdy stems requiring minimal pruning. Excellent massed in perennial or shrub borders, in mixed containers, or as a cut flower.
Hydrangea Incrediball -- Hydrangea - This adaptable shrub produces huge flowers (as much as 12" across) and is both reliable and beautiful. Flowers open green, then mature to white before turning green at the end of their life cycle. Very cold hardy Incrediball blooms on new growth so even very cold winters won't keep it from blooming. The flowers are held upright on very sturdy stems, so they don't flop.
Hydrangea Invincibelle Spirit -- Hydrangea - Invincibelle Spirit is as hardy and adaptable as Annabelle but produces loads of pink mophead flowers from early summer to frost. Dark pink buds open to hot pink flowers, fading to soft pink and finally to green. This hardy adaptable native is a reliable bloomer in the North and is also heat tolerant. The breeders of this plant, Proven Winners, donates $1 from the sale of every plant to the Breast Cancer Research Foudnation.

Hydrangea Little Lime - Hydrangea - A new dwarf form of the popular Limelight Hydrangea, Little Lime sports the same great flower power but in a smaller package. Attractive green summer flowers turn pink in fall. This hardy selection blooms every year. Excellent in mixed border or foundation plantings or as a cut flower. Grows to 3 to 5 feet.
Bignonia capreolata 'Tangerine Beauty' - Cross Vine - This uncommon but easy to grow vine provides abundant tangerine blooms over a long season. Attaches itself to most surfaces by tendrils. Full sun. Zone 6-9. Semi-evergreen to evergreen.
Arisaema sikokianum - Cobra Lily - One of the most desirable of all cobra lilies with its incredible burgundy spathe, pure white interior and pure white knobbed spadis. This selection even has silver-centred foliage! Plant in well-drained soil that is dryish in the winter such as on a slope or near or under evergreen shrubs or trees.
Musa 'Siam Ruby' - Ornamental Banana - This incredible new ornamental banana has large, paddle-shaped, dark red leaves coloured with chartreuse green-yellow speckles. Pseudostem color is burgundy red as well. Thrives in hot, humid areas. Good in containers, useful near pools. Provides colourful focal points to tropical gardens.
Allium 'Globemaster' - Ornamental Onion - Ornamental onions offer intriguing spherical or egg-shaped inflorescences comprised of hundreds of tiny flowers. ‘Globemaster’ is absolutely one of the best alliums -- sparkling silvery pinkish purple softball to volleyball sized flowers that produce secondary florets which extend the bloom time. Blooms with the bearded irises. Available in spring as potted plants and in fall as dry bulbs.
Cypripedium pubescens -- Hardy Lady's Slipper Orchid - This is a beautiful native hardy lady’s slipper orchid with a golden yellow pouch and twisted purple to burgundy petals. The flowers are faintly scented (fruity to vanilla). A very choice plant for the partial shade of a woodland garden in a well-drained humus-rich soil. Once considered to be the circumboreal C. calceolus (which occurs in Europe and Asia), now our North American plants are considered to be their own closely related species, C. parviflorum. Large plants, great value.

Primula vialii - Primrose -- This unique primrose has pagoda like inflorescences with red buds opening to lavender pink flowers. It is very unique for this genus. Moist soils in part sun.

Melianthus major - Peanut Butter Plant -- This intriguing plant has beautiful rippled and dissected pinnate, powdery blue foliage on stems between three and six feet. It is shy to flower in our climate though I have seen the intriguing red spikes on a few occasions in Vancouver and Victoria. The most interesting aspect of this plant is the fragrance of the foliage which is very close to that of peanut butter. Plant with chocolate cosmos, Cosmos atrosanguineus, to turn your border into a peanut butter cup!
Hebe anomala 'Purpurea Nana' -- Hebe -- A favourite at the nursery: this very effective evergreen shrub of unusual and striking texture forms a mound of tiny green leaves with plum-tinted tips. Flowers are palest pinky-white. H. anomala is the hardiest hebe we have yet seen surviving winters that have gone to minus 17 degrees Celsius without a scratch!
Agave americana 'Mediopicta Alba' - Century Plant - This beautiful variegated form has bluish green leaves with a creamy white centre. Perfect for creating pots of high visual impact on your patio or balcony. Underplant with Echeveria for a sophisticated touch. Reportedly hardy to minus nine Celsius, larger plants will likely be fairly hardy if kept dry and given some protection from cold. Smaller plants make a distinctive and no nonsense houseplant over the winter in a sunny window. Available in small quantities and not every year.
Fremontodendron 'California Glory' - California Flannel Bush - 'California Glory' is a fast-growing shrub or small tree which will reach six to ten feet in our area. It is festooned with large yellow hibiscus-like flowers over a long period through spring and summer. Somewhat short-lived, flannel bush should be planted against the south wall of the house or grown in a pot where it can be moved to a frost free or more protected location. A hybrid between F. californicum and F. mexicanum two species that hail from the family that also brings you chocolate!
Echinacea 'Secret Passion' - Not-So-Purple Coneflower - Bright, flamingo pink double cones and contrasting lighter pink ray florets. In addition, 'Secret Passion' blooms and blooms and blooms all summer and fall. It has a well branched, compact habit. You can use 'Secret Passion' en masse for the border, in a mixed bed, and as a cut flower. Part of the new Secret Series of mid-size double-flowered coneflowers.
Heuchera 'Midnight Bayou' - Coralbells - Maple-like leaves of purple with black veins provide an excellent foil for silver-leaved or pink-flowered plants. The leaf colour changes with the season from silvered purple to red purple.
Heuchera 'Fire Chief' - Coralbells - Mid-sized leaves of glowing wine red make a gorgeous medium sized mound. These are topped with bicoloured pink and white flowers on dark red stems that bloom continuously spring, summer, and fall. The foliage develops somewhat deeper tones in the winter, but otherwise holds its wine red colour.
Heuchera 'Lime Marmalade' - Coralbells - ‘Lime Marmalade’ is a lime foliaged sport of 'Marmalade'. It is super vigorous and full of ruffles and shiny golden and lime green leaves. Compared to 'Lime Rickey', 'Lime Marmalade' features a bigger, "landscape sized" form and in our experience at Phoenix, much better sun tolerance. Use in containers as well as in mixed beds, and masses. Easy to grow with good drainage.
Heucherella 'Sweet Tea' - Foamy Bells - Huge cinnamon stars at the centre of each leaf are surrounded by the loveliest orange tea coloured borders. A new instant classic for containers and garden. Undeniably the most intensely coloured heucherella ever! The big, palmately cut leaves darken in the summer and lighten up again in the fall. Its Heuchera villosa breeding gives it a big bold habit and heat and humidity tolerance.
Albizia julibrissin 'Summer Chocolate' - Silk Tree - This beautiful small tree has luxuriant feathery foliage of rich purple and burgundy topped for 2-3 months in summer with masses of fuzzy pink spheres. It is one of the few flowering trees that bloom in the summer and thus extremely useful. Overall this is a great subtropical contribution to the garden. The wood of this tree is not particularly strong, so plant where it will be protected from our winter wind storms.
Aloe polyphylla - Spiral Aloe - This stunning endangered aloe from the mountains of Lesotho (the mountain kingdom surrounded by South Africa) features light green leaves arranged in a spiral that becomes more and more pronounced as the plant matures. In its native habitat it experiences sharp drainage, winter frosts and snow, and cool summers with ample moisture. Plant on a slope in full to partial sun in very well-drained soil or in a pot. It is hardy in zones 7b to 9. Our plants are grown from tissue culture.



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