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Buying Plants: Landscapers and Garden Designers

Dear Landscaper/Garden Designer,

Phoenix Perennials is now at the start of its seventh season and I would like to take this opportunity to say hello and to let you know how Phoenix might benefit your business.

At Phoenix our main focus is perennials. We offer the hottest cutting edge cultivars, the best tried and true garden stalwarts, and the rare and unusual. We also have a great selection of shrubs, vines, groundcovers, hardy subtropicals, small trees, dwarf conifers, alpines, hardy and non-hardy succulents, and many plants that are best described as botanically intriguing.

Since I took over in 2004 our selection has grown from 600 different species and cultivars to over 4000 different garden plants in 2010. We are proud to offer one of the largest and most exciting selections of perennials in Canada. As a retail grower we grow the majority of our own stock most of which is in #1 pots. We also stock high quality and choice offerings from some of the region’s best wholesale growers in #1 to #15 sizes.

As a retailer we work hard to keep our finger on the pulse of the needs, desires and aspirations of home gardeners -- people who are also your clients. What strikes us over and over is the delight homeowners of all gardening levels experience when they find something different. Even beginner gardeners or non-gardeners who wouldn’t be able to name an iris or a geranium still recognize these plants as normal and and want something that is different and intriguing. We believe that at Phoenix Perennials we are uniquely prepared to help you raise the bar on your plant palette and improve your projects.

The Phoenix Perennials Difference:

  • Incredible Selection: 4000 species and cultivars, the majority of which we grow ourselves. These are complimented by plants sourced from the best growers in BC, Washington, Oregon, and California. Please inquire at the nursery to receive a copy of our 2010 Plant List.
  • One Stop Shopping: Our huge selection means we offer as close to one stop shopping as you can get in the Lower Mainland for perennials.
  • Sourcing: Through our wide range of contacts we have access to thousands more species and cultivars. Having trouble finding something? Let us help you.
  • Great Design + Great Plants = Satisfied Long Term Customers and lots of Referrals: Set yourself apart from your competition by taking your plant selections to the next level by discovering intriguing new options that will excite you and your clients. Home owners love to feel they have something new and unique of which they can be proud and show off to their friends. You can build those bragging rights into your projects so your clients keep talking about you and the plants you selected for years to come.
  • Performance: Our landscape and retail customers continually marvel at how well the plants they purchase from us perform in their gardens. The plants we grow ourselves are started from the highest grade bulbs, plugs and bare root perennials available. They are planted in a high quality soil mix and given a full season’s worth of slow release fertilizer. When perennials are grown well they are ready to take off in the landscape. The same is true of the finished product we bring in – great product from great growers equals great performance.
  • Professional Development with our Workshops: Some of our landscape clients have taken advantage of our extensive workshop program by attending with their staff. The workshops have helped them to become more knowledgeable on select topics, to provide better service to their clients, and to empower and motivate their employees. 
  • Website and Searchable Database: Some of our landscape clients have found our searchable database very useful for themselves and their clients. The database currently lists 1200 different plants. Another 400 will be added shortly. Eventually we plan to list most of the 4000 plants we carry each year. You can search by botanical and common names and by various special searches including BC Native Plants, Evergreen Plants, Fragrant Plants and more. You can also use our Perfect Plant Search to search by any combination of Plant Type, Light Exposure, Soil Moisture, Bloom Colour, Foliage Colour, and Hardiness. This capability could help you find the perfect plant for a situation that has you stumped. Some of our landscapers have also referred their clients to the searchable database so their clients can become familiar with the plants proposed in their designs.
  • Location: You don’t have to go out to the valley to get the plants you need. We are centrally located near the south end of the Knight Street bridge in East Richmond. Our location makes us especially convenient for installation jobs in Vancouver, Burnaby, the North Shore, New Westminster, Delta, Surrey, White Rock, and Richmond.
  • Delivery: We can arrange delivery within the Lower Mainland with three days notice. We charge only what we are charged by the shipping company.
  • The Phoenicians: The staff at Phoenix Perennials are some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable in the Lower Mainland. They are happy to point you in the right direction or consult with you on a difficult planting situation.
  • A Great Discount Program: Please enquire at the nursery.            

We are happy to give quotes on prices and availability though the speed at which we can reply to inquiries is dependent on the time of the year. Orders can be pulled in advance of your arrival and/or sourced from our preferred suppliers with a 30% deposit and a faxed copy of your plant list with one to two weeks notice. A 10% restocking fee will be applied to cancelled orders that have already been pulled or sourced. We cannot accept returns due to concerns of certain plant diseases. We are open seven days a week 9am to 5pm from March 5th until October 31st. We are open by appointment during the winter season.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to seeing you at the nursery this season.


Gary Lewis                 Kathleen Maxwell
Owner                        Retail Manager



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