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E-Newsletter: May 2009


The Phoenix Perennials E-Newsletter
May 2009

Hello from Phoenix Perennials!

Yeah for Spring! It's as if Mother Nature felt guilty for this winter she just put us through and decided to give us some sun for a bit (except perhaps for this week!). The nursery is now jam-packed with plants with more arriving or coming ready from our production side every day. Every week, even every few days the nursery changes dramatically!

Speaking of mothers don't miss our special Mothers' Day Stargazer Lily give-away. If you're a Mom bring your kids or a picture of them to get a free lily! We also have a contest to win a guided tour for four people on the Greenheart Canopy Walkway at the UBC Botanical Garden.

In this e-newsletter you'll find pics from last month's Easter Plant Hunt, you'll meet the Phoenicians, you'll find out about workshops, home renovation tax credits, our In-Nursery Design Service, and upcoming talks, events and Charity Shopping Weekends. You'll also find this year's first installment of Fabulous at Phoenix filled with a small selection of not-to-be-missed plants.

And [drum roll please!] introducing our extended summer hours. We'll be staying open an extra hour on Thursday and Friday (so you have more time when you rush to the nursery after work) and on Saturday so you can browse to your heart's content.

Extended Summer Hours
Sunday to Wednesday 10-5
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10-6

(Until July 18th, 2009 when we go back to Seven Days a Week, 10-5)

See you soon at the nursery!

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians

The search for B.C.’s best garden is on.

Enter yours for a chance to win a $3,500 prize package including a $500 Phoenix Perennials gift certificate!

Click here for more details


In this Issue

1. Free Stargazer Lily for Mothers on Mothers' Day Weekend!
2. Contest: Win a Guided Tour for Four on the new Greenheart Canopy Walkway at UBC Botanical Garden
3. The Great Easter Plant Hunt: Pics from last month's special event
4. Meet the Phoenicians
5. Upcoming Workshops
6. The Home Renovation Tax Credit
7. The In-Nursery Design Service
8. Upcoming Talks by Phoenix Perennials Owner Gary Lewis
9. Upcoming Events: The World Rose Festival
10. Charity Shopping Weekend to Benefit the Richmond Therapeutic Equestrian Services
11. Fabulous at Phoenix: Gary's Picks of New, Notable and Luscious Plants at the Phoenix Candy Store


Free Stargazer Lily
for Mothers on Mothers' Day Weekend!*

Bring your children, grandchildren or furry children or a picture
of them to get your free lily!

*With purchase over $10, Saturday and Sunday May 9th and 10th, while supplies last.


Win a Guided Tour for Four on the new
Greenheart Canopy Walkway at UBC Botanical Garden

Experience nature high above the forest floor with a guided tour on the new Greenheart Canopy Walkway. Located in the David C. Lam Asian Garden at UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research, this 308-metre (1010 feet) aerial trail system offers a rare perspective on the natural beauty of the west coast forest canopy eco-system. (Tour aprox. 40 mins.)

For more information please visit
visitorinfo/ greenheart-canopy-walkway.php

To enter the contest:
1. Send an email with "Greenheart" in the subject line.
2. Answer this skill testing question: What height does the Greenheart Canopy Walkway reach?


Phoenix Perennials presents
The Great Easter Plant Hunt
An Easter "egg" hunt for gardeners

On a very rainy cold Easter Sunday 45 brave souls came to the nursery at 10am sharp for our first annual easter plant hunt. They won lots of fabulous prizes by hunting for easter eggs to see what was inside - chocolate and fabulous prizes. They won gift certificates, books, t-shirts, free plants and discounts off of plants. Here are some images from the day.

These Easter Plant Bunnies sure were tired after hiding over 200 eggs!

Waiting for the Hunt to start.

The Easter Plant bunnies had to hide the eggs in the greenhouse because it was raining so hard outside. Here are people hunting for the eggs.

Opening up the eggs to reveal the prizes!

Mother and Daughter both win some big prizes.

More winning bunnies!

See you next year!



Meet the Phoenicians

They're not long lost people from the ancient world, they're my lovely and talented staff. When I took over at Phoenix five seasons ago I had two wonderful part time employees. Now there are a lot more! Each one of them brings their unique personalities, talents, and enthusiasm to the nursery. Together they are working hard to bring you a fun, exciting, and inspiring nursery experience. Here they are, the Phoenicians:

Kathleen - This is Kathleen's fourth year at Phoenix and her third as our retail manager. She is friendly, practical, and loves working at the nursery. While she knows that her days off are important for recharging she can't wait to get back to the nursery. Look to Kathleen, as I do, to keep things organized and to help you out if you have any questions or concerns. She'll always do so with a smile and a sincere willingness to help.
Natascha - Natascha is our production manager. Her job is to make sure everything grows! Her favourite word is FUN! Though sometimes when more plants fly in from far flung corners of the world she does wonder how we're going to get it all potted up and where we're going to put it all! She is positive, efficient, and cheeky. She'll be the one telling you that you're just teasing yourself by sneaking over to her production side because the plants there aren't for sale yet!

Diane - You'll appreciate Diane's dry sense of humour and her keen knowledge of plants and of gardening (especially using earth-friendly methods). This is Diane's third year at Phoenix. Diane offers a number of workshops at the nursery on gardening and design for which she is much appreciated by her students for her wealth of experience and knowledge. Diane is also one of the certified designers that will be working with clients of our In-Nursery Design Service. She has a great sense for design and a keen desire to help you discover your perfect garden.

For more information on our In-Nursery Design Service visit the main page of our website at

Shelley - Shelley is a dynamo who started on our production side but has been working the past couple years on retail where she shares with customers her great love of plants and design. Last year Shelley completed the UBC Certificate in Garden Design with great accolades from her instructors. Watch out! This woman has talent and a passion for plants and design. Shelley will be helping out with our In-Nursery Design Service this year.

For more information on our In-Nursery Design Service visit the main page of our website at

Monica - Monica brings to Phoenix a sense of Swiss efficiency and practicality, a great Swiss German accent, a good sense of humour, and a love of plants. This is Monica's second season at Phoenix. She has been working hard on our production side to get all of our plants potted up for the season. The plants keep arriving and Monica keeps potting.
Belinda - Belinda gardens with plants from the "mundane to the sublime." You'll appreciate her calm demeanour and her great plant knowledge, plus her ability to find plants that you just can't resist. She also speaks Cantonese and Hindi in case you'd like to talk plants in either of those languages. This is Belinda's third year at Phoenix.
Rika - Rika has been working hard on our production side to get everything potted up. She's a machine! But a friendly, lovely, intelligent machine with a love of plants and gardening. We call her the Dahlia Queen because she always seems to get stuck potting up the hundreds of dahlias!

Diana - Our irreplaceable "cash girl" and my step mom Diana keeps the line moving at the front of the nursery and helps divest of you fill credit cards and empty bank accounts - in trade for fabulous plants of course!



Ted - Ted is our friendly and zaney plant nut. If no one else knows about a certain plant, Ted will. Ted is an avid gardener and plant collector. You can count on Ted for great plant advice delivered with his unique and endearing sense of humour. This is Ted's fourth year at Phoenix.
Jo - Jo has rejoined us after a hiatus of one year during which she was focussing on her almost-completed degree at UBC. She is now cheerfully working part-time on our retail side helping you find all the plants you desire. Jo is our resident bibliophile. If you want to talk gardening books and gardening writers, she's your gal.
Nick - Our weekend warrior can be found hunting for horsetail, hauling plants, moving soil, filling pots, painting tables and just generally helping out wherever he's needed. Nick is a highschool student (hands off ladies, he's only 15!) and a talented track and field athlete. Watch for him in the Olympics one day.

Léa - Léa will be joining us in late June as our second Phoenician Intern. She is from France and is currently enrolled at the National Institute of Horticulture in Angers where she is working on her degree in Landscaping and Horticulture.

Léa is looking for two months accomodation while working in Vancouver from late June until mid August. Please see below for details.

Gary - I'm Gary, the owner of Phoenix Perennials and a lover of all things botanical, especially if they look like an alien maw about to swallow my head! When I took over at Phoenix five years ago I wanted to create a nursery that I would want to shop at - a place brimming with an unparalleled selection of garden plants. I have drawn inspiration from all of my favourite nurseries at home and abroad and combined those ideas with many of my own to create a place that I hope you'll think is something special.

The flower posing malevolently with me in the picture is a tropical Aristolochia or Dutchman's pipe.

A Home for Léa our new Phoenician Intern

Léa will be arriving in Vancouver from France in late June (about June 20th) to complete a two month internship required by her degree program in Landscaping and Horticulture. She will be spending two months living in Vancouver and working full time at the nursery. She is looking for accomodation with a Canadian family. She would prefer accomodation within cycling distance to the nursery or on a convenient transit route. If you are interested in billeting her for two months this summer please contact Gary at Let me know your address and about the members of your household. Léa expects to pay her way though she is looking for accomodation that is also easy on her budget as she is a student.




Upcoming Workshops

This Weekend!

CONTAINER SERIES | Containers to Die For: Discover the Easy Secrets to Success with Perennial Containers | Instructor: Cliff Thorbes | Saturday May 9th, two workshops starting at 10am and 2pm | $15 | This is a fun hands-on workshop for gardeners of all levels who are interested in learning how to successfully create gorgeous perennial containers. After some practical and design instruction each participant will plant up and take home their own container. Please bring your own large pot (minimum 12-14 inches in diametre) with enough space for at least 3 to 5 one gallon perennials. A large, black, seven gallon plastic pot can be provided at an additional cost of $6. Please order your pot when you book your workshop.

DOWN TO EARTH SERIES | Phoenix Fresh Herbs: Plant Up a Container with Great Culinary Herbs | Instructor: Shelley Brignall | Saturday May 16th, 10am | $15 | In this companion workshop to Phoenix Fresh Veggies you will learn about growing annual and perennial culinary herbs in containers and garden beds. After some practical and design instruction each participant will plant up and take home their own herb container. Please bring your own large pot (minimum 12-14 inches in diametre). A large, black, seven gallon plastic pot can be provided at an additional cost of $6. Please order your pot when you book your workshop.
DOWN TO EARTH SERIES | Phoenix Fresh Veggies: Plant Up a Container with Unusual and Heirloom Varieties | Instructor: Shelley Brignall | Saturday May 23rd, 10am | $15 | You can’t eat much more locally than your own back yard! Shelley will introduce you to a host of cool, unusual and heirloom vegetables including purple tomatoes, rainbow-coloured greens, squash and cucumbers that grow on bushes, spinach that grows on vines, peas with blue pods, and white eggplants. After some practical and design instruction each participant will plant up and take home their own veggie container. Please bring your own large pot (minimum 12-14 inches in diametre). A large, black, seven gallon plastic pot can be provided at an additional cost of $6. Please order your pot when you book your workshop.
GARDEN LIVING SERIES | The Grill and the Grape: Great Wines for Barbecue Season | Instructor: Randy Rae | Saturday May 30th, 2pm | $30 | In this wine tasting you will be introduced to a number of big, bold and delicious well-priced wines perfect for pairing with barbecued meats, salmon, and vegetables.
POWER OF PERENNIALS SERIES | The Fragrant Garden: Planning for Year-Round Olfactory Bliss | Instructor: Belinda Cardoso | Saturday June 6th, 10am | $15 | It is possible to have fragrance in the garden almost all year round. Join Belinda, Phoenix Perennials’ fragrance expert, for a tour of myriad enchanting perennials, shrubs and vines that, while offering beautiful foliage, form, and flowers, will also contribute the enchanting dimension of scent to your garden.
DOWN TO EARTH SERIES | The Buzz of Beneficials: Plant Up a Container to Attract Butterflies, Birds and Hummingbirds to your Garden | Instructor: Diane Brown | Saturday June 13th, 10am | $15 | In this workshop you'll learn how to attract butterflies, birds,  hummingbirds and beneficial insects to your garden beds and planters through the careful selection of beautiful plants loved by our favourite garden visitors. In the second half of the workshop participants will plant up a container to act as a bird and butterfly magnet for their gardens. Please bring your own large pot (minimum 12-14 inches in diametre). A large, black, seven gallon plastic pot can be provided at an additional cost of $6. Please order your pot when you book your workshop.
GARDEN LIVING SERIES | Summer Wines: Great Bottles for Patio and Garden Instructor: Randy Rae | Saturday July 19th, 3pm, at the Summer Sizzle | $30 | In this wine tasting you will be introduced to a number of delicious and refreshing well-priced wines perfect for the summer patio and garden. From bubbles to whites and light reds, you will learn about and taste some great solutions for summer entertaining or for just kicking back in your garden and enjoying the fruits of your labours!



POWER OF PERENNIALS SERIES | Grasses that Captivate: The Transformative Powers of Ornamental Grasses | Instructor: Shelley Brignall | Saturday September 12th, 10am | $15 |

DOWN TO EARTH SERIES | Phoenix Fresh Winter Veggies: Plant Up a Container with Cool Season Edibles | Instructor: Shelley Brignall | Saturday September 19th, 10am | $15 |

CONTAINER SERIES | Jewels of the Spring Garden: Bulbs for Spring Containers | Instructor: Shelley Brignall | Saturday September 26th, 10am | $15 |


CONTAINER SERIES | Winter Containers to Die For: Plant Up a Container to Create Winter Interest | Instructor: Cliff Thorbes | Saturday October 3rd, two workshops starting at 10am and 2pm | $15 |

Booking Workshops

Spaces are limited. Please call (604-270-4133) or visit the nursery to book your space. Payment is required when booking. If you would like to take advantage of one of our special offers please let us know at the start of your booking.

Each workshop requires a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 15-25 depending on the workshop. If the minimum is not met we may not be able to run the workshop in which case we will contact you a few days before the scheduled date of the workshop and give you a credit towards another class, a credit at the nursery, or a refund.

Workshop participants will receive a 15% discount on any purchases they wish to make the day of their workshop. We cannot give rainchecks on this discount so please plan for enough time to do some shopping after your workshop or head off for some lunch and then return in the afternoon.


The Home Renovation Tax Credit

[Note: I'm reprinting this article from last month just to remind you. It's a great year to make improvements to your home and garden.]

The Government of Canada has introduced a special tax credit for gardeners and home improvement afficionados. For expenditures between $1000 and $10,000 you can receive 15% back up to a maximum of $1350 when you file your 2009 tax return. The eligibility period is from January 27th, 2009 until February 1st 2010. So this upcoming year is a great time to make improvements to your house and garden - put in new beds, renovate old beds, or put in that new garden feature you have always wanted.

You can view more information here.

What Can I Claim?
• laying new sod
purchasing trees, shrubs, perennials
• decks, retaining walls, pathways
• irrigation and lighting systems
• ponds and waterfalls
• garden sheds
• professional landscape design services
• professional landscape contractor services

This is the perfect time to landscape your front and/or backyard. To be eligible, expenditures incurred in relation to a renovation or alteration to an eligible dwelling (or the land that forms part of the eligible dwelling) must be of an enduring nature and integral to the dwelling, and includes the cost of labour and professional services, building materials, fixtures, rentals, and permits.

Who Can Claim? About 4.6 million families in Canada are expected to benefit from the credit. Taxpayers can claim the HRTC when filing their 2009 tax return. Eligibility for the HRTC is family based. For the purpose of the credit, a family is generally considered to consist of an individual, and where applicable, the individual’s spouse or common-law partner. Family members will be able to share the credit.



The In-Nursery Design Service
Are you new to the vast world of perennials?
Or just stuck for design ideas?
Do you want to plant a brand new garden bed?
Or do you need to spruce up an existing border?

We offer in-nursery consultations with trained design professionals in a fun streamlined process that will get you the results you crave at a great value. Our goal is to help you design a garden that reflects you and your tastes. To do this we will work with you at the nursery to develop a design that you'll love filled with plants that you love. This service will also save you time and money by helping you avoid many of the pitfalls related to plant selection and design that can detract from the success of your garden space. This is a service for the do-it-yourself gardener who wants to plant the garden themselves. While we can give advice on hardscape, our main focus is on softscaping, that is the selection and artful combination of plants for an existing space.

What we do:

  • Meet with you one-on-one at the nursery along with your questionnaire, photos and measurements of your space.
  • Help you to design new beds or renovate existing ones.
  • Help you to select plant material to match your taste and goals.
  • Help you to select only plants that will succeed in your landscape.
  • Send you home with a plant by number diagram so you can plant up your new garden!

What we don't do:

  • We do not visit your site.
  • We do not do the planting for you.
  • We can make suggestions about hardscape but don't design it for you since you can only plan this type of project by visiting the site.
  • We don't provide a detailed landscape plan.

(If what you are looking for is listed in this last section you will need to hire a designer or landscaper. We would be happy to make some suggestions.)

How it Works
1. Fill our our questionnaire with questions about your goals for your space, your taste in design and plants, and details of the size, soil and light conditions in your garden. We would also like you to provide us with some pictures of your space at this time. Part of the questionnaire requires you to list plants that you like. We recommend that you spend a half hour to an hour at the nursery perusing our vast selection of perennials and listing the ones that you find interesting.

2. Hand in your questionnaire and book a time to return to the nursery for your design consultation. Before you return, your designer will look over the information you've provided and begin thinking about your space.

3. Return to the nursery for your design consultation at the pre-arranged time. Your designer will work with you to select the perfect perennials for your site and goals and then show you how to incorporate them into a beautiful design. If you like, we will send you home with a plant-by-number diagram!

4. Take your plants home and get planting. We would love it if you could send us your before and after pictures!

This service will cost $45 per hour, much less than the average cost of a design consultation. The minimum is one hour. Periods less than an hour will be charged in half hour increments of $22.50 each. When we have done these kinds of consulations in the past we have found that the average time required is usually one to three hours, though some larger projects have required four or more hours. For larger spaces we suggest a few separate visits so you can work on manageable pieces each time.

If you have any questions, please call the nursery at 604-270-4133 or view our website for more information.



Upcoming Talks by Phoenix Perennials Owner Gary Lewis

Among Kangaroo Paws and Grass Trees: The Incredible Spring Flora of Western Australia

Wednesday May 13th, 7:30 pm, VanDusen Botanical Gardens, Floral Hall, 37th and Oak, Vancouver.

Presented by the Alpine Garden Club of BC. Please call Philip MacDougall for more information 604 580 3219.



Upcoming Events

World Rose Festival
The Ultimate Rose Experience
June 19th-21st, 2009
Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre

Roses, rose shows, rose gardens, rose workshops, rose markets, rose artwork, rose culinary treats – join us in celebrating and experiencing the Rose!

The World Rose Festival offers an amazing variety of events, all highlighting the beauty of the rose. Thousands of rose blooms will be on display!

Phoenix Perennials will be presenting a 1000 square foot signature display garden at the Festival which will be held in the new portion of the Convention Centre under the giant green roof.

Advance tickets available at Phoenix Perennials.

Advance tickets $18
At the door $22
Seniors/students $16 available at the door only with valid ID

For more information visit the World Rose Festival website.



Phoenix Perennials Charity Shopping Weekend
to benefit the
North American Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society (IDEAS)
Saturday May 30th and Sunday May 31st, 2009

Welcome to our upcoming Charity Shopping Weekend -- a fun way for Phoenix Perennials to give back to the community and for customers of Phoenix Perennials to feel less guilty about their plant buying habits.

What is the North American Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society (IDEAS)?:The mission of IDEAS is to raise awareness of gastrointestinal diseases and disorders through education and public campaigns based on ability rather than disability. The emphasis is on funding education and related activity programs for children, youth and young adults to improve understanding of gastrointestinal disease and to remove the stigma associated with the illnesses; and on funding research with an emphasis on children and youth living with gastrointestinal diseases particularly in respect to quality of life, health and well being.

For more information please visit:

How it Works: Gardeners who wish to support IDEAS can come shopping at Phoenix Perennials on the designated dates. When you pay for your plants, tell us that you have come to support this charity and we will donate 25% of the price of your plants to this worthy cause. But remember: you must tell us why you have come to the nursery on that day or we won't know to donate the proceeds from your sale. Other than that, it's pretty simple: all you have to do is shop!

Mark your Calendars! See you at the Charity Shopping Weekend!


Fabulous at Phoenix
Gary's Picks of New, Notable and Luscious Plants at the Phoenix Candy Store

Romneya coulteri - California Tree Poppy - These upright blue-green foliaged poppies are deciduous subshrubs that prefer a large sunny space in well-drained soil. For this you will be rewarded with an almost continuous display of large, pure white, crinkled petals with prominent raised yellow stamens that appear on the ends of each stem and look like fried eggs sunny side up! Hard to establish and resents being moved - so choose the spot well! Cut back to the base in winter and mulch, if exposed.


Cypripedium formosanum - Formosa Lady's Slipper Orchid - This exquisite hardy lady’s slipper is endemic to high altitude regions of Taiwan and blooms in our area in mid spring. The flowers have a large pale pink pouch with white or pale pink petals and sepals spotted with darker pink or red. The rounded, light green leaves are pleated like a fan and provide much interest after the flowers have faded. This species is very easy to cultivate in an average shade garden and a good first introduction to growing hardy ground orchids.
Cypripedium parviflorum (calceolus) - Lady's Slipper Orchid - This is a beautiful native hardy lady’s slipper orchid with a golden yellow pouch and twisted purple to burgundy petals. The flowers are faintly scented (fruity to vanilla). A very choice plant for the partial shade of a woodland garden in a well-drained humus-rich soil. Once considered to be the circumboreal C. calceolus (which occurs in Europe and Asia), now our North American plants are considered to be their own closely related species, C. parviflorum. Large plants, great value.
Meconopsis betonicifolia - Himalayan Blue Poppy - One of the holy grails of the botanical world, the Himalayan Blue Poppy. Count yourself lucky to live in one of the few places in the world with a suitable climate for growing these fabulous plants. The flowers are three to four inches across in pale to deep sky blue. Prefers rich, peaty, well-drained soil that is kept evenly moist in summer and bright but indirect light.
Cornus kousa 'Wolf Eyes' - Korean Dogwood - An upright deciduous tree with green leaves variegated with white. Prefers sun/partial shade in well-drained soil. 8' tall x 5' wide in 10 years. Hardy to -20 degrees. USDA zone 5.
Cornus kousa 'Summer Fun' - Korean Dogwood - A spectacular upright, small deciduous tree with lush green and cream-white variegated leaves. White flowers in June and in fall the leaves become flush with pink and soft orange hues. Prefers sun/partial shade in well-drained soil. 8' tall x 4' wide in 10 years. Hardy to -20 degrees. USDA zone 5.
Arisaema utile - Cobra Lily - This gorgeous Himalayan species has a dark purple spathe-tube with raised, white veins. The huge, shiny, silky purple spathe-limb looks like large butterfly wings. The trifoliate leaves have red, wavy margins and prominent purplish veins underneath. Hooker, an early explorer in Sikkim, observed this species “surrounded by a luxuriant vegetation of most beautiful rhododendrons in full flower, willow, white rose, white-flowered cherry, thorn, maples, and birch.” Sounds like a Vancouver garden!
Acer x conspicuum 'Phoenix' - Red Snakebark Maple - This rare and stunning red striped snakebark maple has brilliant bark colouration in winter consisting of cherry red with hints of orange and yellow. The colouration continues well into spring and I'm currently watching my new plant to see how long the colour lasts into the spring, certainly a lot longer than my coral bark maple 'Sango Kaku'.The light green leaves are glossy and relatively large turning golden yellow in fall. A true collector's maple, we have two specimens only and they are $249.99 each. (Just helping you avoid sticker shock!)
Lavandula 'Blue Cushion' - Lavender - ‘Blue Cushion’ is a very compact lavender growing to about 16 inches with beautiful grey-green foliage smothered with blue-lavender flowers over a long period in summer. The dwarf cushioning habit is particularly valuable for those who find their other lavenders get large and leggy. Full sun, dry soils. Shear lavenders lightly in early spring just as they begin growth and again after flowering to keep tidy.
Eryngium planum 'Jade Frost' - Sea Holly - This intriguing member of the carrot family is a garden favourite for its true blue thimble like inflorescences held above equally blue thistly bracts. Now add some variegation to the picture. 'Jade Frost' has green leaves with white to creamy white variegation that is pink in cool temperatures. A must have for those who love blue flowers and variegation.
Echinacea purpurea'Pink Double Delight' - Purple Coneflower - This fully double coneflower has a magenta “afro” of petals in place of the cone. Definitely the perfect plant when you desire something over the top!
Lysichiton americanum - Skunk Cabbage - It’s funny how we ignore our native skunk cabbage when the Brits make such stunning use of it in their gardens. A harbinger of spring in the wild moist places of BC these swamp lanterns lift their golden yellow spathes in early spring which are followed by large "tropical" foliage. Moist soil, bog gardens or containers without drainage.
Aquilegia formosana and canadensis - Columbine - Two red columbines, one from the west coast and one from the east. Grow in part sun to part shade in average garden shows. Popular with hummingbirds.
Echinacea purpurea 'Vintage Wine' - Purple Coneflower - This is a richly-coloured new cultivar of the popular purple coneflower with deep purple-red flowers with shorter, non-reflexed petals. Bound to be very popular this year. Plant in full sun in average (not overly rich), well-drained soils. Avoid soils that are overly moist in winter.
Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Gold Rush' - Dawn Redwood - This is a fabulous gold foliaged version of the Dawn Redwood. This is a fast-growing tree, reaching 15-20 feet in ten years, after 20 or more years it will reach 50 feet. After that, it may reach 100 feet. It has not been in cultivation long enough for it to reach its full potential. In the Pacific Northwest, the gold foliage will not burn in full sun, unlike other gold foliage that has this tendency.
Wollemia nobilis - Wollemi Pine - Known only from Jurassic fossils and thought to have gone extinct with the dinosaurs, the Wollemi pine was found in 1994 by a park ranger in an innaccessible canyon of Wollemi National Park, Australia -- the botanical equivalent of finding a Tyranosaurus rex alive today! It has beautiful and intriguing bluish green foliage. Grow it as a houseplant (like its cousin the Norfolk Island pine) or outside. Recent trials suggest hardiness to zone 7b. Supplies are good for 2008 but spotty for 2009.
Heirloom Tomatoes - Arriving this week at the nursery are the first of the heirloom tomatoes. All kinds of delicious and unique varieties to grow yourselves in a nice hot sunny spot in the garden or in pots.
Lilium 'Landini' - Asiatic Lily - This is the darkest lily available! Burgundy-black flowers open on sturdy stems of more than eight flowers each. This lily has created quite a stir at the nursery (selling out every year) and with visitors to my garden (asking with lust in their eyes if there are more at the nursery). If you love “black” flowers or bold, rich colours then you need ‘Landini’. Asiatic lilies are unscented and grace garden beds or pots with bright, diverse colours in June. Plant in groups of 3 to 5 for best effect.

Thamnocalmus crassinodus - Blue Stem Bamboo - Billowing masses of exquisite tiny leaves on upright culms that emerge with a blue-grey bloom and turn deep-red with good light. Very tightly clump forming with a height of about 4 metres (12 feet). Best planted in shade.

Visit the nursery to discover a number of other truly clumping bamboos!

Edgeworthia chrysantha 'Akebono' - Paper Bush - Edgeworthia is hard to come by and this red form even more rare (the normal form of the species is yellow). Clusters of tomato soup red flowers emerge before the foliage in early spring. Flowers are sweetly fragrant. The light green long thin leaves emerge later offering a somewhat tropical look to this intriguing shrub.

And much, much more!



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