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Special Garden Club or Group Programs

We offer various exciting options for garden clubs. Have owner Gary Lewis give a talk at your club meeting or visit the nursery for a free tour and to peruse one of Canada's largest and most exciting selections of perennials as well as select shrubs, trees, vines and edibles.

A Talk at your Garden Club Meeting
Gary is a fun and dynamic speaker who is passionate about plants and gardening. He currently offers six different Power Point-based talks filled with rich imagery, great stories and lots of information. These talks are:

Hot New Plants

Cutting Edge Garden Plants for Cutting Edge Gardens

Phoenix Perennials is among the first nurseries in Canada -- and even the world -- to offer new cultivars developed by the best international breeders. Gary will give you the inside track on recent new cutting edge garden plants and talk about where plant breeding is heading in the future. If you love new plants, you won't want to miss this talk! Because of the fast pace of perennial breeding this talk will likely have a full turnover of plants every 2-3 years. From year to year it will never be the same!


Jewels of the Winter and Spring Garden


Phoenix Perennials has become famous for our annual Hellebore Hurrah! Weekend each February which draws hundreds of gardeners from around the province and beyond to one of the largest selections of Hellebores offered in North America. In this presentation you’ll learn about the botany, ecology, and distribution of hellebores as well as their history in western gardens and the complex breeding required to arrive at the stunning array of modern forms. Gary will tour you through the best of what’s available today and speak to new directions in breeding. If you book this talk in February or March Gary will bring an array of hellebores to “show and tell” after the Power Point portion of the evening.

NEW in 2013!
Sizzling Succulents

Drama, Structure and Intrigue with Succulent Foliage and Flowers

Gary will introduce you to the fascinating world of succulents for the garden. He will show you a variety of hardy and non-hardy plants including Agave, Echeveria, Aeonium, Yucca, Dasylirion, Sempervivum, cacti, Delosperma, Sedum and more. He will discuss their geographical origins, their biology, their value in design and how to grow them in the garden and in containers. This talk is not Power Point-based but is a “show and tell” style talk in which Gary will bring a diversity of plants to enhance the lecture.

Among Kangaroo Paws and Grass Trees

The Incredible Spring Flora of Western Australia

Join Gary for a trip Down Under to explore an out of this world flora you have likely never even dreamed of – a world of banksias and feather flowers, donkey orchids and spider orchids, eucalypts and myrtles and, of course, kangaroo paws and grass trees. In this talk you’ll see wonderful photography from his trip as well as learn about why this area of the world is considered a biodiversity “hot spot.”

Weird and Wonderful Plants of the World

Botanically Intriguing Options for your Garden

Countless fascinating garden plants exist at the fringes of cultivation including many that have recently been introduced from the far-flung corners of the world. On this virtual tour of six continents you'll discover a multitude of rare, uncommon and underused perennials to add some botanical intrigue to your patio and garden. At the end Gary will “show and tell” a select group of plants from the talk.

Avoiding the Summer Doldrums

Great Plants for Summer and Fall


Does your garden look fabulous in the spring only to have its vibrant colours fade with the summer heat?  Gary offers advice on how to avoid these summer doldrums and recommends a host of great garden plants to keep colour in the garden through the hot months of the year. At the end Gary will “show and tell” a select group of plants from the talk.

Plants and Plant Ecology of the American Deserts

A Botanical Travelogue

Travel with Gary Lewis on a tour of California and Arizona and discover the intriguing plants that inhabit the challenging desert environments of the American Southwest. This presentation includes stunning imagery of blooming cacti and other desert wildflowers and draws on ecology, biogeography and botany to paint a picture of a fascinating botanical environment.

Guided Tour of the Nursery and Show and Tell with Phoenix Perennials Owner Gary Lewis

All you have to do is tell us when you'd like to come!

We'll provide a free owner-guided nursery tour and a show and tell of exciting plants tailored to your groups interests!

We request a minimum of 12 people.

Custom Workshops for Garden Clubs and Groups
Many of our workshops from our regular workshop schedule can be done privately for your garden club or for other interested groups such as for team building activities for your workplace. To view these workshops click here. Or, if there is a different subject you would like covered, please let us know.

Please contact us to receive an information sheet on these options and for more details.

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