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Cistus Nursery Import by Phoenix Perennials 2017

Cistus Nursery ( is located near Portland, Oregon and specializes in hardy subtropicals, Mediterranean climate plants, plants from the southern hemisphere and other intriguing plants from around the world. Though Cistus will ship to individuals in Canada, the process can be costly and confusing for home gardeners. At Phoenix Perennials we have considerable experience importing plants from around the world and are teaming up with our friends at Cistus to make their plants more easily accessible north of the border.

Phoenix Perennials is organizing a group importation from Cistus Nursery. All plant costs and a small fee for phytosanitary inspection will be payable directly to Cistus in US dollars before your plants are shipped. A charge to cover all taxes, shipping, brokerage and border fees will be payable directly to Phoenix Perennials in Canadian dollars when you pick up your plants. The shipping costs are less than if you ordered the plants on your own and comparable to rates charged by Cistus for shipping within the US. We also offer you security and peace of mind as we shepherd your plants across the border and help them become Canadian citizens. An additional benefit is that plants will be shipped in open flats and not packed in boxes or barerooted so they will arrive in great condition. Your plants will experience none of the potential damage associated with packing.

If you are interested in acquiring some intriguing plants for your garden, please read on to find out more about the process, the deadline for placing orders, the estimated pick up date at Phoenix Perennials and the costs involved.

As you are ordering your plants you might want to compare your order with our Phoenix Perennials Online Encyclopedia and our Mail Order Site. Though Cistus has many, many plants not offered by Phoenix, we do overlap on some items. Last time a few people bought plants from Cistus that they could have gotten much more easily and cheaply from Phoenix thus saving their Cistus budget to buy different plants from south of the border.

Ordering Plants From Cistus

  1. Visit and peruse their mail order offerings. Compare your shortlist to the Phoenix Perennials Online Encyclopedia and our Mail Order Site to make sure we don't have the same plant. Due to the additional transportation and border costs it is better to only buy plants from Cistus that you can't get from Phoenix or elsewhere.
  2. Download the Cistus Order Form
    1. Complete the order form with your plant selections. Please be advised that certain plants are inadmissible into Canada such as Berberis, Camellia, Chaenomeles, Mahonia, Malus, and any other plants related to food crops grown in Canada. Other restrictions may exist as border restrictions change all the time. We will inform you as soon as we know if there are any problems with your selections.
    2. Beneath the plant subtotal in the field for the shipping cost add $0.50 per plant to cover the cost and administration of the phytosanitary certificate. Leave the Shipping Selection area blank.
    3. Fill out the Payment Info section in full including all of your contact information and your credit card payment details. Cistus Nursery will charge your credit card about one week before your plants are shipped. At this time the charge will be for the cost of your plants and the 50 cents per plant charge for the phytosanitary certificate.
    4. In the Delivery Info section write “Phoenix Perennials Group Import”.
    5. Print and mail or scan and email your order form to Cistus Nursery. You may also call in your order at (503)-621-2233 but if you can use the other methods you will save time for the Cistus staff. There is no need to inform Phoenix Perennials of your order. Cistus Nursery will inform us of all the details of your order.
    6. The deadline for orders to be received by Cistus Nursery is Sunday June 4th, 2017. Cistus reserves your plants for you as soon as you order them so it is best to get your order in as soon as possible. No additions or changes can be made after the order deadline.

Picking Up Your Plants from Phoenix Perennials

  1. We estimate that plants will be available for pick up starting on Friday June 16th, 2017. Please try to pick up your plants within a week of this date. If you need us to hold your plants for longer, please let us know.
  2. At the time of pick up we will charge you $15 or 40% of the value of your plants converted into Canadian dollars, whichever is greater. For instance, if you purchase a plant for US $14 and the US dollar is worth 35% more than ours at the time of shipping we would convert US $14 x 1.35 = CAN $18.90 and charge 40% of the Canadian dollar amount or $7.56 to import this plant (plus GST). Our importation costs are a complicated mix of fixed and percent costs. The 40% rate has been calculated to cover our costs and our time with a small buffer to cover unforeseen costs. As a comparison, shipping costs charged by Cistus for US destinations range between 20-40% for most areas so our rate for an international destination offers great value. Please note that larger plants not listed in the Mail Order catalogue may be subject to extra charges on a case by case basis since they could take up extra height on our shipping racks and increase our shipping costs. If you are wanting to purchase specimen size plants please contact us.
  3. For Canadian customers outside the Lower Mainland we can arrange to ship your plants to you anywhere in Canada. The 40% importation charge would apply plus shipping and packing charges to then ship to your location in Canada.


Have fun putting your order together!

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