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E-Newsletter: Mid-June 2010

The Phoenix Perennials E-Newsletter
Mid-June 2010

Hello from Phoenix Perennials!

It's mid-June already but it kind of still feels like April, or as some people are calling it June-uary. I wish I could tell you when summer would arrive, fellow gardeners, but Mother Nature will give no hints! But we are gardeners, good hardy folk. We will soldier on and summer will come. Keep in mind though: It might be easier to solidier on with some colour in your life and, despite the cool spring, there is lots of inspiring colour at the nursery.

This weekend is Fathers' Day Weekend. We have a special FREE plant for Dads: GUY-Lardia! So if you're a gardener and a dad, come down for a free plant. OR, if you're a wife with a husband who's a dad drag him down to the nursery so you he can win you a free GUY-lardia. Remember we want to see your kids too or pictures of your kids to prove that you (or he) really is fathering the next generations!

Our Great Plant Combination Contest is now open for entries. The deadline is coming up on June 28th! As always, there haven't been that many people entering yet so get your entries in!

We also have a charity shopping weekend coming up for the CH.I.L.D Foundation.

And last but not least a kind of casual Fabulous at Phoenix that I've simply called Images from the Nursery.


Extended Hours Until July
Sun-Wed 10am-5pm
Thurs-Sat 10am-6pm

See you at the nursery soon!

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians


Sedum 'Capo Blanco' 1 gallon pots!

The sidewalk sale includes solid performance perennials: Sedum 'Capo Blanco', 'Vera Jameson', sieboldii; Coreopsis 'Moonbeam' and 'Zagreb'; Platycodon (Balloon Flower) blue and white; Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm' (Black-Eyed Susan); Geranium sanguineum; Perovskia 'Little Spire' (Russian Sage); Euphorbia 'Robbiae' (Mrs Robb's Bonnet); Campanula 'Blue Clips', 'White Clips', and 'Stella'; Centranthus rubra (Valerian)

Premium Perennial Sidewalk Sale

All Plants Now $7.99!
Two gallon pots $13.99
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Regular Price: $11.99
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While supplies last.


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In this Issue

1. Fathers' Day FREE GUY-lardia!
2. Great Plant Combination Contest
3. Upcoming Charity Shopping Weekends

4. Images from the Nursery


for Fathers on Fathers' Day Weekend!*

Bring your children, grandchildren or furry children (or a picture
of them) to show us that you're a Dad and get your free GUY-Lardia (Gaillardia or Blanket Flower)!*

*With purchase over $10 before taxes, Saturday and Sunday June 19th and 20th, while supplies last.



The Sixth Annual Phoenix Perennials
Great Plant Combination Contest

A great garden is not just great plants grown well.
A great garden hinges on great plant combinations.

Now that your gardening powers are greater than they've ever been and you've had a good part of this season to experiment, we want to know what you think is the ultimate knock-out plant combination. For your efforts we offer:

1st Prize: $150 Gift Certificate at Phoenix
2nd Prize: $100 Gift Certificate at Phoenix
3rd Prize: $50 Gift Certificate at Phoenix
Honourable Mentions: Fame but not fortune but you do get a Phoenix Perennials T-Shirt!

Each of the winning combinations, as well as the honourable mentions, will be showcased in a special display at the nursery through the month of July, including during our Summer Sizzle Event July 9th, 10th, and 11th.

Here are the instructions:

1. Your plant combination should be suitable for a pot, small bed or section of a larger bed. Your combination does not have to exist in real life or be planted up - you could think it up in your head and enter your plant list. Maybe it's a dream combination you're planning for next year.
2. It must include 5-7 different species or cultivars of perennials. A few annuals may be acceptable but combinations based mostly on annuals will be disqualified.
3. Your combination can be in any style you desire (english cottage, formal, subtropical, alpine, drought tolerant,... anything you can imagine). Just make it fabulous.
4. The submissions will be judged on leaf combinations (size, shape, texture, colour, etc.) and on flower combinations (colour scheme, size, etc). They will also be judged based on creativity and degree of "wow" factor.
5. Each entry should include a short paragraph of why you chose those particular plants and why you think that combination is particularly great. Here's your chance to convince us! If you have a photograph of your plant combination, please attach that to your email or mail it in with your entry as it will undoubtedly help your case.
6. Download an entry form from our website. To email it back: Fill it out on your computer, save it on your computer, then attach it to an email and send it back to To mail it in simply print it off, fill it out by hand and mail it, fax it, or drop it off at the nursery. 3380 No. 6 Rd., Richmond, BC, V6V 1P5, Fax: 604-270-4133.
7. Submissions are due by June 28th, 2010 . The winners will be announced in the July E-newsletter.
8. Maximum three entries per person.
9. Your entries must conform to the above instructions so that they can be judged against the other entries. Entries that do not meet the above criteria might not be considered.
9. The entries will be judged by Gary Lewis, owner of Phoenix Perennials, and by the talented Phoenicians.

Early Bird Entry Draw
Send in your submission(s) by June 16th at 5pm and you will be entered into a draw to win a $25 gift certificate! You are allowed three submissions and each one will get you an entry into the draw for a total of three possible entries in the early bird draw!

We're looking forward to your entries!
Get them in soon! These are great prizes.


Phoenix Perennials presents
Charity Shopping Weekends 2010
Shop for Plants and Support our Local Charities and Institutions

Welcome to our Charity Shopping Weekend Program for 2010 -- a fun way for Phoenix Perennials to give back to the community and for customers of Phoenix Perennials to feel less guilty about their insatiable plant buying habits.

How it Works: Every month we will hold a Charity Shopping Weekend to benefit a local charity or charities. Those who wish to support the month's charity can come shopping at Phoenix Perennials on the designated Saturday and Sunday. When you pay for your plants, tell us that you have come to support the charity and we will donate 25% of the price of your plants to this worthy cause. If there is more than one charity on the weekend be sure to tell us which charity you would like to support. But remember: you must tell us why you have come to the nursery on that day or we won't know to donate the proceeds from your sale. Other than that, it's pretty simple: all you have to do is shop!

We are running our June and July Charity Shopping Weekends both in the month of June. See below.

Here is this year's list of charities and their dates:

This Month's Charity Shopping Weekend
Sat & Sun June 26th and 27th
CH.I.L.D Foundation - Working to find a cure through research efforts for children suffering from Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and liver disorders.
September This month is still available if there are any new charities that are interested in our program.

Mark your Calendars! See you at the Charity Shopping Weekend!



Images from the Nursery

The nursery is starting to look like a giant garden filled with colour. Here are some images.

Kalmia 'Pink Charm'
Perennial Gerberas
Lilium 'Little Padye'
Colour Colour Colour
Cutting Edge Heuchera Display
Dahlia 'City of Lieden'
Gaillardia 'Amber Wheels'
Geum 'Totally Tangerine'
Eryngium 'Big Blue'
Salvia 'Sensation Deep Blue'
Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' - Flowers
Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' - Foliage
Perennial Gerberas
Dahlia 'Sunshine'
Hydrangea 'Endless Summer'
Salvia 'Wild Thing'
Dahlia 'Bishop of Leicester'
Dahlia 'Roxy'
Humulus 'Bianca' (Hops)
Gillenia trifoliata - very cool
Aloe striatula - A zone 8 aloe
Iris chrysographes


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