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E-Newsletter: June 2010

The Phoenix Perennials E-Newsletter
June 2010

Hello from Phoenix Perennials!

Welcome to June, fellow gardeners! The nursery is looking great and the plants are VERY well watered! We are getting comments all the time that the nursery is better than it's ever been so do come down to have a look. We love to show it off. One lady said yesterday that it's so pretty we should charge admission! Hmmm... No. I think it will remain free to peruse all of our beautiful plants. The selection is currently incredible, if I do say so myself, and you're guaranteed to see tonnes of plants that you just won't find anywhere else.

This weekend don't miss our WINE Tasting with the theme of Summer Wines: Great Bottles for Patio and Garden, as well as our succulent wreath workshop, or our ornamental grass workshop. Our Great Plant Combination Contest is now open for entries. We can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Details and prize information are below. We must say farewell to long-time Phoenician Diane who is moving out of town. See below for an ode to Diane. We have a new product for you, some lovely ornamental deer cages. Have a look at the pics. We also have two sets of Charity Shopping Weekends coming up this month to benefit participating Richmond Schools, the Youth Naturalists' Club of BC, and the CH.I.L.D Foundation. And last but not least this month's installment of Fabulous at Phoenix.

Sedum 'Capo Blanco' 1 gallon pots!

The sidewalk sale includes solid performance perennials: Sedum 'Capo Blanco', 'Vera Jameson', sieboldii; Coreopsis 'Moonbeam' and 'Zagreb'; Platycodon (Balloon Flower) blue and white; Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm' (Black-Eyed Susan); Geranium sanguineum; Perovskia 'Little Spire' (Russian Sage); Euphorbia 'Robbiae' (Mrs Robb's Bonnet); Campanula 'Blue Clips', 'White Clips', and 'Stella'; Centranthus rubra (Valerian)

Premium Perennial Sidewalk Sale

All Plants Now $7.99!
Two gallon pots $13.99
(No quantity restrictions. Wow!)

Regular Price: $11.99
Buy 5 plants or more mix and match: $9.99
Buy 10 plants or more mix and match: $7.99

While supplies last.


Extended Hours Until July
Sun-Wed 10am-5pm
Thurs-Sat 10am-6pm

See you at the nursery soon!

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians


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In this Issue

1. Great Plant Combination Contest
2. Farewell to our Diane!
3. Upcoming Workshops: WINE Tasting, Ornamental Grasses and Succulent Wreaths
4. Ornamental Deer Cages
5. Upcoming Charity Shopping Weekends

6. Upcoming Speaking Engagements by Phoenix Perennials Owner Gary Lewis
7. Fabulous at Phoenix: Gary's Picks of New, Notable and Luscious Plants at the Phoenix Candy Store


The Sixth Annual Phoenix Perennials
Great Plant Combination Contest

A great garden is not just great plants grown well.
A great garden hinges on great plant combinations.

Now that your gardening powers are greater than they've ever been and you've had a good part of this season to experiment, we want to know what you think is the ultimate knock-out plant combination. For your efforts we offer:

1st Prize: $150 Gift Certificate at Phoenix
2nd Prize: $100 Gift Certificate at Phoenix
3rd Prize: $50 Gift Certificate at Phoenix
Honourable Mentions: Fame but not fortune but you do get a Phoenix Perennials T-Shirt!

Each of the winning combinations, as well as the honourable mentions, will be showcased in a special display at the nursery through the month of July, including during our Summer Sizzle Event July 9th, 10th, and 11th.

Here are the instructions:

1. Your plant combination should be suitable for a pot, small bed or section of a larger bed. Your combination does not have to exist in real life or be planted up - you could think it up in your head and enter your plant list. Maybe it's a dream combination you're planning for next year.
2. It must include 5-7 different species or cultivars of perennials. A few annuals may be acceptable but combinations based mostly on annuals will be disqualified.
3. Your combination can be in any style you desire (english cottage, formal, subtropical, alpine, drought tolerant,... anything you can imagine). Just make it fabulous.
4. The submissions will be judged on leaf combinations (size, shape, texture, colour, etc.) and on flower combinations (colour scheme, size, etc). They will also be judged based on creativity and degree of "wow" factor.
5. Each entry should include a short paragraph of why you chose those particular plants and why you think that combination is particularly great. Here's your chance to convince us! If you have a photograph of your plant combination, please attach that to your email or mail it in with your entry as it will undoubtedly help your case.
6. Download an entry form from our website. To email it back: Fill it out on your computer, save it on your computer, then attach it to an email and send it back to To mail it in simply print it off, fill it out by hand and mail it, fax it, or drop it off at the nursery. 3380 No. 6 Rd., Richmond, BC, V6V 1P5, Fax: 604-270-4133.
7. Submissions are due by June 28th, 2010 . The winners will be announced in the July E-newsletter.
8. Maximum three entries per person.
9. Your entries must conform to the above instructions so that they can be judged against the other entries. Entries that do not meet the above criteria might not be considered.
9. The entries will be judged by Gary Lewis, owner of Phoenix Perennials, and by the talented Phoenicians.

Early Bird Entry Draw
Send in your submission(s) by June 16th at 5pm and you will be entered into a draw to win a $25 gift certificate! You are allowed three submissions and each one will get you an entry into the draw for a total of three possible entries in the early bird draw!

We're looking forward to your entries!
Get them in soon! These are great prizes.


Farewell to our Diane!

Long time Phoenician, Diane, is moving to the Sunshine Coast and we would like to wish her happiness and success on her new journey!

Diane's relationship with the nursery started as a customer when she was running the Earthwise Garden and came to us looking for unique native and non-native plants for the garden. She soon joined our ranks as a Phoenician.

In her time at the nursery Diane's knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for gardening has inspired her fellow co-workers as well as all the customers she has helped through the years.

Diane has been one of our long-time workshop instructors teaching subjects often related to environmentally friendly gardening practices; attracting beneficial bees, birds and hummingbirds to the garden; shade gardening, and more. Diane has also been one of our in-house designers working with our In-Nursery Design Service. With this service Diane provided one on one design advice for our design clients one of which, Cherry from Richmond, went on to win our Great Plant Combination Contest with all the new design skills she learned from Diane.

Diane has helped to build and shape the nursery into what it is today. Without her it wouldn't have been the same. Thank you Diane for all of your hard work, your great spirit and your contributions to the nursery.

Diane will be working Sunday through Tuesday June 6, 7, 8 and 13, 14, 15 for any customers that would like to come to the nursery to say good bye to Diane. Perhaps if enough people ask she might come down to the city to teach a few workshops next year!

Diane, we're going to miss you!



Upcoming Workshops

POWER OF PERENNIALS SERIES | Grasses that Captivate: The Transformative Powers of Ornamental Grasses | Instructor: Shelley Brignall |Saturday June 5th, 10am-12pm | $16 | The popularity of ornamental grasses continues to grow as gardeners discover their many virtues. Don't get it yet? Come to this informative talk and learn what grasses can do for you and your garden. Already enamoured with ornamental grasses? You'll love this workshop too. You'll get tips on using them for best effect in your garden design. As well, you'll be introduced to several cultivars you might not have seen before.

GARDEN LIVING SERIES | Summer Wines: Great Bottles for Patio and Garden |
structor: Randy Rae | Saturday June 5th, 1:30pm-3:30pm | $30 | At this wine tasting you will be introduced to a number of delicious and refreshing well-priced wines perfect for the summer patio and garden. From bubbles to whites and light reds, you will learn about and taste some great solutions for summer entertaining or for just kicking back in your garden and enjoying the fruits of your labours! Though the theme remains the same this year, all the wines will be different from previous years. After the guided tasting there will be a reception with wine, cheese and nibblies and a chance to discuss the wines informally with your instructor and your fellow classmates!

NEW SESSION ADDED! CONTAINER SERIES | Living Wreaths: Plant Up a Wreath with Fantastic Succulents | Instructor: Felice Andersen | Sunday June 6th, 1pm-3pm | $18 + $35 Wreath Frame = $53* | And you thought wreaths were only for Christmas time! Felice will introduce you to an intriguing idea in succulent gardening – planting up a wreath with sempervivums, echeverias, sedums and other interesting succulents. You can hang them on your sunny door or gate or lay them on a table as a centrepiece. No matter how you use them you’ll be sure to wow everyone with this unique garden feature. After some general instruction, each participant will have the opportunity to design and plant up their own wreath! *Includes a high quality wreath frame, moss and potting mix. The plants you select are not included.


Booking Workshops

Spaces are limited. Please call (604-270-4133) or visit the nursery to book your space. Payment is required when booking. If you would like to take advantage of one of our special offers please let us know at the start of your booking.


Ornamental Deer Cages

Are your prize trees, shrubs and perennials feeding the local deer population rather than your gardening soul?
Are you looking for an ornamental option to protect your prize plants that doesn't include the sleek elegant barrel of a shotgun?


How about an ornamental deer cage?

These ornamental deer cages can be placed in the garden to protect delicate and delectable trees, shrubs and perennials.

They are hand made by Jon, a local artisan, who calls these his Stella series. Every cage is different. They are made of light weight but strong galvanized steel. They are attractive and functional. They can be left as a buff silver or painted black for a more classic look that will disappear more into the garden.

One is great, but as a group they really shine and, interestingly, look great from a distance or up close.

The cages can also be used to support vines and other plants in the garden.

We will have a selection of different works available at the nursery. They will be priced attractively for their first introductory year.

Custom sizes and designs available upon request.



Phoenix Perennials presents
Charity Shopping Weekends 2010
Shop for Plants and Support our Local Charities and Institutions

Welcome to our Charity Shopping Weekend Program for 2010 -- a fun way for Phoenix Perennials to give back to the community and for customers of Phoenix Perennials to feel less guilty about their insatiable plant buying habits.

How it Works: Every month we will hold a Charity Shopping Weekend to benefit a local charity or charities. Those who wish to support the month's charity can come shopping at Phoenix Perennials on the designated Saturday and Sunday. When you pay for your plants, tell us that you have come to support the charity and we will donate 25% of the price of your plants to this worthy cause. If there is more than one charity on the weekend be sure to tell us which charity you would like to support. But remember: you must tell us why you have come to the nursery on that day or we won't know to donate the proceeds from your sale. Other than that, it's pretty simple: all you have to do is shop!

We are running our June and July Charity Shopping Weekends both in the month of June. See below.

Here is this year's list of charities and their dates:

This Month's Charity Shopping Weekend
Sat & Sun June 12th and 13th

The Young Naturalists' Club of BC - A charity that works to reconnect children and nature through a unique program of volunteer-led nature clubs around the province.
Participating Richmond District Schools:

McRoberts Secondary
Alfred Dixon Elementary
R.C. Talmey Elementary
James Thompson Elementary
Walter Lee Elementary
Lord Byng Elementary

Do you have or know school age children in Richmond? If so, please let their school know about our Charity Shopping Weekend for Richmond District Schools in June and have each school call or email to sign up. All schools are invited to participate but we have had some difficulty contacting all of the Parent Advisory Council chairpersons.

This Month's Charity Shopping Weekend
Sat & Sun June 26th and 27th
CH.I.L.D Foundation - Working to find a cure through research efforts for children suffering from Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and liver disorders.
September This month is still available if there are any new charities that are interested in our program.

Mark your Calendars! See you at the Charity Shopping Weekend!


Upcoming Speaking Engagements
by Phoenix Perennials Owner Gary Lewis

These talks are open to the public. There may be an entrance fee to these events and garden group meetings. It would be great to see you there!

Avoiding the Summer Doldrums: Great Plants for High Summer and Early Fall Does your garden look fabulous in the spring only to have its vibrant colours fade with the summer heat?  Gary offers advice on how to avoid these summer doldrums and recommends a host of great garden plants to keep colour in the garden through the hot months of the year. At the end Gary will “show and tell” a select group of plants from the talk.

Langley Garden Club

Monday July 12th, 7pm

Contact Lesley for more details:



Fabulous at Phoenix
Gary's Picks of New, Notable and Luscious Plants at the Phoenix Candy Store

June continues to be a fantastically overwhelming month for perennials at Phoenix. Our new production of unique perennials are coming ready every day. As they do we move them over to our retail side. In Fabulous at Phoenix I can barely scratch the surface of all that is available!

Xeronema callistemon – Poor Knights Lily – A plant native to Poor Knights and adjacent islands off the coast of New Zealand, Poor Knights Lily is a fantastic and intriguing plant. Iris-like foliage gives rise to bottle brush flowers in deep orange-red. Excellent in pots – being pot bound encourages more flowers. Hardy to zone 9 – can take a little frost but best kept above 5 degrees C or brought in as a houseplant in winter.

Baptisia Twilite Prairieblues - False Indigo - Deep purple buds open to smoky violet-purple flowers with lemon yellow keels. The long-lasting flowers appear on upright spikes in late spring about 1-2 weeks later than ‘Starlite Prairieblues’. Three year old plants can have 100+ flowering stems! Continued interest is provided by the attractive, blue-green, trifoliate foliage and the charcoal black seed pods in fall. This is a large cultivar growing up to five feet tall so give it plenty of room to grow. A hybrid of B. australis x sphaerocarpa. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.Very cool. This is a fas
Meconopsis 'Lingholm' - Himalayan Blue Poppy - One of the holy grails of the botanical world, the Himalayan Blue Poppy. Count yourself lucky to live in one of the few places in the world with a suitable climate for growing these fabulous plants. ‘Lingholm’ is a hybrid group between M. betonicifolia and M. grandis which should be longer-lived than straight M. betonicifolia. The flowers are from three to five inches across in pale to deep sky blue. Prefers peaty, well-drained soil that is kept evenly moist in summer and bright but indirect light.

Phoenix Fresh Veggies! - It's veggie season. We have all kinds of yummy and intriguing heirloom and cool modern vegetables at this time of year. You can't get much more local than your own backyard, patio or balcony. Many of our veggies can be grown in containers or in the garden.

Upcoming Workshop: Phoenix Fresh Veggies: Plant Up a Container with Unusual and Heirloom Varieties | Instructor: Shelley Brignall | Saturday May 22nd, 10am-12pm |

Heucherella 'Sweet Tea' - Foamy Bells - Huge cinnamon stars at the centre of each leaf are surrounded by the loveliest orange tea coloured borders. A new instant classic for containers and garden. Undeniably the most intensely coloured heucherella ever! The big, palmately cut leaves darken in the summer and lighten up again in the fall. Its Heuchera villosa breeding gives it a big bold habit and heat and humidity tolerance.
Heuchera 'Plum Royale' - Coral Bells - ‘Plum Royale' is the first heuchera to have amazing, shiny purple leaves all summer! Winter foliage is silver with a purple tint. Wonderful as an accent or en masse. Pink-white flowers on dark peduncles, excellent vigour, and a mounding, compact habit.
Heuchera 'Fire Chief' - Coral Bells - Mid-sized leaves of glowing wine red make a gorgeous medium sized mound. These are topped with bicoloured pink and white flowers on dark red stems that bloom continuously spring, summer, and fall. The foliage develops somewhat deeper tones in the winter, but otherwise holds its wine red colour.
Delphinium New Millenium Strains - Selected in New Zealand, the New Millennium delphinium strains outperform all other tall types and offer some astonishingly rich shades of purple, dark blue, sky blue, pink, dusty rose, and white. The stems are strong and the plants are generally longer lived than other tall delphiniums. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.
Rhododendron arboreum ssp. arboreum - Rhododendron - These plants have a distinctly different, almost primeval quality. R. arboreum ssp. arboreum has red flowers (occasionally white or pink) and elliptic leaves up to seven and a half inches long. The leaves have a silvery white fuzzy indumentum on the undersides. Grows to six feet in 10 years. Blooms in early spring. From India, Nepal and Bhutan.Once used to
Rhododendron cinnabarinum ssp. xanthocodon - Rhododendron - Campanulate, semi-pendant, yellow, orange, apricot or purple flowers. The leaves are broadly elliptic, four inches long and strongly fragrant like cinnamon when rubbed! Grows to five feet in 10 years. Blooms in mid to late spring. From India, Bhutan and Tibet.
Rhododendron fortunei - Rhododendron - Open to funnel-shaped, pale lavender or pale pink to white, fragrant flowers. Trusses hold 5-12 flowers each. The leaves are up to seven inches long, with a purplish petiole (leaf stem). Grows to six feet in 10 years. Blooms in mid to late spring. From China.
Aquilegia canadensis 'Little Lanterns' - Columbine - ‘Little Lanterns’ is a selection from the eastern counterpart to our BC native A. formosa. It is short in stature, but free with flowers. Numerous pendant flowers in shades of red and yellow cover the plant in late spring. This selection is consistently shorter in stature and more intense in colour than the species making it a better garden plant. Popular with hummingbirds. Tolerant of dry shade.
Echinacea 'Hot Papaya' - Not-So-Purple Coneflower - Sizzling, red orange, double cones with falling tails heat up the sun border in summer. Contrasting dark burgundy, sturdy stems. Upright, with lance-shaped leaves. From the Cone-fections Series which offers reliably hardy, very floriferous, stocky plants with strong sturdy stems. Wonderful planted en masse and superb as a cut flower. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.
Echinacea 'Green Jewel' - Not-So-Purple Coneflower - This incredibly unique echinacea was discovered by Piet Oudolf. Light green ray petals surround the large, green cone of this sweetly fragrant coneflower. The plants have an upright habit and a height of just 20-24 inches, so no staking is required. Praised for their cheerful brightly coloured flowers, coneflowers are a mainstay in today's garden. The dried seed heads provide architectural interest in the winter and are a good food source for finches and other birds. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.
Echinacea 'Tiki Torch' - Not-So-Purple Coneflower - The gorgeous, large, bright, pumpkin orange flowers with red centres are one of the best orange echinaceas. This plant has strong, upright stems and excellent vigour. Plant in well-drained, not so rich soils.
Lilium 'Landini' - Asiatic Lily - This is the darkest lily available! Burgundy-black flowers open on sturdy stems of more than eight flowers each. This lily has created quite a stir at the nursery (selling out every year) and with visitors to my garden (asking with lust in their eyes if there are more at the nursery). If you love “black” flowers or bold, rich colours then you need ‘Landini’. Asiatic lilies are unscented and grace garden beds or pots with bright, diverse colours in June. Plant in groups of 3 to 5 for best effect.
Arisaema sikokianum 'Patterned Selection' - Blanket Flower - One of the most desirable of all cobra lilies with its incredible burgundy spathe, pure white interior and pure white knobbed spadis. This selection even has silver-centred foliage! Plant in well-drained soil that is dryish in the winter such as on a slope or near or under evergreen shrubs or trees.
Agastache 'Summer Fiesta - Anise Hyssop - Agastache are incredibly useful for clouds of colour through the summer months. ‘Summer Fiesta’ has outstanding dense, spicy orange red spikes produced in masses. One of the best attributes of the Summer Series is an unfading calyx that clasps the flower which does not brown like other agastache, giving it a much longer lasting spike. Even without a single flower on the spike, it still appears to be in bloom! Provide full sun and good drainage.
Agastache 'Summer Love - Anise Hyssop - Agastache are incredibly useful for clouds of colour through the summer months. ‘Summer Love’ has massive numbers of densely clustered large dark pink flowers that bloom all summer and into fall. Three feet tall with bright green, fragrant foliage. One of the best attributes of the Summer Series is an unfading calyx that clasps the flower which does not brown like other agastache, giving it a much longer lasting spike. Even without a single flower on the spike, it still has colour! Sun, dry soil.
Cardiocrinum giganteum - Giant Himalayan Lily - Thick stems from six to ten feet hold large, white, intensely fragrant trumpets with burgundy throats that will tower above your shade garden and be the inspiration for a hastily arranged garden party! This lily takes seven years to bloom from seed and then dies, leaving behind bulblets that will bloom in two to three years. Until flowering they resemble a large shiny hosta. Plant a few bulbs each year to establish your colony. This year we have bulbs of various sizes for various budgets.
Buddleia davidii 'Santana' - Butterfly Bush - An exciting new variegated butterfly bush with green leaves edged in bright yellow. They set off the purple-red flower panicles nicely from summer well into fall. Butterfly bushes make a wonderful backdrop for perennials, and you'll love the butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds that flock to their honey-scented blossoms. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.
Buddleia davidii 'Bicolor' - Butterfly Bush - ‘Bicolor’ is the first buddleia ever to offer two completely different colours on the same inflorescence! Fragrant, lavender and butterscotch yellow flowers blend together for a fascinating bicolour effect. Panicles grow up to 10 inches long and show up well against the clean grey-green foliage. Compact growth habit. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.
Hosta (mini) 'Cracker Crumbs' - Plantain Lily - This fast growing sport of 'Shiny Penny' features wavy chartreuse-yellow leaves edged with a narrow green margin. Tiny lavender flowers top the 12 inch wide clump in midsummer. A nice addition to the popular group of miniature hostas. Miniature hostas are great in shady containers or troughs, at the front of the border or along pathways. They are a boon to gardeners with small spaces.
Albizia julibrissin 'Summer Chocolate' - Silk Tree - This beautiful small tree has luxuriant feathery foliage of rich purple and burgundy topped for 2-3 months in summer with masses of fuzzy pink spheres. It is one of the few flowering trees that bloom in the summer and thus extremely useful. Overall this is a great subtropical contribution to the garden. The wood of this tree is not particularly strong, so plant where it will be protected from our winter wind storms.
Dahlia Bishop Series - Dahlia - This excellent series of burgundy-leaved dahlias includes the classic ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ (red) as well as the Bishops of Auckland (dark red), Canterbury (rosy red), Oxford (orange), York (yellow) and Leicester (lavender). These dahlias are fairly hardy in our climate and don't need to be lifted if planted in a protected, sunny spot in well-drained soil. A protective mulch is recommended.
Rheum palmatum 'Tanguticum' - Ornamental Rhubarb - This form of species palmatum has large toothed leaves with green tops and intense rosy-purple reverses. It continues to produce new, freshly coloured leaves until late summer. Tall spires of tiny white flowers reach skywards in early summer. A truly dramatic focal plant. Prefers a deep, humus-rich, moisture retentive yet well-drained soil in sun or semi-shade.
Dianthus 'Strawberry Sorbet' - Pinks -'Strawberry Sorbet' has intricately patterned deep velvety red flowers with bright pink splotched petals and a matching picotee edge. Each fragrant blossom measures about 1 1/2 inches wide, providing terrific colour impact in the garden or in containers. They contrast superbly with the mounded, blue-green foliage. A member of the Dessert Series whose plants tend to be very vigorous with a more open habit than the Star Series. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.
Dianthus 'Pomegranate Kiss' - Pinks - This deep velvety burgundy-red, fragrant, double selection has petals that are irregularly splashed and streaked with rose pink and have a matching sharply serrated, rose pink edge. The flowers lighten a bit in colour as they age. They contrast superbly with the glaucous blue-green, grassy foliage. Use this short selection to line sunny pathways or in rock gardens. A member of the Fruit Punch Series. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.
Dianthus barbatus 'Heart Attack' - Sweet William - Very deep crimson red, carnation-like flowers really make a statement up against the glossy, dark green, lance-like foliage. The leaves are deep red when they emerge in spring. In trials this cultivar has proven to have more perennial characteristics than others in the species which are biennial. Additionally, sweet williams have a tendency to be more perennial with our benign winters in coastal BC. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'White Giant' - Calla Lily - This fantastic, imposing, giant selection of Z. aethiopica features five foot clumps of white-speckled, ruffled arrow-shaped leaves topped by seven foot tall flower stems carrying the classic white boot-shaped calla flower. For full sun and average to moist soils. Semi-evergreen through most of the winter.
Aloe polyphylla - Spiral Aloe - This stunning endangered aloe from the mountains of Lesotho (the mountain kingdom surrounded by South Africa) features light green leaves arranged in a spiral that becomes more and more pronounced as the plant matures. In its native habitat it experiences sharp drainage, winter frosts and snow, and cool summers with ample moisture. Plant on a slope in full to partial sun in very well-drained soil or in a pot. It is hardy in zones 7b to 9. Our plants are grown from tissue culture.


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